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6655 example sentences with  bobbed

6655 example sentences with bobbed

Here he bobbed up at the other end of the continent, making shady bargains with obscure shipping captains, and paying a big premium for absolute secrecy.

At the sight of the girl the woman bobbed a curtsy.

she asked, startled, clutching the baby tighter to her, and conning over with quick alarm the tow-heads that bobbed and surged about her waist.

When it seemed that his lungs must burst for want of air, his head suddenly bobbed upon the surface.

Jack and Frank, struggling in the water where they had been hurled by the collision of the Queen Mary and the Indefatigable, were glad of the company of Harris, who had bobbed up so suddenly alongside of them in the darkness.

Cackle went the cracked old voices of the twenty-nine in a chorus of appreciative laughter, while the old heads bobbed at one another as if to say, "Won't he be an acquisition?"

Her unsteady head bobbed backward and forward with many an accusing nod, and the cap with its rakish pink bow bobbed backward and forward too.

Her unsteady head bobbed backward and forward with many an accusing nod, and the cap with its rakish pink bow bobbed backward and forward too.

One of our officers was walking one morning on the back of the Carso, out of view of the enemy and anticipating no danger, save the stray shell which is always and everywhere a possibility in the war zone, when suddenly the face of an Italian bobbed up from behind a rock with the warning, in English, "Now shoots the mine!" and disappeared again.

Hodge, the farmer's boy, took off his hat, and Polly, the milk-maid, bobbed a curtsey, as the chaise whirled over the pleasant village-green, and the white-headed children lifted their chubby faces and cheered.

The Bosch collected fresh help and bobbed up again.

At such times might be found a goodly company of yeomen or country folk seated around the blazing hearth, bandying merry jests, while roasted crabs[Small sour apples] bobbed in bowls of ale upon the hearthstone.

Spots and dots, shiny, illusive, bobbed along that break, behind the mounds, beyond the farther banks.

On the edge of this granite basin, with showers of spray breaking over it, a little bird bobbed and dipped and, lifting its head with its own inimitably bright gesture, broke into a sweet singing as liquidly musical as the falling water.

True enough a human head had bobbed up above the tops of the bushes, as the owner of the same endeavored to get a better view of the camp.

Beyond the next turn, a fowling-piece cracked sharply, close at hand; something splashed, and the ruffled body of a snipe bobbed in the bronze flood alongside.

The withered little creature bobbed in his blue robe, grinning at the introduction.

Untouched, a black head bobbed vigorously in the water, some few yards before the boat.

Yellow faces gleamed faintly, bare heads bobbed, and men set down burdens, grunting.

Their heads bobbed up and down in queer scarlet turbans or scarfs, like the flannel nightcaps of so many diabolic invalids.

Beside Rudolph, the compradore's head bobbed up.

When the door opened Skim bobbed his head and said: "Evenin', mom.

For fifteen or twenty feet on every side the ice bobbed up and down in floating fragments, and beyond that, where it still remained intact, it would support no one stepping out upon it from the water.

Saying which, Peterday bobbed his head again, shook his wooden leg again, and turned away to reach another cup and saucer.

Trouble increased as the car whizzed northward; the meows became wilder; mad scrambles agitated the basket; the lid bobbed and creaked; the girl turned a vivid pink and, bending close over the basket, attempted to soothe its enervated inmate.

He listened with good-natured interest, which was not far removed from indifference, to the contralto, the 'cellist, the violinist, only waking up to something like enthusiasm when the infant prodigy, a quaint, painfully shy little creature, who bobbed a side curtsey at the audience, and looked much too small to tackle the grand piano, appeared and proceeded to execute wonderful things with her small fingers.

Over itthe infant prodigy having received her meed of applause and bobbed herself awkwardly out of sighthad come that atmosphere of expectancy which invariably heralds the appearance of the great figure on any similar occasion.

"I didn't come to see the frock," she said, shaking her head till her pigtails bobbed.

He shut his eyes tight, and then thundering down came the water-roof, and a second after, up bobbed Eric like a cork, choking and sputtering.

As she spoke, the man's head bobbed into view, and, giving himself a shake to rid his eyes of water, he struck out for the shore.

I bobbed down at once behind the sea-wall, and crouched there for a moment wondering what was the best thing to do.

She bobbed the tea-ball up and down in the saucepan by its chain, and watched how the hot water turned brown.

At her feet rushed the Axe, swollen by spring freshets; a bullfinch, wet from his bath, bobbed on the sand- stone parapet, shook himself, and piped a note or two; away up the stream, among the alders, birds were chasing and courting; from above the Bayfield elms, out of spaces of blue, the larks' song fell like a din of innumerable silver hammers.

