205 examples of bottomless in sentences

Gloria could see their figures dimly; they went down and down along a long, steep, slanting passage-way; they had smoking torches and looked like so many fiends in the bottomless pit.

At any rate he sang "Drinking," a song that lauds the wine-cup as chiefest of godless joys, and terminating in "drinking" thrice reiterated, of which each individual one finishes so much lower than it begins that the last one seems to expire in the bottomless pit.

No; he felt his manhood so bottomless within him, that no word, no blow, no scourge of Captain Snipe's could cut deep enough for that.

The deep and dreadful caverns of remorse had long been explored but he was the first to visit the bottomless pit of satiety.

[Footnote 11: He cannot help his mind constantly turning upon women; and if his thoughts of them are often cruelly false, it is not Hamlet but his mother who is to blame: her conduct has hurled him from the peak of optimism into the bottomless pool of pessimistic doubt, above the foul waters of which he keeps struggling to lift his head.]

Far below the valley lay a black and bottomless pit.

Thus where he mentions Satan in the Beginning of his Poem: Him the Almighty Power Hurl'd headlong flaming from th' Ethereal Sky, With hideous ruin and combustion, down To bottomless Perdition, there to dwell In Adamantine Chains and penal Fire, Who durst defy th' Omnipotent to Arms.

Here dwelt the Shadow I had "imagined" weeks ago, and in it struggled armies of lost souls as in the depths of some bottomless pit

Indeed, the whole of nature was uncertain, especially if disaster impended, and sometimes a chicken would be born without the formality of an egg, or a bottomless abyss spurted with gore under the dining-room table, or the wine began to boil in the bottles, or a green frog leapt out of the sheepdog's mouth.

We have now reached the brink of the pit, which is not bottomless, but looks so until the eye faintly distinguishes something solid at a depth that has been measured at 175 feet.

In a moment a confused recollection o' the proceedings at Luckie Macnaughton's flashed across my memory, like a flame from the bottomless pit!

APOLL'YON, king of the bottomless pit; introduced by Bnnyan in his Pilgrim's Progress.

He would wake through bloodshed and battle, to find his Food the most foolish of fancies, and his hopes and faith of a greater world to come no more than the coloured film upon a pool of bottomless decay.

WHIGS, almsgiving, against, ii. 212; bottomless, iv. 223; defined, i. 294, 431, n. 1; devil, the first Whig the, iii. 326; iv. 317, n. 3; every bad man a Whig, v. 271; Fergusson 'a vile Whig,' ii. 170; governed, not willing to be, ii. 314; hall fireplace, moved the, i. 273; humane one, a, v. 357; 'is any King a Whig?' iii. 372, n. 3; nation quiet when they governed, iv.

117, n. 5; 'He hated a fool, and he hated a rogue, and he hated a Whig; he was a very good hater,' i. 190, n. 2; 'He was a Whig who pretended to be honest,' v. 339; 'I do not like much to see a Whig in any dress, but I hate to see a Whig in a parson's gown,' v. 255; 'Sir, he is a cursed Whig, a bottomless Whig, as they all are now,' iv.

Every now and then loose stones set in motion by our feet would slip into this bottomless pit, and we could hear them bounding down from ledge to ledge, smashing themselves into a thousand fragments, till the echoes so often repeated were like the independent file-firing of a battalion of infantry.

The Transient seemed to have a bottomless purse.

He only believes in God and fears Him in the hour of supreme cowardice, when death opens before him the bottomless pit of nothingness, and his pride as a rational animal revolts against the complete extinction of his being.

There was scarcely a breath between riding the edge of the bottomless pit and shooting out on clear water.

" "It is a bottomless gulf," said the attorney.

"A bottomless gulf," repeated the attorney.

As you get farther east these cinder paths are protected by law, with heavy fines for driving thereon; it requires no little restraint to plough miles and miles through bottomless mud on a narrow road in the Mohawk valley with a superb three-foot cinder path against your very wheels.

In wet weather the last question will be, "Is the road clayey or bottomless anywhere?"

Sanddeep, bottomless sandis the one obstacle an automobile cannot overcome.

It may be discouraging to the driver for pleasure to find in rainy weather almost bottomless muck and mud on portions of the main travelled highway between New York and Buffalo, but that, for the present, is normal.

205 examples of  bottomless  in sentences