5279 examples of bobbed in sentences

Here he bobbed up at the other end of the continent, making shady bargains with obscure shipping captains, and paying a big premium for absolute secrecy.

When it seemed that his lungs must burst for want of air, his head suddenly bobbed upon the surface.

At such times might be found a goodly company of yeomen or country folk seated around the blazing hearth, bandying merry jests, while roasted crabs[Small sour apples] bobbed in bowls of ale upon the hearthstone.

Untouched, a black head bobbed vigorously in the water, some few yards before the boat.

Yellow faces gleamed faintly, bare heads bobbed, and men set down burdens, grunting.

Saying which, Peterday bobbed his head again, shook his wooden leg again, and turned away to reach another cup and saucer.

It bobbed toward us slowly, a tiny pin point that came nearer and nearer as the bearer walked in the direction of the six.

A black head bobbed through the leaves, and Holman planted a fist between the newcomer's eyes before the head could be withdrawn.

The soothing sound came nearer and nearer, close under the Cayman's quarter, and then a brown hand clasped the man-ropes, and a light slim figure swung itself upon deck, while the boat bobbed and splashed below.

Around him, but a long way off, the dancers rocked and circled with long raucous cries dominated by the sobbing booming music, and in the sunlit space between dancers and holy man, two or three impish children bobbed about with fixed eyes and a grimace of comic frenzy, solemnly parodying his contortions.

And still, in the centre, the mad marabout spun, and the children bobbed and mimicked him and rolled their diamond eyes.

He wasn't even an incident, until he bobbed up and rescued you that day.

A few idle masts swayed there, belonging to small fishers and fruiters, a solid dew of pitch oozing from their sides in the sun, but not a sail set: a lonely watchman went the rounds among them, a ragged urchin bobbed for flounders in the dock, but otherwise wharves and craft were alike forsaken, and the sun glared down on them as though his rays had made them a desert.

" Before my trembling lips could frame an answer, she had bobbed out of sight, and presently reappeared supporting another person, and that other person was Bertha Nugent.

Down at the corral, the twinkling gleam of a lantern bobbed here and there.

R121913, 10Dec53, Archibald Leete McDonald (A) MACDONALD, C. C. Bobbed goldilocks.

Bobbed goldilocks.

Please!" He bobbed at her absurdly and went out into the hall.

Then he touched whip to his horse and bobbed off through the shady lane in a most painfully upright fashion, his thin legs sticking straight out, his breath coming in agonized little jerks with each succeeding return of his person to the saddle.

How her funny little braid of yellow hair bobbed up and down as she worked, and how her dear little freckled face beamed, as they told stories to each other to make the work seem easier.

Good-night, Mr. Scarborough; good-night, Mr. Annesley," and he bobbed his head to our friend Harry.

Into the river the child was plunged again and again, our chef holding him stoutly by the hair all the time as he bobbed up and down between the boats and the unsavoury corpses sticking there, till he was considered clean enough to be hauled on board again.

" She sprang outward, and came down, sinking to her knees, and clinging fast, as the raft bobbed up and down under her sudden weight, dipping until the water rolled completely over it.

"Yes, I'm safe enough; but wet just the same; the thing bobbed under.

" She bobbed me a dainty curtsy, and I could only try and hide the pain which this last cruel stab had inflicted on my heart.

5279 examples of  bobbed  in sentences