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75 examples of  boozed  in sentences

75 examples of boozed in sentences

"I wouldn't vote for a chap like Thurston, who goes boozing in a common 'pub' like the Black Swan," cried "Rats;" "but that's just the sort of man for you.

Any booze for sale in this town?" "It is a temperance community," answered Patsy, stiffly.

With no booze to buy I can invest my earnings in wearing apparel.

But between you and me, it was the booze that licked Rusty Dick.

"Booze," said Joe Rix to himself instantly.

I just want to booze to my heart's content, with nobody by to count the glasses.

"This is the place I want and here I'll spend the night; but not to booze my wits away, oh, no."

Brodie and Steve Jarrold and Andy Parker and the rest of Brodie's worthless crowd of illicit booze-runners.

"He's in so deep on the booze smuggling side he dassent say a word, and that puts him in worse yet, makes him accessory before the fact of criminal practices that'd made his hair stand on end.

nor, on the other hand, that the coachman and footman, who were like all the squire's servants, of the good old sort, honest, faithful, boozing, extravagant, happy-go-lucky souls, who had 'been about the place these forty years,' were somewhat owlish and unsteady on the box.

Make the life of your community cheerful and pleasant and interesting, you reformers, provide men with recreation which will not harm them, if you want to take away the power of the gilded saloon and the grimy boozing-ken.

Soon as they hear of this mix-up between the Crees and the Blackfeet they'll be right over askin' whyfors, and if they find who gave 'em the booze some one will be up to the neck in trouble and squawkin' for help.

"Then Edward became inoculated with an idea that it would be a good plan to consume all the booze on Broadway, thereby preventing others from living intemperate lives.

inheritance left yet; but still it would keep me busy and away from the cafes, for now all I do all day long is to roam around from one place to another imbibing booze and balloon juice.

To sit and listen to the lapping of the watersand booze.

George sketched it from life one night over at the Booze Arts.

Booze, you understand, and not because I lost that hot-air shooting, lush-working, expense-account-grubbing wah of a Wilbur.

She shook so hard she nearly threw us all out of the scow, so that we finally had to listen to her pleadings and pass her the booze.

"Have you been boozing, or have I?"

Our coal land was grabbed by our Uncle, Our copper and fur by the Jews, While another gang took all our salmon And corrupted our natives with booze.

I'm a grain of the Epsom Salt that went through Beersheba, time the Turks had all the booze in sight and we were thirsty.

Muddy booze it was toooozy boozenot fit for washing hogs!

He was always a crooked sort of feller, and after that just boozed around, joined in with hobo gangs, and they believe touched up a few jobs himself.

Don't you know it? "Foxwell's Hotel is a merry, merry place, When the jolly booze is flowin', flowin' free.

If you wander off on a Jamboree, Across the stretch of the desert sea, Look out that right at the height of your booze You don't get caught by the Jou-jou-jous!

Now you've heard my sad story, Boy hand me another shot of that booze; If anyone should ask you, Tell 'em I got those St. James Infirmary blues.

V. get drunk, be drunk &c adj.; see double; take a drop too much, take a glass too much; drink; tipple, tope, booze,

Plenty of booze, and all that, and I'm awfully rocky to-day.

Don't we sell more booze in a week now than we used to in a" Suddenly he realized that he was on the wrong tack.

Don't they get civilization just for looking at you, Miss Sheila?" "Andand booze?

Dancing had worked off a lot of the booze.

What have we to live for but vengeance on the white man and a little booze now and then?

" "Booze, probably," I said.

I gave Isaac a dram to kep his heart up, and he sung and leuch as if he had been boozing with some of his drucken cronies; for feint a hair cared he about auld kirkyards, or vouts, or dead folk in their winding-sheets, with the wet grass growing over them.

Talks about the horse like a drunk talking about booze.

I told you once not to come around here feeding booze to my cook.

He'd sit around all night while the hula boomed, applauding this or that dancer, and seeing that the booze circulated.

It's the cinema, the prize-fight, the upaupa, the women, an' the bloody booze, day an' night.

I drank as much as he did ashore, and I 'm no slouch with the vahines; but I can hold my booze, I can.

"And booze," he put in, watching her face.

"And booze," Cake assented.