In just a few seconds he was gone in the woods and we all stood gaping there while the boat bobbed up and down, on account of him jumping from it.

When this gentleman walked, his long sword bobbed, as we have said, against his legs; when he bowed, his attitude was full of dignity; when he grimaced, he presented an appearance which would have made Punchinello serious, and induced a circus clown to fall into convulsions of despair.

He sat upon the highest drops And bobbed about.

The air was full of black fists smashing him, and not five feet away, the bullet head of Tump Pack bobbed this way and that in the rapid shifts of his attack.

The old man bobbed importantly.

Dawson bobbed his fat head backward and upward in a signal for Peter to approach.

But he kept on, and in another moment a head once more bobbed up, with Puss threshing the water frantically.

When they bobbed up, small bubbles broke from them and sparkled and went out.

It bobbed toward us slowly, a tiny pin point that came nearer and nearer as the bearer walked in the direction of the six.

A black head bobbed through the leaves, and Holman planted a fist between the newcomer's eyes before the head could be withdrawn.

"I'm right so far, am I not, Jenkins?" Jenkins bobbed his head jerkily.

The soothing sound came nearer and nearer, close under the Cayman's quarter, and then a brown hand clasped the man-ropes, and a light slim figure swung itself upon deck, while the boat bobbed and splashed below.

They went for coffee to a queer little burrow decorated with improving sentiments from the immortal Lewis Carroll which, Barbran told the Bonnie Lassie, was making its blue-smocked, bobbed-haired, attractive and shrewd little proprietress quite rich.

The first glance marked him as a missionary, for he wore a huge crucifix cut out of pink shell, and as he hobbled about on the embankment it bobbed at the end of a black cord hung from his neck.

Once they caught the tail-end of a whitecap and were well-nigh smothered in the froth, but otherwise the sloop bobbed and ducked with the happy facility of a cork.

A subaltern bobbed out of a tent and shouted to him to stop to tea.

Around him, but a long way off, the dancers rocked and circled with long raucous cries dominated by the sobbing booming music, and in the sunlit space between dancers and holy man, two or three impish children bobbed about with fixed eyes and a grimace of comic frenzy, solemnly parodying his contortions.

And still, in the centre, the mad marabout spun, and the children bobbed and mimicked him and rolled their diamond eyes.

The Bear and man each took a hasty breath and bobbed below the surface, each wondering, according to his intelligence, what the other would do.

My head above the blanket folds bobbed uncomfortably at every lurch.

It is not necessary, at the moment, to say more about her appearance than this, except that, when the time came to bob the hair, she bobbed it.

Jane, eating jam sandwiches, looking like a chubby school child, with her round face and wide eyes and bobbed hair and cotton frock, watched the beautiful young man with her solemn unwinking stare that disconcerted self-conscious people, while Lady Pinkerton talked to him about some recent fiction.

I remembered now my anger and my scorn; but I remembered too the squareness and the whiteness of her forehead under her newly-cut hair, that leave when I had first seen it bobbed.

Some coincidences bobbed up under my nose that I didn't like the looks of.

They weaved with a continual life; now and again the rider of one of the pitching horses bobbed above the crowd, and the rattle of voices sharpened, with piercing single calls.

He wore a sprig of goldenrod in his buttonhole, and goldenrod bobbed over the old horse's forelock.

He wasn't even an incident, until he bobbed up and rescued you that day.

Cousin Phyllis has appeared with a tomboy's shock of hair, and she says it "has only been bobbed."

Tignol bobbed his little bullet head back and forth, and pulled furiously at his absurd black mustache.

A few idle masts swayed there, belonging to small fishers and fruiters, a solid dew of pitch oozing from their sides in the sun, but not a sail set: a lonely watchman went the rounds among them, a ragged urchin bobbed for flounders in the dock, but otherwise wharves and craft were alike forsaken, and the sun glared down on them as though his rays had made them a desert.

Half a minute later the Golden Rod had swung round and was running swiftly down towards the black spot which still bobbed and danced upon the waves.

In less than half a minute, forty deserving men, including N.C.O.'s, were tied up into a series of terrifically complicated knots, in the midst of which the Company Sergeant-Major bobbed about, an angry cork on a stormy ocean of desperate men.

Here a surprise awaited them in the shape of two of the largest of the growing trees festooned with ribbons and laden with strange fruit in the shape of coloured toy balloons that bobbed about and tugged at their moorings as if anxious to escape.

