54 examples of bookworm in sentences

There is scarcely a bookworm who will not slip his glasses off his nose, if the clouds break at the hour of sunset when the earth and sky are filled with a green and golden light.

He is no pedant nor bookworm; so far I can answer.

We stepped outside, and there, passing, if you like, was that gentle bookworm, Mr. Fang.

[It]; fellow, Hebraist, lexicologist, mullah, munshi^, Sanskritish; sinologist, sinologue^; Mezzofanti^, admirable Crichton, Mecaenas. bookworm, helluo librorum [Lat.]; bibliophile, bibliomaniac^; bluestocking, bas-bleu [Fr.]; bigwig, learned Theban, don; Artium Baccalaureus [Lat.], Artium Magister [Lat.].

Mere trifles these, to be sure,but interesting in an antiquarian point of view,and valuable, perhaps, should the inquiry hereafter lead some more than usually acute bookworm into the real mystery and meaning, the main drift of that inexplicable "Faëry Queen.

The pugilist may be a poltroon, and the bookworm a hero.

His "Bookworm," &c., are adaptations from Beza and other foreign authors.

Gray was a brilliant bookworm.


Anthony Magliabecchi, the notorious bookworm, was born at Florence in 1633; his passion for reading induced him to employ every moment of his time in improving his mind.

"Hey!" said the bookworm, "this I think is taking Rather too much liberty with me!


Yet Martin Cortright, the Bookworm, was a pavement worshipper too, and he came last fall for over a Sunday to wake father up; for I believe men sometimes need the society of others of their own age and past, as much as children need childlife, and Martin stayed a month, and is promising to return next spring.

Never mind, if we ever do get back to small clothes and silk stockings, Martin Cortright can show a rounded calf, if he has been esteemed little more than a crawling bookworm these many years.

Shelley, betrayed by the impulses of his enthusiast nature and the ignorant and deplorable credulity of a bookworm, allowed himself to be imposed upon by a designing boarding-school girl and her relatives, and everything followed as a matter of course.

Coleridge described himself as being from boyhood a bookworm and a day-dreamer.

The belting bookworm.

August Mencken & Mercantile-Safe Deposit & Trust Co. (E); 9Feb67; R404020. Larval stage of a bookworm.

August Mencken & Mercantile-Safe Deposit & Trust Co. (E); 9Feb67; R404020. Larval stage of a bookworm.

Why, we all knew that after the passing away of our mother he became a bookworm, reading very often by candlelight until morning.

Perhaps it may interest even a recluse and bookworm like you.

By the side of these anthropoid apes, the genuine bookworm, the paper-eating insect, ravenous as he once was, has done comparatively little mischief.

MAGLIABECCHI, an inordinate bookworm, born in Florence; became librarian of the Grand-Duke; his book-knowledge was as unbounded as his avidity for knowledge; his memory was extraordinary; he carried in his head the page of a passage in a book as well as the passage itself in the ipsissima verba, (1633-1714).

To be a mere bookworm is to be a drone in the great hive.

Of course Dent Meredith was always noted for being a quiet little bookworm, near-sighted, and without any knowledge of girls.

54 examples of  bookworm  in sentences