3532 examples of blushed in sentences

"Here is a letter for you, uncle," said Mary Pratt, struggling to command her feelings, though she blushed with the consciousness of her own interest in the missive "It came from the Harbour, by some mistake;

Has it one of them awful-looking seals that Notary Publics use when they want money?" Mary blushed rosy-red, and she appeared very charming at that moment, though as resolute as ever to give her hand only to a youth whose 'God should be her God.'

Yetshe blushed to own it even to her brotherafter he had seen his minister, his tone was no longer the same; he was embarrassed; he shunned the subject with her, and often found some new objection to weaken the effect of his previous admissions.

" Miss Garland blushed and, turning her head, gazed steadily at the river.

"But it's because" She blushed and looked away.

The boy knew nought of love, and, touched with shame, He strove, and blushed, but still the blush became: In rising blushes still fresh beauties rose; The sunny side of fruit such blushes shows, And such the moon, when all her silver white Turns in eclipses to a ruddy light.

How is it that you have gone so far out of the way?" Christian blushed for shame, and said that he had been led astray by Mr. Worldly Wiseman.

Is it not so?" Migwan blushed furiously and sat silent.

She hesitated and blushed, and after an instant of embarrassment Desmond said: "Oh, don't be afraid, tell me why you are so happy.

I am a bachelor myself, and lead a monastic life in a college, nae ego sane ineptus qui haec dixerim,) I confess 'tis an indecorum, and as Pallas a virgin blushed, when Jupiter by chance spake of love matters in her presence, and turned away her face; me reprimam though my subject necessarily require it, I will say no more.

Any Cratchit would have blushed to hint at such a thing.

He would have blushed to admit it, but perhaps a secret instinct held him back from the offers of service made him by this eager "drummer."

Rosine blushed: "Why do you say that?"

Lesbia blushed as she looked at the ballet girls, the maskers in their scanty raiment, the demi-mondaines lolling out of their opera boxes, and half out of their gowns, with false smiles and frizzled hair.

' Lesbia blushed, and confessed that the Duchess of Lostwithiel was one of those select few who were not on Lady Kirkbank's visiting list.

" He blushed.

In the bluish glare of an electricity that made the street whiter than day, she blushed.

Yes, she blushed like a girl.

He blushed as he stood on the refuge.

I'm a brown 'orse, but I tell you I blushed chestnut that morning.

The long lines of snow blushed with an opaline radiance against the dark-blue of the morning sky, and all the forests and fields below lay still, and cool, and dewy, lapped in dreams yet unrecalled by the fading moon.

He rang the bell, blushed hotly and was sorry he had rung.

" "What is your father?" "A bookbinder, Madame"and the bookbinder's son blushed as he gave the answer.

and for the second time in a dozen hours he blushed for his parentage.

Jimmie blushed.

3532 examples of  blushed  in sentences