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330 examples of  blustered  in sentences

330 examples of blustered in sentences

It is ridiculous, and the only course left is to bluster about Belgium.

It was entirely free from all bluster or bravado.

" "Now, see here," the man blustered, weakly, "we don't want any heroics, you know.

"I won't sign no such testimonial as that," he blustered.

It made strange music in his ears, for, in spite of all his bluster, he hungered for praise; for applause.

All the swagger had gone from him, all the bluster.

Walking up and down, with her hands at right angles to her body, she stormed and blustered, turning eyes of rage on the audience, who rolled in their seats with delight.

" "But I have no intention, sir, of appearing as a witness," blustered that young man.

"See here" blustered Flockley.

It has not strength to raise a vapour, or furnish out the wind of a tolerable bluster.

Such a herd can only awe the villages, and bluster in the streets, but can never be able to oppose an enemy, or defend the nation by which they are supported.

They have seen the provisions which they had ordered taken away by force, partly, perhaps, to please the appetite of the invader, and partly to gratify his insolence, and give him an opportunity of boasting among his comrades, how successfully he blustered.

How many of those who registered their vote in favour of non-co-operation have taken to hand-spinning or discarded the use of all foreign cloth? Non-co-operation is not a movement of brag, bluster, or bluff.

They blustered, declared that they were police functionaries on a special service, that they had instructions to conduct to the frontier this Leblanc, expelled for political reasons, swore by all the gods, and gave their word of honor that the so-called Leblanc was really named Leblanc.

It was now the turn of Charras's bullies to bluster.

But before the mother had time to tell her child gently that no news had come from Erick, but that more people had gone out, early in the morning, to seek him, the two brothers came rushing in with unusual bluster and shouted in confusion: "There comes a large, large""A very tall gentleman""A gentleman who walks very straight out of a coach with two horses.

Boswell blustered, but nothing could be got'.

" "Why had I?" blustered Rack Slimson, without, however, making any hostile motion with his hands.

His colleaguethe Rev. J. Pykeis a small, mild gentleman, unassuming in manner, cautious, careful, quiet, precise, and, whilst attending to his duties regularly, he makes no bluster about them.

"My friend," he said, "this is useless bluster.

Then a car was heard to start off with a great deal of bluster, and came dashing along past the farmhouse, though those in it bent low enough to keep any one from discovering who they might be.

"Hit me if you dare," blustered his outward personality.

blustered and bullied and threatened, which pleased his people; but in his heart he had his doubts, and had no desire to attack Prussia so long as the independence of the southern States of Germany was maintained.

Napoleon, disappointed and furious, blustered, and threatened war, unless he too could come in for a share of the plunder, to which he had no real claim.

"Well!" blustered Mr. Bounderby, "what's the matter?

At the same time Mr. Bounderby blustered at his wife and bullied his hands, so that Mr. Harthouse might understand his independence.

Finding his wife absent, he went at once to Stone Lodge, and blustered in his usual way.

" Then down he sate in burly state, and blustered like a grandee,

Boswell blustered, but nothing could be got.

"Seems to me yo're mighty fresh, young man," he blustered.

You have asked for impossibilities while you blustered that they couldn't exist.

" "What do you mean to imply?" blustered Fanning, though his face was pale and his breath came quickly.

" "They'll have to take me first, and that's not so easy as ye make it," blustered Buckrow.

They are full of the clatter and bluster of German militariststhe mailed fist, the shining armour.

even in these fly-away new times, when young ones choose their own husbands, and their own politics, and their own hounds, and their own religion too, and be hanged to them!" What did this unaccustomed bit of bluster mean?

Kind men meet and love and help him"The Johnstones, Mr. Tait, William and Mary Howitt;" Sir William Molesworth, hearing of his last illness, sends him unsolicited fifty pounds, which, as we understand it, Nicoll accepts without foolish bluster about independence.

Is there not heroism in it greater than of all the Ajaxes and Achilles who ever blustered on this earth?

His questioner frowned: "That's very wrong," he blustered; "and I dare swear you young fellows make a silly affectation of not writing decently....

Its value as a support to the dignity and self-importance of local politicians was readily apprehended by them; and it was in perfect harmony with the tone of bluster which pervaded our politics.

Later the wind blustered, and it was cold.

Go to, thou bluster-brain!

Nobody ever imposed upon him either by bigness or by bluster.

I ate some pemmican, for I had a reluctanceneedless as it turned outto touch any of the thousand luxuries here, sufficient no doubt, in a town like Dover alone, to last me five or six hundred years, if I could live so long; and, having eaten, I descended The Shaft, and spent the whole day, though it rained and blustered continually, in wandering about.

See how long it takes the good Lord to make a fair flower out of a little seed; and He does all quietly, without bluster.

After the union with Ireland, when the Irish members had taken their seats, one of them, in the heat of his maiden speech, blustered out, "Now, dare Mr. Speaker," which, of course, set the house in an immoderate fit of laughter.

"Every man to his own notion," he blustered and swaggered.

I was soon informed that the fine house and spacious gardens were haunted by squire Bluster, of whom it was very easy to learn the character, since nobody had regard for him sufficient to hinder them from telling whatever they could discover.

Squire Bluster is descended of an ancient family.

The estate which his ancestors had immemorially possessed was much augmented by captain Bluster, who served under Drake in the reign of Elizabeth; and the Blusters, who were before only petty gentlemen, have from that time frequently represented the shire in parliament, been chosen to present addresses, and given laws at hunting-matches and races.

On this occasion young Bluster exhibited the first tokens of his future eminence, by shaking his purse at an old gentleman who had been the intimate friend of his father, and offering to wager a greater sum than he could afford to venture; a practice with which he has, at one time or other, insulted every freeholder within ten miles round him.

