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70 example sentences with  bookworm

70 example sentences with bookworm


There is scarcely a bookworm who will not slip his glasses off his nose, if the clouds break at the hour of sunset when the earth and sky are filled with a green and golden light.

thou shalt be standingwhere thou mayst learn the secret that the wisest man of all the bookworms thou despisest will never know alive!

He is no pedant nor bookworm; so far I can answer.

We stepped outside, and there, passing, if you like, was that gentle bookworm, Mr. Fang."

Between them they knew more kinds of law than most of their professional brethren, and as Mr. Tutt was a bookworm and a seeker after legal and other lore their dusty old library was full of hidden treasures, which on frequent occasions were unearthed to entertain the jury or delight the bench.

I have often thought that, if some lethal vapour of highly preservative propertiessuch as formaldehyde, for instancecould be shed into the atmosphere of this apartment, the entire and complete collection of books and bookworms would be well worth preserving, for the enlightenment of posterity, as a sort of anthropological appendix to the main collection of the Museum.

From him I learned to acquiesce in every fortune, to exercise foresight in public affairs, to rise superior to vulgar praises, to serve mankind without ambition, to be sober and steadfast, to be content with little, to be practical and active, to be no dreamy bookworm, to be temperate, modest in dress, and not to be led away by novelties."

Women are nothing in the social circle who cannot draw out the sentiments of able men; and a man of genius gains more from the inspiration of one brilliant woman than from all the bookworms of many colleges.

In vain papa pished and pshawed, and mamma grieved, and begged John not to spoil the girls by making bookworms of them; in vain "Laura C. and the rest of them" entreated us to join this picnic or show ourselves at that party; in vain the young men professed themselves afraid of us, and the girls tossed their heads and called us blue-stockings.

bookworm, helluo librorum [Lat.]; bibliophile, bibliomaniac^; bluestocking, bas-bleu

Mere trifles these, to be sure,but interesting in an antiquarian point of view,and valuable, perhaps, should the inquiry hereafter lead some more than usually acute bookworm into the real mystery and meaning, the main drift of that inexplicable "Faëry Queen."

The pugilist may be a poltroon, and the bookworm a hero.

"So I set a lot of bookworms looking up the archives of the English and Spanish governments and digging around in the libraries after material.

What had Ia man of thought, the bookworm of great librariesto do with youth and beauty like thine own?

But when one sees a bookworm in his library, an anxious merchant-prince in his counting-room, tottering feebly about, his thin underpinning scarcely able to support what he has already crammed into that heavy brain of his, and he still piling in more,one feels disposed to cry out, "Unsafe passing here!

His famulus Wagner, a type of the ardent and contented bookworm, comes in to get instruction on the art of public speaking, and Faust lays down the law to him.

The excellent bookstore of the late Hezekiah Howe, one of the best in New England, and particularly rich in those rare and costly works which form a bookworm's delight, was one of Percival's best-loved lounging-places.

His "Bookworm," &c., are adaptations from Beza and other foreign authors.

Gray was a brilliant bookworm.


Thus far books; now for the bookworms.

Anthony Magliabecchi, the notorious bookworm, was born at Florence in 1633; his passion for reading induced him to employ every moment of his time in improving his mind.

In the present age we have bookworms, who wander from one bookstall to another, and there devour their daily store of knowledge.

Her father wanted her to marry Clodio, a coxcomb, but she preferred his elder brother Carlos, a bookworm, with whom she eloped.

Antonio (Don), father of Carlos, a bookworm, and Clodio, a coxcomb; a testy, headstrong old man.

Carlos is a great bookworm, but when he falls in love with Angelina he throws off his diffidence and becomes bold, resolute, and manly.

Charino wishes Angelina to marry Clodio, a young coxcomb; but the lady prefers his elder brother Carlos, a young bookworm.

Clodio was to have married Angelina, but the lady preferred his elder brother, Carlos, a bookworm, and Clodio engaged himself to Elvira of Lisbon.

"Hey!" said the bookworm, "this I think is taking Rather too much liberty with me!


There was no lecturing system, and there was no such thing known as coaching; and the recitations consisted, like those in the juvenile schools, in answering questions taken from the lesson in standard textbooks, and called out no special abilities in the students which could distinguish the men of mark from the merest bookworms.

