330 examples of blustered in sentences

"I won't sign no such testimonial as that," he blustered.

They have seen the provisions which they had ordered taken away by force, partly, perhaps, to please the appetite of the invader, and partly to gratify his insolence, and give him an opportunity of boasting among his comrades, how successfully he blustered.

"Hit me if you dare," blustered his outward personality.

blustered and bullied and threatened, which pleased his people; but in his heart he had his doubts, and had no desire to attack Prussia so long as the independence of the southern States of Germany was maintained.

" Then down he sate in burly state, and blustered like a grandee,

You have asked for impossibilities while you blustered that they couldn't exist.

I ate some pemmican, for I had a reluctanceneedless as it turned outto touch any of the thousand luxuries here, sufficient no doubt, in a town like Dover alone, to last me five or six hundred years, if I could live so long; and, having eaten, I descended The Shaft, and spent the whole day, though it rained and blustered continually, in wandering about.

After the union with Ireland, when the Irish members had taken their seats, one of them, in the heat of his maiden speech, blustered out, "Now, dare Mr. Speaker," which, of course, set the house in an immoderate fit of laughter.

He bluffed and blustered a bit.

She shouted, and blustered; and then Attacked the poor captive unfriended; And you, (who have witnessed a hen In anger,) may guess how it ended.

None came, but presently the door of the rear room was opened and the detective blustered in.

In this juncture he was satisfied with the husks which the diplomats threw to Greece, and blustered and threatened war to attain a compromise which should keep him in office and in peace with the King, whom he would gladly have rid Greece of if it had been practicable.

He blustered politenesses to Lady Tilchester, who smiled vacantly while she was attending to something else.

"It's all your fault if I do look at any one else," he blustered; "and, anyway, a man of the world must have a little amusement, with such a dull, stuck-up wife at home as I have got.

he blustered, "for I am busy.

" Lord Palmerston would have blustered more brazenly than ever.

So he blustered, and the fighting recommenced; and he slew in a despairing rage, knowing that by every movement of his arm he became to her so much the more detestable.

"I say birds are animals," blustered Nat, pounding his fists together after a fashion of his own.

His thoughtful, quiet, pleasant face, so often portrayed, is familiar to every one; it was the face of a man who never blustered or bullied, who would neither inflict nor suffer any wrong, and who had a limitless fund of fortitude, endurance, and indomitable resolution upon which to draw when fortune proved adverse.

suddenly blustered Zametoff from his corner.

" "Do you mean to say I'm afraid?" blustered the other.

What wonderful strategy this all seemed to be to the gaping crowd; and all in spite of Brace, whom they had supposed to be the most adroit and skilful man in the world; and who, although he objected, and blustered, and blowed, really appeared to be a man without resources of any sort.

" "And what if it is?" blustered Redstock, shouldering his way to McCraw, rifle in hand.

"Y'all done brung me heah," she blustered with emphasis, "an' heah I'se gwine t' stay.

"St. Stephen's requires me, and I," so he blustered, "Must needs be a Member, since friends are importunate.

330 examples of  blustered  in sentences