2565 examples of boundaries in sentences

"First, concerning our land boundaries.

He was encamped on the sandy waste which stretched northeast of Fustat on the road to Heliopolis, and there, at a distance of about a mile from the river, he marked out the boundaries of the new capital.

Its principal provisions were those already suggested by the powers, viz.: (1) The boundary between Turkey and the allies to be a line drawn from Midia to Enos, to be delimited by an international commission: (2) The boundaries of Albania to be determined by the powers.

In the desert beyond the city boundaries he wandered, searching for inspiration, waiting dumbly in the darkness until the angel Gabriel descended with rush of wings through the brightness of heaven, commanding: "Cry aloud, in the name of the Lord who created thee.

Propositions for adjusting amicably the boundaries of Louisiana have not been acceded to.

The commercial treaties, the arrangements for future associated action, made by the great Allies among themselves will appear more and more important to them, and the mere question of boundaries less and less.

And when one goes up the scale from the urban district and rural district boundaries, one finds equally crazy county arrangements, the same tangle of obstacle in the way of quick, effective co-ordinations, the same needless multiplicity of clerks, the same rich possibilities of litigation, misunderstanding, and deadlocks of opinion between areas whose only difference is that a mischievous boundary has been left in existence between them.

There are not only parish boundaries, but park boundaries and class and sect boundaries.

There are not only parish boundaries, but park boundaries and class and sect boundaries.

There are not only parish boundaries, but park boundaries and class and sect boundaries.

There, I think, is the overriding argument that will burst the proprietorships and divisions and boundaries, the web of ineffectiveness that has held the world so long.

Article VI of the Platt Amendment, which the Cubans accepted with marked reluctance, declared that the island was omitted from the boundaries of Cuba, and that the title and ownership should be left to future adjustment by treaty.

The history of the immediate future will, I am convinced, be very largely the history of the conflict of the needs of this new population with the institutions, the boundaries the laws, prejudices, and deep-rooted traditions established during the home-keeping, localised era of mankind's career.

Change of function, arrest of specialisation by innovations in method and appliance, progress by the infringement of professional boundaries and the defiance of rule: these are the commonplaces of our time.

The ploughman who does not look beyond its boundaries and does not raise his eyes from the ground?

The Author of all has intended to confine our knowledge within certain boundaries, has given us a short span of time for a certain probation, for which our faculties are adapted.

I could then say to myself: 'This is my whole world; within its boundaries I am allowed to live.

Caesar did, indeed, enlarge, in some degree, the boundaries of the empire; but the main question in his day was, who should possess the power which preceding conquerors had acquired.

Then, when these tyrants see our martial front, Believe me, they will never make so bold As risk the conflict, but will gladly take Safe conduct forth beyond our boundaries.

It blocked this, it overturned that; it changed natural products, and by changing natural products it stopped employments and threw men out of work by the hundred thousands; it swept over boundaries and turned the world of trade into a world of cataclysms: no wonder mankind hated it.

Even to live one must cross their boundaries.

And amid all his glory he took Joppa for a haven, And made it a way to the isles of the sea, And he enlarged the boundaries of his nation, And became master of the land.

And with that punishment hanging over her, the novice went on learning and originating, until one day London woke up to find a new tragedienne within its boundaries.

Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease (PCW); 17Feb76; R628515. R628527. Lost boundaries.

A carriage-drive was visible on the other side of the gate, but its boundaries were half obliterated by the grass and weeds that had grown over it, and as it wound down into the glen it was lost among the trees.

2565 examples of  boundaries  in sentences