Yet Martin Cortright, the Bookworm, was a pavement worshipper too, and he came last fall for over a Sunday to wake father up; for I believe men sometimes need the society of others of their own age and past, as much as children need childlife, and Martin stayed a month, and is promising to return next spring.

Never mind, if we ever do get back to small clothes and silk stockings, Martin Cortright can show a rounded calf, if he has been esteemed little more than a crawling bookworm these many years.

No, he had never written anythingnever; he was only a bookworm, he said.

Shelley, betrayed by the impulses of his enthusiast nature and the ignorant and deplorable credulity of a bookworm, allowed himself to be imposed upon by a designing boarding-school girl and her relatives, and everything followed as a matter of course.

Coleridge described himself as being from boyhood a bookworm and a day-dreamer.

Nunnally Johnson (A); 23Dec54; R142133. The belting bookworm.

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Nunnally Johnson (A); 23Dec54; R142133. The belting bookworm.

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The real culprit is a theorist, a bookworm, who, in a tentative kind of way, has done a more than bold thing; but this boldness of his is of quite a peculiar and one-sided stamp; it is, after a fashion, like that of a man who hurls himself from the top of a mountain or church steeple.

Why, we all knew that after the passing away of our mother he became a bookworm, reading very often by candlelight until morning.

"Young Lambert is a bookworm, your Honor," suggested Pyot, who was keen on the business, seeing that his zeal, if accompanied by success, would surely mean promotion; "there'll be ink and paper in the cottage....

Perhaps it may interest even a recluse and bookworm like you."


The liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things he shall stand.' BOOKWORMS Great is bookishness and the charm of books.

By the side of these anthropoid apes, the genuine bookworm, the paper-eating insect, ravenous as he once was, has done comparatively little mischief.

The energy of bookworms, like that of men, greatly varies.

MAGLIABECCHI, an inordinate bookworm, born in Florence; became librarian of the Grand-Duke; his book-knowledge was as unbounded as his avidity for knowledge; his memory was extraordinary; he carried in his head the page of a passage in a book as well as the passage itself in the ipsissima verba, (1633-1714).

To be a mere bookworm is to be a drone in the great hive.

CLERK"To cut out?" BOOKWORMS "A book-worm," said papa, "is a person who would rather read than eat, or it is a worm that would rather eat than read.

My poor, little, short-sighted bookworm." Tears sprang to her eyes, but she laughed also.

Of course Dent Meredith was always noted for being a quiet little bookworm, near-sighted, and without any knowledge of girls.

D. himself) said he was a young bookworm who made dozens of books, especially on history.

Bookworms will no longer have to worry about not having enough time to browse the various selections.

Budding Bookworms Storytime takes place twice a month, on alternate Thursdays, and has parents of the children in the community telling stories to the little ones.

And I myself I’m a little bit of a bookworm, and so I really loved the idea of being able to connect everybody that way since it’s something that we could all do from home, and then use something like Zoom to talk about it.

Since Mrs Khanna is a keen 'Bookworm' and a writer her self, she is the author of two bestsellers - Mrs Funnybones (a compilation of humour columns) and The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad.

Starting as a soft-spoken bookworm, Willow grows into one of the most powerful witches in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The book “requires readers to channel their inner bookworm or hungry archivist, the tender scholar for whom typefaces, fonts, ink stains and marginalia create an ardent flutter,” Tess Taylor writes in her review.

This cult fantasy film follows shy bookworm Bastian, who is transported to a distant land after discovering a magical novel.

Baby Bookworms — 10 a.m., Fayetteville Public Library via YouTube.

Very intelligent and a bookworm, she did so well for herself that after getting a good job, she landed a husband that she thought was a catch.

What It’s About in One Sentence: The continuation of an anime about a bookworm who is reincarnated in a world in which books are scarce.

Bookworm Bed and Breakfast.

I’m turning into a bookworm!”

It's perfect for budding bookworms and animal lovers alike.

It was such a pleasure to know Helen, whom I got to know while working as a bookworm volunteer.

With 30 books in her collection, you could say that Siham is a bit of a bookworm – something her photo on display at the Photovoice exhibition showcased.