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"Il faut que pour la suite de son bonheur, elle commence à s'emparer de l'autorité que M. le Dauphin n'exercera jamais que d'une façon convenable, et ...

Bonheur de vivre ici-bas diminue Dans un moment d'amour.

BONHEUR, GASTON, pseud. SEE Tesseyre, Gaston.

In 1893 she painted a portrait of Rosa Bonheur, in her studio, while the latter paused from her work on a large picture of lions.


Sister of Rosa Bonheur, and a pupil of her father.

Peyrol was associated with her famous sister in the conduct of the Free School of Design, founded by Rosa Bonheur in 1849.

<b>BONHEUR, MARIE ROSALIE.</b> 1822-99.

Bonheur did not exhibit at the Salon until 1899, a few weeks before her death.

A most charming picture is drawn of the life of the Bonheur family in the years when Rosa was making her progressive steps.

In 1849 Rosa Bonheur's "Cantal Oxen" was awarded the gold medal, and was followed by "Ploughing in the Nivernais," so well known the world over by engravings and photographs.

After her father's death Rosa Bonheur exhibited nothing for two years, but in 1853 she brought out her "Horse Fair," which added to her fame.

I believe that, in spite of the large sums of money that she received, her habitual generosity and indifference to wealth prevented her amassing a large fortune, but her fame as an artist and her womanly virtues brought the rewards which she valued above anything that wealth could bestowsuch rewards as will endure through centuries and surround the name of Rosa Bonheur with glory, rewards which she untiringly labored to attain.

Is called the Flemish Rosa Bonheur and the Muse of Belgian landscape.

The triumphs of Rosa Bonheur and Harriet Hosmer grew out of a free and vigorous training, and they learned to delineate muscle by using it.

chez une royaliste, mon ennemie, ici, j'ai le double bonheur d'être sauvé, et d'être sauvé par vous.

je vous entendais , tout à l'heure, vous extasier sur le bonheur de s'élancer sur un cheval indompté.

je rendrai Henri si heureux que son bonheur m'absoudra du mien!...

Trois enfants ... quel bonheur! ...

et mon bonheur est dans cet embarras même.... LA COMTESSE.

quel bonheur!

Que je suis au comble du bonheur, car vous êtes sauvé.

La seule chose que j'aie désirée, rêvée, poursuivie ... votre bonheur! HENRI.

# [Footnote 88: #quel bonheur#, how fortunate, i.e., for me.]

#bonapartiste#, Bonapartist. #bonheur#, m., happiness; #quel !#

157 examples of  bonheur  in sentences