75 examples of boozed in sentences

"Booze," said Joe Rix to himself instantly.

Soon as they hear of this mix-up between the Crees and the Blackfeet they'll be right over askin' whyfors, and if they find who gave 'em the booze some one will be up to the neck in trouble and squawkin' for help.

"Then Edward became inoculated with an idea that it would be a good plan to consume all the booze on Broadway, thereby preventing others from living intemperate lives.

inheritance left yet; but still it would keep me busy and away from the cafes, for now all I do all day long is to roam around from one place to another imbibing booze and balloon juice.

To sit and listen to the lapping of the watersand booze.

He was always a crooked sort of feller, and after that just boozed around, joined in with hobo gangs, and they believe touched up a few jobs himself.

If you wander off on a Jamboree, Across the stretch of the desert sea, Look out that right at the height of your booze You don't get caught by the Jou-jou-jous!

V. get drunk, be drunk &c adj.; see double; take a drop too much, take a glass too much; drink; tipple, tope, booze,

Don't we sell more booze in a week now than we used to in a" Suddenly he realized that he was on the wrong tack.

Don't they get civilization just for looking at you, Miss Sheila?" "Andand booze?

Dancing had worked off a lot of the booze.

I told you once not to come around here feeding booze to my cook.

"And booze," he put in, watching her face.

To secure booze she was forced to offer money.

She knew where the money was going to come from to buy the lodger's booze.

But she sold the papers and she purchased the booze.

Neither did the lodger care how the booze was procured; the big thing to him was that it came.

So they will shut booze joints like that feller McCarron runs, and even a nice place like this.

No booze or dope in that face, chief.

" Of course I soak the booze once in a while, But I don't wake the town to sing and shout it; I love the girls, they win me with a smile,

Blood-money changes easy to booze-money when a lot of cow-chasers get their hooks on it.

He'll send Jim Bleeker soon as he comes back from townwhich ain't apt to be for two or three days unless they're short on booze.

Two booze-fiends were ambling homeward at an early hour, after being out nearly all night.

They'd git money to buy powder an' fuse an' caps, ma'am, an' blow it on booze, y'see.

"So somebody tipped Frenchy off that he was bein' worked for grub an' booze money, an' Frenchy done a lot uh thinkin'.

75 examples of  boozed  in sentences