75 examples of boozed in sentences

Any booze for sale in this town?" "It is a temperance community," answered Patsy, stiffly.

With no booze to buy I can invest my earnings in wearing apparel.

"Booze," said Joe Rix to himself instantly.

inheritance left yet; but still it would keep me busy and away from the cafes, for now all I do all day long is to roam around from one place to another imbibing booze and balloon juice.

To sit and listen to the lapping of the watersand booze.

George sketched it from life one night over at the Booze Arts.

Booze, you understand, and not because I lost that hot-air shooting, lush-working, expense-account-grubbing wah of a Wilbur.

He was always a crooked sort of feller, and after that just boozed around, joined in with hobo gangs, and they believe touched up a few jobs himself.

If you wander off on a Jamboree, Across the stretch of the desert sea, Look out that right at the height of your booze You don't get caught by the Jou-jou-jous!

Plenty of booze, and all that, and I'm awfully rocky to-day.

Don't we sell more booze in a week now than we used to in a" Suddenly he realized that he was on the wrong tack.

Don't they get civilization just for looking at you, Miss Sheila?" "Andand booze?

Talks about the horse like a drunk talking about booze.

Mendonca reputation for booze is legendary as his mastery over the English language and his ability to teach.

I never have a single penny to my name, and it ain't father's drinking that's all to blame; if he didn't booze it wouldn't be much better.

So they will shut booze joints like that feller McCarron runs, and even a nice place like this.

No booze or dope in that face, chief.

" Of course I soak the booze once in a while, But I don't wake the town to sing and shout it; I love the girls, they win me with a smile,

Blood-money changes easy to booze-money when a lot of cow-chasers get their hooks on it.

He's lapped up a good bit of booze first and last and sometimes he's come home pretty well settled.

And there in the solitude of the night, kneeling beside his dying companion, with his arms uplifted towards the starry firmament, Joe solemnly swore that he would beware of "Bums, Booze and Boxcars", and quit the very people whose acquaintance he had made through Slippery.

They were leading him to the gallows, upon which he had been condemned to expiate his crime, and now on his way to face his doom he had stopped to bid Joe a last farewell, and Joe could distinctly hear his words: "Good-bye, Joe, do not do as I did, who when a youngster ran away from a good home to follow Bums, Booze and Boxcars, but go back to your waiting mother before it is too late, for remember, 'The Wages of Sin is Shameful Death'.

When he came to the scene where he knelt by the side of the flying yegg and solemnly swore to forever quit the path Slippery had shown him, he felt a strange power drag him out of the bed, force him to kneel upon the floor and repeat the sacred promise to shun Bums, Booze and Boxcars and then, when he went again to bed, it was only a few moments until he was soundly sleeping.

The booze had him going and he was too proud to back down.

Two booze-fiends were ambling homeward at an early hour, after being out nearly all night.

75 examples of  boozed  in sentences