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BODLEY FAMILY, an American household, father, mother, sisters, and brothers, whose interesting adventures at home and abroad are detailed by Horace E. Scudder in The Bodley Books (1875-1887).

BODLEY FAMILY, an American household, father, mother, sisters, and brothers, whose interesting adventures at home and abroad are detailed by Horace E. Scudder in The Bodley Books (1875-1887).

SEE Boatright, Mody C. <pb id='024.png' /> BODLEY, R. V. C. The messenger: the life of Mohammed © 7Mar46; A1856.

I looked about through Napa and Sonoma Counties, and finally came to San Jose, where I purchased the farm I now own, near Hillsdale, of Bodley & McCabe, for which I paid $4,000.

What sort of a poor scholar would he be whose heart did not beat within him when, for the first time, he found himself, to quote the words of 'Elia,' 'in the heart of learning, under the shadow of the mighty Bodley'? Grave questions these!

The name of Thomas Bodley still stands all the world over by the liberal thing he devised.

Little Thomas Bodley opened his eyes in a land distracted with the religious difficulty.

Here the Bodleys remained 'until such time as our Nation was advertised of the death of Queen Mary and the succession of Elizabeth, with the change of religion which caused my father to hasten into England.' In Geneva young Bodley and his brothers enjoyed what now would be called great educational advantages.

On returning to England, Bodley proceeded, not to Exeter College, as by rights he should have done, but to Magdalen, where he became a 'reading man,' and graduated Bachelor of Arts in 1563.

In 1588 Bodley married a wealthy widow, a Mrs. Ball, the daughter of a Bristol man named Carew.

As Bodley survived his wife and had no children, a good bit of her money remains in the Bodleian to this day.

From 1588 to 1596 Bodley was in the diplomatic service, chiefly at The Hague, where he did good work in troublesome times.

On being finally recalled from The Hague, Bodley had to make up his mind whether to pursue a public life.

Bodley determined to escape it, and to make for himself after a very different fashion a name aere perennius.

Being a clerk in Holy Orders before the time when, in Bodley's own phrase, already quoted, we 'changed' our religion, he was authorized by the University to say masses for the souls of all dead donors of books, whether by gifts inter vivos or by bequest.

Bodley's language is somewhat involved, but through it glows the plain intention of an honest man.

Though Bodley, in one of his letters, modestly calls himself a mere 'smatterer,' he was, as indeed he had the sense to recognise, excellently well fitted to be a collector of books, being both a good linguist and personally well acquainted with the chief cities of the Continent and with their booksellers.

There it was that the royal pun was made that the founder's name should have been Godly and not Bodley.

Indeed, he was so carried away by the atmosphere of the place as to offer to present to the Bodleian whatever books Sir Thomas Bodley might think fit to lay hands upon in any of the royal libraries, and he kept this royal word so far as to confirm the gift under the Privy Seal.

The most remarkable letter Bodley ever wrote, now extant, is one to Bacon; but it has no reference to the library, only to the Baconian philosophy.

' Bodley was rather put out in his last illness by the refusal of a Cambridge doctor, Batter, to come to see him, the doctor saying: 'Words cannot cure him, and I can do nothing else for him.'

Bodley's brother did not grumble, there were no children, Lady Bodley had died in 1611, and everybody who knew the testator must have known that the library would be (as it was) the great object of his bounty.

The foundation of Sir Thomas Bodley, though of no antiquity, shines with unrivalled splendour in the galaxy of Oxford 'Amidst the stars that own another birth.

Bodley's rule has proved an expensive one, for the library has been forced to buy at latter-day prices 'baggage-books' it could have got for nothing.

Shade of Sir Thomas Bodley, I invoke thy aid to loosen the purse-strings of the wealthy!

138 examples of  bodley  in sentences