An old widow was yesterday soliciting Eugenio to enable her to replevin her only cow, then in the pound by squire Bluster's order, who had sent one of his agents to take advantage of her calamity, and persuade her to sell the cow at an under rate.

Bluster has therefore a despotick authority in many families, whom he has assisted, on pressing occasions, with larger sums than they can easily repay.

Such is the life of squire Bluster; a man in whose power fortune has liberally placed the means of happiness, but who has defeated all her gifts of their end by the depravity of his mind.

But his levity overcame this salutary sorrow; he began to talk with his former raptures of masquerades, taverns, and frolicks; blustered when his wig was not combed with exactness; and threatened destruction to a tailor who had mistaken his directions about the pocket.

He bluffed and blustered a bit.

She shouted, and blustered; and then Attacked the poor captive unfriended; And you, (who have witnessed a hen In anger,) may guess how it ended.

He went through the whole gamut of his arts and graces; he blustered, whimpered, entreated, flattered.

None came, but presently the door of the rear room was opened and the detective blustered in.

blustered Jack.

In fact, winter does not wear the scowl here that he has at home; he is robed rather in a threadbare garment of autumn, and it is only high up on the mountain tops, out of the reach of his enemy, the sun, that he dares to throw it off, and bluster about with his storms and scatter down his snow-flakes.

In this juncture he was satisfied with the husks which the diplomats threw to Greece, and blustered and threatened war to attain a compromise which should keep him in office and in peace with the King, whom he would gladly have rid Greece of if it had been practicable.

" So saying he left the room, to bluster about Capulet like, to hurry the coming event.

Or in this:"They blustered to conceal their fears.

he blustered, "Oh, you know I love you like anything, and I want you to love me.

He blustered politenesses to Lady Tilchester, who smiled vacantly while she was attending to something else.

The bluster was gone and there was a piteousness in it.

"It's all your fault if I do look at any one else," he blustered; "and, anyway, a man of the world must have a little amusement, with such a dull, stuck-up wife at home as I have got.

"Jolly glad to see you," Augustus blustered.

he blustered, "for I am busy.

" He tapped the papers gently with a thin forefinger and returned them to their owner, who began to bluster.

I am very much in earnest, so don't bluster.

" The two drivers blustered to Redwood.

Had he come to her and blustered, "You shall not leave me for any purpose whatsoever," she would have denied him the right of dictation; but there was no such conflict of wills.

" Lord Palmerston would have blustered more brazenly than ever.

the fellow blustered; "by blood and by nails!

Now the King of England blustered.

So he blustered, and the fighting recommenced; and he slew in a despairing rage, knowing that by every movement of his arm he became to her so much the more detestable.

"I say birds are animals," blustered Nat, pounding his fists together after a fashion of his own.

They have blustered, they have fawned, they have asked each other out to talk it over behind the door.

His thoughtful, quiet, pleasant face, so often portrayed, is familiar to every one; it was the face of a man who never blustered or bullied, who would neither inflict nor suffer any wrong, and who had a limitless fund of fortitude, endurance, and indomitable resolution upon which to draw when fortune proved adverse.

There is no academic echo in his utterances; he is not one of a school; his voice has no formal intonation; it is deep, full-chested, and rings out its words with all the poignancy of individual emphasis, without bluster, but with unfailing conviction.

I was alone in the office, one day, when a man blustered in.

When I am angry, he cries Prythee my Dear be calm; when I chide one of my Servants, Prythee Child do not bluster.

"Well!" said the Squire, as the storm at that moment began to rage again and the wind blustered about his scrawny legs; "let the wretch go.

He got up, swore and blustered at Russell, Duncan, and Williams, and at first flatly refused to allow his desk to be brought.

" Richard and Martin, however, hung back, one muttering that Gil had done nothing, and the other that he might be in the right of it; and when Walter burst out in angry threats he was answered in a gruff voice that he had better take care what he said, "There was no standing not only wasting with thirst and hunger, but besides being blustered at by a hot-headed lad, that scarce knew a hauberk from a helmet.

"Good evening, Bill," said Hiram, wondering if his eyes were not playing him some queer tricks; "wasn't that you just went round the corner?" "Who, me?" blustered Bill.

suddenly blustered Zametoff from his corner.

" "Do you mean to say I'm afraid?" blustered the other.

I fancy that he was frightened, and that he blustered to hide his scare.

What wonderful strategy this all seemed to be to the gaping crowd; and all in spite of Brace, whom they had supposed to be the most adroit and skilful man in the world; and who, although he objected, and blustered, and blowed, really appeared to be a man without resources of any sort.

For the matter of that, he recognized the impotence of Mexico to interfere, beyond bluster, with plans any resolute Californian might choose to pursue; but it was important to Estenega's purpose that the governorship should be assured to him by the central government, and the eyes of the Mexican Congress directed elsewhere.

" "And what if it is?" blustered Redstock, shouldering his way to McCraw, rifle in hand.

"Y'all done brung me heah," she blustered with emphasis, "an' heah I'se gwine t' stay.

A strong southwest wind blows steadily in my face: it sounded noisy and fierce enough as I sat in the house; but there is no vice or malevolence in itit is only a soft bluster.

He never blustered or enforced or threatened.

Instantly, like a libertine stirred by fear of discovery in the open, he recovered his strength and hurled himself madly upon the ventriloquist whose voice continued to bluster outside the room.

"St. Stephen's requires me, and I," so he blustered, "Must needs be a Member, since friends are importunate.

They bluster and threaten for several reasons: First.

For all men must admit 'twould be an act of mere insanity To try to match this Pittsburger in bluster or in vanity.