But booze was a very different proposition.

To secure booze she was forced to offer money.

Very well, then, wine is wont to show the mind of man, and you won't see mine until you bring me booze.

Behind a screen of barrels in the corner of the alley Cake ate the broken meats herself, taking what comfort she could, and pondering the while the awful problem of securing the booze, since she must be taught, and since the lodger moved in her sphere as the only available teacher.

She knew where the money was going to come from to buy the lodger's booze.

But she sold the papers and she purchased the booze.

Neither did the lodger care how the booze was procured; the big thing to him was that it came.

Mendonca reputation for booze is legendary as his mastery over the English language and his ability to teach.

The Goa that has been perpetuated in the newsrooms of the media conglomerates of urban India an English construction, I would like to emphasise has even now more in common with the hazy feel-good miasma that occulted the communal perceptions of the dharma bum generation that made its way from the West, in a slow and tortuous ganja-laden, booze-sodden crawl, through the tolerant places of the 'Third World'.

The man's proximity caused his neighbour a ceaseless irritation; of all objectionable types of humanity, this loafing and boozing degenerate was, to Miss Rodney, perhaps the least endurable; his mere countenance excited her animosity, for feebleness and conceit, things abhorrent to her, were legible in every line of the trivial features; and a full moustache, evidently subjected to training, served only as emphasis of foppish imbecility.

I never have a single penny to my name, and it ain't father's drinking that's all to blame; if he didn't booze it wouldn't be much better.

So they will shut booze joints like that feller McCarron runs, and even a nice place like this.

Just a case of sniffles, and a good excuse for hitting the booze.

"Doped booze," said Ronicky curtly.

No booze or dope in that face, chief.

Dick isn't such a bad fellow when he's not fighting booze.

" Of course I soak the booze once in a while, But I don't wake the town to sing and shout it; I love the girls, they win me with a smile,

As they looked in they saw some sailors boozing in a dirty tap-room, and enveloped in tobacco-smoke.

I was flashin' to the booze can when you tried to stop me....

It may have been the case once that when you opened up a bottle for a customer he opened up his heart, but booze is a mighty poor salesman nowadays.

I've met a heap of men who were idling through life because they'd made money or inherited it, and so far as I could see, about all that they could do was to read till they got the dry rot, or to booze till they got the wet rot.

Blood-money changes easy to booze-money when a lot of cow-chasers get their hooks on it.

He'll send Jim Bleeker soon as he comes back from townwhich ain't apt to be for two or three days unless they're short on booze.

On the same principle, Etaples is modified to "Eatables," and Sailly-la-Bourse to "Sally Booze."

He's lapped up a good bit of booze first and last and sometimes he's come home pretty well settled.

One is strongly led to believe that this is the origin of our cant word boozing-ken, imported from the East by the gipsies some four or five centuries ago.

And there in the solitude of the night, kneeling beside his dying companion, with his arms uplifted towards the starry firmament, Joe solemnly swore that he would beware of "Bums, Booze and Boxcars", and quit the very people whose acquaintance he had made through Slippery.

They were leading him to the gallows, upon which he had been condemned to expiate his crime, and now on his way to face his doom he had stopped to bid Joe a last farewell, and Joe could distinctly hear his words: "Good-bye, Joe, do not do as I did, who when a youngster ran away from a good home to follow Bums, Booze and Boxcars, but go back to your waiting mother before it is too late, for remember, 'The Wages of Sin is Shameful Death'.

When he came to the scene where he knelt by the side of the flying yegg and solemnly swore to forever quit the path Slippery had shown him, he felt a strange power drag him out of the bed, force him to kneel upon the floor and repeat the sacred promise to shun Bums, Booze and Boxcars and then, when he went again to bed, it was only a few moments until he was soundly sleeping.

The booze had him going and he was too proud to back down.

Two booze-fiends were ambling homeward at an early hour, after being out nearly all night.

Apparently he had got rather drunk while he was out, and had then returned and slept some of his booze off, without thinking that I might be hungry and needing my luncheon.

They'd git money to buy powder an' fuse an' caps, ma'am, an' blow it on booze, y'see.

"So somebody tipped Frenchy off that he was bein' worked for grub an' booze money, an' Frenchy done a lot uh thinkin'.