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157 examples of  bonheur  in sentences

157 examples of bonheur in sentences

de La Vallière (not Valiere, as Lord Hailes wrote her name), says:'Il goûta avec elle le bonheur rare d'être aimé uniquement pour lui-même.'

"Il faut que pour la suite de son bonheur, elle commence à s'emparer de l'autorité que M. le Dauphin n'exercera jamais que d'une façon convenable, et ...

It is, at bottom, the same thought as is present in the very well-turned sentence from Chamfort: Le bonheur n'est pas chose aisée: il est très difficile de le trouver en nous, et impossible de le trouver ailleurs.

Bonheur de vivre ici-bas diminue Dans un moment d'amour.

His garden, which is not above half an acre, has been laid out with such art and ingenuity, as to give an idea of considerable extent, and to add to the charms of this little spot, which he calls his "bonheur," there are a variety of inscriptions of his own composition; over an arbour of vines is the following: MA SOLITUDE.

The soup is liquified bliss; the cotelettes d'agneau are cotelettes de bonheur; and as for that broad dish of Syrian larksHeaven forgive us the regret, that more songs had not been silenced for our sake!

Il faudroit, pour le bonheur de la France, qu'elle fût placés dans le même état

He arose in a terrible passion, slouched his funnel down over his eyes, swore a vast oath, uttered a threat of some character, which I did not precisely comprehend, and finally made me a low bow and departed, wishing me, in the language of the archbishop in "Gil Bias," beaucoup de bonheur et un peu plus de bon sens.

entitled:'Essai sur les Préjugés; ou de l'influence des Opinions sur les Moeurs et sur le Bonheur des Hommes.'

It was an old man singing, the air perhaps that of some old chanson of his own country, sung by villagers long before: "Souvenirs du jeune age Sont gravis dans mon coeur, Quand je pense au village, Revenant du bonheur" The old voice halted, at length resuming, idly: "Quand je pensequand je pense."

Passages in it, certainly, are not undeserving that fine description of a style si tendre qu'il pousse le bonheur à pleurer.

Who, in our times, stands higher on the list of artists than Rosa Bonheur or Miss Hosmer?

It is difficult for us to realise adequately what talented women like Rosa Bonheur had to undergo because of this curious attitude of humanity.

Rosa Bonheur, George Eliot, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and other leaders were setting the pace for the advanced women, and George Sand was still a popular romancer.

À propos that early Parisian adventure, Rosa Bonheur had been one of Luccia's and Irene's great exemplars, and one might say, in one particular connection,heroes.

But it was the day of Mrs. Bloomer, as well as Rosa Bonheur; and earnest young "intellectuals" among women had a notion, I fancy, that to shake off their silks and laces was, symbolically, at all events, to shake off the general disabilities of their sex, and was somehow an assertion of a mental equality with man.

Talent in a woman you can understand, there's a formula for ittout talent de femme est un bonheur manqué.

En France, tout finit par des . (b) bonheur, bonhomie, bonhomme, bonjour, bonne, bonté, bon.

Le cabinet le roi dictait, étant pratiqué en partie dans une grosse muraille, ne souffrit point de l'ébranlement, et par un bonheur étonnant, nul des éclats qui sautaient en l'air n'entra dans ce cabinet dont la porte était ouverte.

BONHEUR, m., état heureux.

CHANCE, f., résultat; bonheur; pl. probabilités.

ENTREVUE, f., rencontre concertée. ENVERS, à l'égard de. ENVIE, f., déplaisir qu'on ressent du bonheur d'autrui; désir.

ENVIER, être attristé du bonheur d'autrui; désirer.

FORTUNE, f., hasard, chance; sort; malheur, bonheur; biens, richesses.

(Vers le bonheur) © 16Jun27; AF34946.

Propos sur le bonheur, par Alain, pseud.

Propos sur le bonheur.

Sao-Keo; ou, Le bonheur immobile.

BILLOTEY, LOUIS. Sao-Keo; ou, Le bonheur immobile.

Sao-Keo; ou, Le bonheur immobile.

Souffrances et bonheur du chretien.

Remarques sur le bonheur.


Gaston Bonheur (A); 26Oct61; R283829.

MAUROIS, ANDRE. L'instinct du bonheur.

Encore un instant de bonheur.

La piste du bonheur (The country beyond)

La piste du bonheur.

La piste du bonheur.

BONHEUR, GASTON, pseud. SEE Tesseyre, Gaston.

By Gaston Bonheur, pseud.

Bonheur d'occasion.

Translation of Bonheur d'occasion, pub. 28Jun45 & reg.

Propos sur le bonheur.

Sao-Keo; ou, Le bonheur immobile.

BILLOTEY, LOUIS. Sao-Keo; ou, Le bonheur immobile.

Sao-Keo; ou, Le bonheur immobile.

Remarques sur le bonheur.

Souffrances et bonheur du chretien.

Remarques sur le bonheur.


Gaston Bonheur (A); 26Oct61; R283829.

BONHEUR, GASTON, pseud. SEE Tesseyre, Gaston.

By Gaston Bonheur, pseud.

