27 examples of boston's in sentences

In Boston's half Hooper hit safely to center field and stole second base.

In the Boston's half of the sixth Lewis began with a single and got as far as third base, but could not score.

In Boston's half, with one out, Lewis batted to right field for a base.

Gardner hit to the same place for two bases and Lewis scored Boston's only run.

In Boston's half of the second inning the Boston players scored twice and that was all they made in the game.

In Boston's half of the seventh, with one out, Speaker singled to center.

On September 1 Boston's lead was thirteen games, but it was not until September 18 that the American League pennant was actually cinched beyond the possibility of losing it.

Delving into the files for the dope, revealed the fact that the newspaper reports of about every third game they played on the average contained some reference to "Boston's luck."

One of Boston's leading merchants told me that Selfridge in London was selling more jaunty ready-to-wear dresses than ever before.

Byron showed a remarkable familiarity with the Scriptures, and with parts of Barrow, Chillingworth, and Stillingfleet; but on Kennedy's lending for his edification Boston's Fourfold State, he returned it with the remark that it was too deep for him.

"I have looked," replied Byron, "into Boston's Fourfold State, but I have not had time to read it far: I am afraid it is too deep for me.

"Because I don't care anything for Boston's grand folks and do care for 'Jack Hall'?" laughed Tilly.

" Friday, at three, another knight (Knowing that ladies all delight In music), shod with patents bright, Steers clear of Music Halls: "In Boston's Back Bay, round about, There dwell three matrons, plain and stout: If luck be mine, I'll find them out For 'duty calls.'

By a favorable turn of fortune, Mr. Santon had come into possession of nearly double the amount of his former wealth, and he was now looked upon as one of Boston's most prominent citizens.

The Brentwoods were not rich, as riches are measured in millions; but they lived in their own house in the Back Bay wilderness, moved in Boston's older substantial circle, and, in a world where success, economic or other, is in some sort the touchstone, were many social planes above a country lawyer.

Boston's public charitable institutions, so called, are not charities at all; the motive is not sympathy, but necessity.

Its leading articles are written by Mr. Arthur Brisbane, the son of one of the Brook Farm Utopians, that gathering in which Hawthorne and Henry James senior, and Margaret Fuller participated, and in which the whole brilliant world of Boston's past, the world of Emerson, Longfellow, Thoreau, was interested.

William Tecumseh Sherman's bank was nearby, but I suppose most of Boston's business men were generals-in-chief of the United States Army.

Boston's immigrants, 1790-1865; a study in acculturation.

HOLBROOK, STEWART H. Boston's temple of burlesque.

Boston's immigrants, 1790-1865; a study in acculturation.

My grandpapa and grandmama used to pour the coffee from their cups and drink it from their saucers and they wereneverthelessrated AA1 in Boston's Back Bay Blue Book.

Through her Bell secured the support of her father, Gardiner G. Hubbard, who was widely known as one of Boston's ablest lawyers.

" An Episcopal clergyman, rector of a fashionable church in one of Boston's most exclusive suburbs, so as not to be bothered with the innumerable telephone calls that fall to one in his profession, had his name left out of the telephone book.

"I know what it was," said Home to the historian; "for when he was taken there was found in his pocket a volume of your philosophical works and Boston's 'Fourfold State'"a hit, 1st, at the infidel, whose principles would have undermined Christianity; and 2d, a hit at the Church, which he was compelled to leave on account of his having written the tragedy of Douglas.

27 examples of  boston's  in sentences