He sank without a trace two years ago, but has now bobbed up to denounce the proposal to strengthen the Charing Cross railway-bridge.

Jack bobbed his head, and so they walked back to Folking, the three of them together, while the two Mr. Boltons and Uncle Babington followed behind.

Roger bobbed his head by way of asking forgiveness, which was granted by a similar gesture.

In the drawing room where the hostess stood to receive, superb pink poppies reared their heads from tall vases, pink snapdragons bobbed on the mantel piece and a bank of pink candytuft lay on the top of the piano.

Before my trembling lips could frame an answer, she had bobbed out of sight, and presently reappeared supporting another person, and that other person was Bertha Nugent.

Down at the corral, the twinkling gleam of a lantern bobbed here and there.

he would whisper confidently; and Baldy's reply was sure to be a satisfactory wag of his bobbed tail, signifying that he certainly intended to do his best.

Hicks be Bobbed.

R121913, 10Dec53, Archibald Leete McDonald (A) MACDONALD, C. C. Bobbed goldilocks.

Bobbed goldilocks.

R121913, 10Dec53, Archibald Leete McDonald (A) MACDONALD, C. C. Bobbed goldilocks.

Bobbed goldilocks.

Please!" He bobbed at her absurdly and went out into the hall.

Her scarlet, buckled shoes they clicked, her heels a-twinkling high; With mistletoe her steeple-hat bobbed as she capered by; But never a dint, or mark, or print, in the whiteness for to see, Though danced she high, though danced she fast, though danced she lissomely.

How her funny little braid of yellow hair bobbed up and down as she worked, and how her dear little freckled face beamed, as they told stories to each other to make the work seem easier.

He near bobbed his head off.

This big fellow hopped up from limb to limb of the huge dead pine, and he bobbed around as if undecided, and tried each limb for a place to roost.

Good-night, Mr. Scarborough; good-night, Mr. Annesley," and he bobbed his head to our friend Harry.

When the lady had done he bobbed his head to signify that he acknowledged the receipt of it, and the lady retired.

Again, apples were bobbed for in a tub of water and brought up with the teeth; or a stick was hung from a hook with an apple at one end and a candle at the other, and the stick being made to revolve you made a bite at the apple and sometimes got a mouthful of candle instead.

According to my recollection of Hallowe'en customs observed in my boyhood at Helensburgh, in Dumbartonshire, another way was to stir the floating apples and then drop a fork on them as they bobbed about in the water.

The shadows took the forms of rabbits, swans, foxes, elephants, fairies, sailors with wooden legs, old women who smoked pipes, ballet-girls who pirouetted, anglers who bobbed for fish, twirling harlequins, and the profiles of eminent statesmenall made with two hands and, at the most, the help of a tiny stick or piece of string.

Moment by moment he out-distanced the wedge-shaped ripple where the heads of the tired pack bobbed in pursuit; for here, as always in water, the deer held the advantage, being able to float and rest at will while the hound must always ply his forelegs or sink.

The Grizzly, pulled at by the furious current, bobbed up and down and hither and thither, nearly capsizing Sweeny at every other step.

Into the river the child was plunged again and again, our chef holding him stoutly by the hair all the time as he bobbed up and down between the boats and the unsavoury

"Once, like Lawford in the darkness at Widderstone, he glanced up sharply across the lamplight at his phantasmagorical shadowy companion, heard the steady surge of multitudinous rain-drops, like the roar of Time's winged chariot hurrying near, then he too, with spectacles awry, bobbed on in his chair, a weary old sentinel on the outskirts of his friend's denuded battlefield.

" She sprang outward, and came down, sinking to her knees, and clinging fast, as the raft bobbed up and down under her sudden weight, dipping until the water rolled completely over it.

Are you all right?" "Yes, I'm safe enough; but wet just the same; the thing bobbed under."

The womanCasey had mistaken her for a man at first, because she wore bib overalls and had her hair bobbed and a man's hat ondropped the gun and held her wrist that showed angry red finger prints.

Although some Aussies are born with naturally bobbed or partially bobbed (stubby) tails, the majority are born with full, long tails.

Although some Aussies are born with naturally bobbed or partially bobbed (stubby) tails, the majority are born with full, long tails.

As the couple's celebrity increased in the mid-1910s, Irene Castle became a major fashion trendsetter, with her bobbed hair and shorter skirts.

The stubby tail is only 4 to 7 inches (10–18 cm) long, and looks as though it was cut off (or bobbed).

They all wear white or light coloured low-waisted dresses and bobbed hair, except for two women in a darker colour in the back row and one gentleman standing on a bannister at the far left.