SEE Chesterton, G. K. BONHEUR, GASTON, pseud.

Mais le moucre, se jetant entre nous deux, me poussa en arrière, et ce fut pour moi un vrai bonheur; car en un instant trente ou quarante autres personnes accoururent, et, si j'avois frappé, je ne sais ce que nous serions devenus.

To him Beauty was une promesse de bonheur; Beauty was a lure and a temptation, it had no virtue in itself, but its value lay in the service rendered to the ulterior aims of Nature.

"Francais, trop ingrats Francais "Rendez le Roi a sa compagne; "C'est le bien du Bearnais, "C'est l'enfant de la Montagne: "Le bonheur qu' avoit Henri "Nous l'affarons a Louis.

Perhaps a Joan of Arc, or a Rosa Bonheur, or a Martha Washington will crown you with pride.


In 1893 she painted a portrait of Rosa Bonheur, in her studio, while the latter paused from her work on a large picture of lions.


Sister of Rosa Bonheur, and a pupil of her father.

Peyrol was associated with her famous sister in the conduct of the Free School of Design, founded by Rosa Bonheur in 1849.

<b>BONHEUR, MARIE ROSALIE.</b> 1822-99.

Bonheur did not exhibit at the Salon until 1899, a few weeks before her death.

A most charming picture is drawn of the life of the Bonheur family in the years when Rosa was making her progressive steps.

In 1849 Rosa Bonheur's "Cantal Oxen" was awarded the gold medal, and was followed by "Ploughing in the Nivernais," so well known the world over by engravings and photographs.

After her father's death Rosa Bonheur exhibited nothing for two years, but in 1853 she brought out her "Horse Fair," which added to her fame.

I believe that, in spite of the large sums of money that she received, her habitual generosity and indifference to wealth prevented her amassing a large fortune, but her fame as an artist and her womanly virtues brought the rewards which she valued above anything that wealth could bestowsuch rewards as will endure through centuries and surround the name of Rosa Bonheur with glory, rewards which she untiringly labored to attain.

Is called the Flemish Rosa Bonheur and the Muse of Belgian landscape.

If we cannot, like Rosa Bonheur, paint a "Horse Fair," and receive ten thousand dollars, we can, like Mrs. Stowe and Miss Alcott, do some kind of work to lighten the burdens of parents.

The child hated sewing, ran the needle into her fingers at every stitch, cried for the fresh air and sunshine, and finally, becoming pale and sickly, was taken back to the Bonheur home.

Monsieur Bonheur suddenly awoke to the fact that his daughter had great talent.

The Bonheur family had moved to the sixth story of a tenement house in the Rue Rumfort, now the Rue Malesherbes.

Raymond Bonheur seemed to become young again at this fame of his child.

From the imperial residence at Fontainebleau it was only a short drive to By (the home of Mademoiselle Bonheur).

"Rosa Bonheur!"

"The studio is very large, with a huge chimney at one end, the supports of which are life-size dogs, modeled by Isadore Bonheur.

Rome buvait, gaie, ivre et la face rougie; Et l'odeur du tombeau sortait de cette orgie. L'amour et le bonheur, tout était effrayant.

Dans sa brume, les feux du couchant se dispersent, Il a cette mer vaste et ce grand ciel qui versent Sur le bonheur la joie et sur le deuil l'ennui.

Quel bonheur!

On fit ducs et grands de Castille Mes neuf compagnons de bonheur, Qui s'en allèrent à Séville Epouser des dames d'honneur.

The smaller and more elegant cabinets, called Bonheur du jour (a little cabinet mounted on a table); the small round occasional table, called a gueridon; the encoignure, or corner cabinet; the étagère, or ornamental hanging cabinet, with shelves; the three-fold screen, with each leaf a different height, and with shaped top, all date from this time.

Rosa Bonheur, with her wanderings among mountains and pastures, alternating with the vigorous work of the studio, needed no other appliances for health.

I met Tissot and Gambard, who had just built Rosa Bonheur's house at Nice.

I stood in the crowd that collected round Rosa Bonheur's "Horse Fair," which was in the Salon that year.

The triumphs of Rosa Bonheur and Harriet Hosmer grew out of a free and vigorous training, and they learned to delineate muscle by using it.

"Mais, quel bonheur!" cries she.

chez une royaliste, mon ennemie, ici, j'ai le double bonheur d'être sauvé, et d'être sauvé par vous.

je vous entendais , tout à l'heure, vous extasier sur le bonheur de s'élancer sur un cheval indompté.

je rendrai Henri si heureux que son bonheur m'absoudra du mien!...

Trois enfants ... quel bonheur! ...

et mon bonheur est dans cet embarras même.... LA COMTESSE.

quel bonheur!

Que je suis au comble du bonheur, car vous êtes sauvé.

La seule chose que j'aie désirée, rêvée, poursuivie ... votre bonheur! HENRI.

# [Footnote 88: #quel bonheur#, how fortunate, i.e., for me.]

#bonapartiste#, Bonapartist. #bonheur#, m., happiness; #quel !#

The 'chasse au bonheur' which Beyle was always advocating was no respectable epicureanism; it had about it a touch of the fanatical.