229 examples of bolingbroke in sentences

" "Do you remember the scene in Shakespeare where Bolingbroke and Gaunt pluck the roses?" "Quite well.

"For all the Welshmen, hearing thou wert dead, Are gone to Bolingbroke, dispersed and fled.

The duke, who was not then on good terms with Mr. Harley, at first slighted his proposal, but afterwards joined with him and others, which produced a revolution in the ministry, and shook the power of the duke and duchess of Marlborough, while Mr. Harley, the earl of Shrewsbury, lord Bolingbroke, &c. came into the administration.

Notwithstanding this, the ship which carried the Prince was captured by an armed merchantman, and carried to London, where Henry IV., the usurping Bolingbroke, utterly regardless of treaties, committed him and his attendants to the Tower.

From the other big houses of that prosperous neighborhood were coming, also in working clothes, the fathers, and occasionally the sons, of families he was accustomed to regard as "all rightfor Saint X." At the corner of Cherry Lane, old Bolingbroke, many times a millionaire thanks to a thriving woolen factory, came up behind him and cried out, "Well, young man!

"As soon as I read your father's will, I made one myself," he continued as they hurried along at Bolingbroke's always furious speed.

And Bolingbroke's hearty admiration, undeserved though Arthur felt it to be, put what he thought was nerve into him and stimulated what he then regarded as pride.

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"Bolingbroke cor.

" Bolingbroke cor.

"Bolingbroke cor.

"Bolingbroke cor.

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In the year of grace 1400 (Nicolas begins) King Richard, the second monarch of that name to rule in England, wrenched his own existence, and nothing more, from the close wiles of his cousin, Harry of Derby, who was now sometimes called Henry of Lancaster, and sometimes Bolingbroke.

The widening stain, by W. Bolingbroke Johnson, pseud.

W. Bolingbroke Johnson (Morris Bishop) (A); 9Jun69; R462830.

This is best shown by the citing of such names as Fontenelle, Montesquieu, Buffon, Bolingbroke, Voltaire, and Rousseau, all of whom were frequenters of the establishment, the latter being charged with the education of the Dupins' only son.

229 examples of  bolingbroke  in sentences