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4183 example sentences with  boundaries

4183 example sentences with boundaries

The boundaries of dominion, in that part of the world, have not yet been settled; and he mistook, if a mistake there was, like a zealous subject, in his master's favour.

The President was seeking permanency by insuring, through the threat or pressure of international force, a condition of changelessness in boundaries and sovereign rights, subject, nevertheless, to territorial changes based either on the principle of "self-determination" or on a three-fourths vote of the Body of Delegates.

In the Treaty of Versailles with Germany the readjustment of the German boundaries, by which the sovereignty over millions of persons of German blood was transferred to the new states of Poland and Czecho-Slovakia, and the practical cession to the Empire of Japan of the port of Kiao-Chau and control over the economic life of the Province of Shantung are striking examples of the abandonment of the principle.

International boundaries may be drawn along ethnic, economic, geographic, historic, or strategic lines.

Its southern boundaries are more difficultly ascertainable: but, except where they are pressed northwards by the anciently civilized empire of China, these may be assumed at a medium on the thirty-fifth degree of north latitude; from, whence Scythia or Tartary extends in breadth to the extremity of the frozen north.

Which could not happen, if the nominal essences, whereby we limit and distinguish the species of substances, were not made by man with some liberty; but were exactly copied from precise boundaries set by nature, whereby it distinguished all substances into certain species.

And yet I think I may say, that the certain boundaries of that species are so far from being determined, and the precise number of simple ideas which make the nominal essence so far from being settles and perfectly known, that very material doubts may still arise about it.

Indeed, in some ways it does feel as though our society were at the boundaries of a mystical experience, when we have a glimpse of the profoundly arbitrary nature of the stories we use to organise and explain the human experience.

While cultures have been reckoning with the impact of cosmopolitanism since even before the first ships crossed the Mediterranean, today's proliferation of media, products and their associated sensibilities, as well as their migration across formerly discreet boundaries, are unprecedented in magnitude.

Misguided (and unsuccessful) efforts at preventing the dissemination of cryptography protocols across national boundaries turned corporate developers into government-haters as well.

While Federal notes, or Euros for that matter, might be appropriate for a merchant to use across state or national boundaries, local currencies make for greater fluidity and accountability between members of the same community.

Lines were traced for the boundaries, and Banks's largest tent was pitched and a guard mounted, and then the others went for a walk of inspection.

The convocation to which we were now proceeding was for the purpose of settling internal disputes between the tribes, by fixing the boundaries to their respective territories, and thus laying the foundation of a lasting peace on the frontiers.

The great object was to lay the foundation of a permanent peace by establishing boundaries.

It completes the system of Indian boundaries, which was commenced by the treaty of Prairie du Chien, on the 19th of August, 1825, and continued by the treaty of Fond du Lac of the 5th of August, 1826.

The circumstance of its being found in the Michigan Territory, is interesting on account of the few localities in which this bird has been found in our boundaries.

And the dispersion and migration of birds and quadrupeds are thus confined to general boundaries.

I drew the bill to establish the Park, and never knew Professor Hayden in connection with that bill, except that I requested Mr. Langford to get from him a description of the boundaries of the proposed Park.

But, while we will not force abolition, we will give slavery no approval, and we will not allow it to extend its boundaries by one yard.

William Grey then set forth to muster his men, remembering with great complacency that Samuel Long, the very man who had bowled us out at a fatal return match some years ago at S, our neighbours south-by-east, had luckily, in a remove of a quarter of a mile last Lady Day, crossed the boundaries of his old parish and actually belonged to us.

Maitre Bachelin immediately informed them that this must have been the ironmaster himself, whom he had been to see that morning, and all questions at issue about the boundaries of the estates were as good as settled.

It is well known that there have always been those amongst us who wish to enlarge the powers of the General Government, and experience would seem to indicate that there is a tendency on the part of this Government to overstep the boundaries marked out for it by the Constitution.

You can not have forgotten the severe and doubtful struggle through which we passed when the executive department of the Government by its veto endeavored to arrest this prodigal scheme of injustice and to bring back the legislation of Congress to the boundaries prescribed by the Constitution.

The romance of the boundaries.

The legal elements of boundaries and adjacent properties.

Prepare woman for duty and usefulness, and she will laugh at any boundaries man may set for her.

For instance; if a youth had a natural aptitude for mathematics, and he asked, ought he to give himself to the study, in hope that he might diffuse a serviceable knowledge of it, or possibly even enlarge the boundaries of the science?

The result has been an economic integration which has developed inside the chief industrial nations and across national boundaries.

Neighborhood names and boundaries are not officially defined.

Before 1935, the church and civil parish boundaries were the same.

Before 640 million years ago, boundaries on the geologic timescale are defined simply by reference to fixed dates, known as "Global Standard Stratigraphic Ages".

The city drew boundaries of the neighborhood through three preexisting neighborhoods โ€“ Washington Heights, citation Lanier Heights, and Meridian Hill โ€“ naming the resulting area after both schools.

