1858 examples of boughs in sentences

They perch on the boughs of trees, and, by rising from branch to branch, attain the height they desire.

There, like the visionary emblem seen By him of Babylon, life stands a stump, And filleted about with hoops of brass, Still lives, though all its pleasant boughs are gone.

There Bull slept, and the next night he found that during the day the stallion had torn the boughs to pieces and scattered them about.

Bright was the day, and on the spreading trees The frolic citizens of forest sung Their lays and merry notes on perching boughs; When suddenly appeared in the east Seven mighty eagles with their talons fierce, Who, waving oft about our consul's head, At last with hideous cry did soar away.

Here they cleared away a space about nine feet square and cut evergreen boughs from the trees to cover it.

At camp he scraped the snow away with a shoe while Morse cut spruce boughs and chopped wood for the fire.

Opposite a butcher's shop, they beheld hanging from the boughs of a tree a man's arm, with part of the side torn from the body.

The pines on the adjacent mountains hiss as they ever wave their boughs, and somehow, such is the lonely aspect of the place, that their hissing may be imagined to breathe satire against the pretensions of human vanity.

For findingso the story wentthat many of the finest insects kept to the tree-tops, and never came to ground at all, he used to settle himself among the boughs of some tree in the tropic forests, with a long-handled net and plenty of cigars, and pass his hours in that airy flower-garden, making dashes every now and then at some splendid monster as it fluttered round his head.

For King Alfred had come, and the English oaks were felled, and their gnarled boughs found exceedingly convenient for the curved knees of ships.

Small gardens are shut in by walls, but none can wall the sky, And none can hide the friendly trees from all who travel by; And none can hold the apple boughs and claim them for his own, For all the beauties of the earth belong to God alone.

The birds were flitting above in the tree-boughs and making high singing.

Only very far away a faint breeze was stirring, whispering furtively in the bare boughs of the elm trees that bordered the park.

The walls were all with pictures hung: Gay villas bright in rain-washed air, Trees to whose boughs brown monkeys clung, Outlineless dabs of fuzzy hair.

The topmost boughs of some tall elm trees rustled almost in their faces.

"The earth late choak'd with showers, Is now array'd in green, Her bosom springs with flowers, The air dissolves her teen; The woods are deck'd with leaves, And trees are clothed gay, And Flora, crown'd with sheaves, With oaken boughs doth play; The birds upon the trees Do sing with pleasant voices, And chant, in their degrees, Their loves and lucky choices.

His historian and secretary, Fitz-Stephens [u], mentions, among other particulars, that his apartments were every day in winter covered with clean straw or hay, and in summer with green rushes or boughs; lest the gentlemen who paid court to him, and who could not, by reason of their great number, find a place at table, should soil their fine clothes by sitting on a dirty floor [w].

The Zinkstukkenenormous constructions in wicker workare square rafts, made of reeds and boughs twisted together, sometimes two or three hundred feet long on a side.

In this country every one has a bundle of great boughs of trees, as large as a pillar, standing in a pot of water before the door; and there are many other strange and wonderful novelties, a relation of which would be exceedingly delightful.

] Others the utmost boughs of trees doe crop, And brouze the woodbine twigges that freshly bud; This with full bit* doth catch the utmost top Of some soft willow, or new growen stud**; This with sharpe teeth the bramble leaves doth lop, 85 And chaw the tender prickles in her cud; The whiles another high doth overlooke Her owne like image in a christall brooke.

But the small birds in their wide boughs embowring 225 Chaunted their sundrie tunes with sweete consent; And under them a silver spring, forth powring His trickling streames, a gentle murmure sent; Thereto the frogs, bred in the slimie scowring Of the moist moores, their iarring voyces bent; 230 And shrill grashoppers chirped them around: All which the ayrie echo did resound.

But the adornment is that of Natureit is the decoration of another and a strange element: the roots are in the air; the boughs which should be full of birds, are in the flood, covered by its alien products, swimming side by side with the alligator.

He tried also to find food among the pine trees, to be comfortable under pine boughs while the frost fell at night, andwith less confidenceto catch a llama by artifice in order to try to kill itperhaps by hammering it with a stoneand so finally, perhaps, to eat some of it.

The sportsman who fired stands in the road; the beaters are above, for they desire the game to fly in a certain direction; and what with the narrow space between the firs and the oaks, the spreading boughs, and the uncertainty of the spot where the pheasant would break cover, it is not surprising that he missed.

Amid'st these Trees the holy Clorin dwells In a low Cabin of cut Boughs, and heals All Wounds; to her I will my self address, And my rash faults repentantly confess; Perhaps she'll find a means by Art or Prayer, To make my hand with chaste blood stained, fair: That done, not far hence underneath some Tree, I'll have a little Cabin built, since she Whom I ador'd is dead, there will I give My self to strictness, and like Clorin live.

1858 examples of  boughs  in sentences