The Iron Age archaeological site of La Tรจne is within Marin-Epagnier's communal boundaries.

The western boundaries of Connecticut have been subject to change over time.

But there are no clear boundaries between one color and the next.

Districts may sometimes retain the same boundaries while changing their district numbers.

For instance, a nation divided into states, divided into counties, divided into city boundaries, and so on.

Because youโ€™re that close to them, most societal boundaries and conventions are rendered completely meaningless.

Be firm and upfront about your boundaries.

But I kind of needed to keep that low-key while I was in those boundaries.

But in an unusual turn of events, the crisis counselors at Didi Hirsch, whose job it is to reassure, need some reassurance of their own โ€” because the coronavirus knows no boundaries.

But what weโ€™ve seen in this pandemic is it doesnโ€™t respect any of those political boundaries, and so what you have is the states all scrambling to acquire ventilators and other emergency equipment, essentially competing against each other.

Since Tania loves "breaking boundaries," she decided to wear a black lace wedding dress over pink satin instead of a traditional white gown, and Syngin said his bride "looked absolutely stunning" and the emotional ceremony felt "surreal."

Since then, DevOps and Agile have kept pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and today companies like Amazon do several thousand deployments per day.

That is why it is essential to set limits in advance before you enter such conflicts and to stick to preset boundaries.

The census also is used to determine the number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives for each state and for drawing the boundaries of congressional and legislative districts.

The center believes promotion of tolerance, equality, and justice transcends religious boundaries.

The Center Without Boundaries develops partnerships with non-cultural organizations to help them in their own efforts to respond to the ever-changing needs of the community.

The people responsible for delineating these boundaries is the governing state legislature.

The population in some areas of the city has changed dramatically since the boundaries were redrawn in 2009 when 12 wards were carved out of the previous six.

They added the exercise 'pushed the boundaries and tested our Airmen's ability to deploy the F-35As en masse'.

They respect no national boundaries and never have.

โ€œThey stay within the boundaries, so to speak,โ€ Wilson said.

They were not always temperate as writers, but were guilty of occasional hyperboles, yet they were generally well honed, restrained and hardly exceeded the boundaries of journalistic etiquette.

For whatever, and right now that is difficult when jurisdictions cross provincial boundaries, we have to find ways we can protect the monies invested for the employees in these plans.

From panning for gold and tree-planting in Canada`s north to crashing through the Colombian jungle, heโ€™s happiest when he`s pushing his boundaries.

Furthermore, any exceptions that are required in particular areas, for example the Customs Law; in these instances, there should be clear boundaries and controls over these exceptions.

โ€œGwichโ€™inโ€ means โ€œpeople of the land,โ€ whose history in the Arctic pre-dates the establishment of political boundaries dividing Alaska and Canada.

However, those boundaries were the first effort.

I always wondered why that was the case, why, if you are driving up Torbay Road, you have to stop for a school bus, but once you are inside St. John's boundaries you do not have to stop for a school.

I am part of a place where the river meets the sea, a place of fluid boundaries, currents merging both salt and fresh.

I am pleased to say they all have graciously agreed to take on the task and write on a variety of topics that will exceed all of the above boundaries.

I came across a tweet the other day from a London woman whose husband created a very helpful, interactive map to assist voters with understanding ward boundaries for the upcoming municipal election.

Although the term was not used in the 1940s, these early works by Renaud were also explorations of what now might be called theatre-dance - a style in which the boundaries between theatre and dance are blurred.

An ACT for the better ascertaining and confirming the Boundaries of the Several Counties within this Province, and for subdividing them into Towns or Parishes.

Origen cannot understand how He can know Himself or be accessible to our thonght, if He is Infinite: Gregory on the contrary conceives Him as Infinite, as beyond all real or imaginable boundaries, pashj perigrafhz ektoj (Orat. Cat. viii.

Or maybe duplicate detection crosses account boundaries.

โ€˜s commitment to professionalism fostered a personal interest in professional boundaries.

She noted that the issue of mental health crosses many boundaries as it impacts the judicial, housing and health systems and the community at large.

She pushes boundaries academically, as well.

Since the earliest times, water systems have connected communities in multi-layered relationships that transcend physical, geographical and legislative boundaries.

Speaking in Moscow at the conclusion of the Ministerial Conference of the G-8 Countries on Combating Transnational Organized Crime, the Minister said, "Modern crime has no national boundaries.

The boundaries between our external and internal worlds are coming down as we start becoming whole again as individuals and organizations.

The boundaries between these are not clearly defined, and it is perhaps easier to consider mood as a spectrum and identify where on this spectrum you lie.

The boundaries cannot stay the same.

The boundaries for distance placement are determined by the School of Early Childhood Studies.

The boundaries for the local service district shall comprise the area which includes all householders residing upon the Port au Port Peninsula along Route 463 between the southernmost boundary of Lourdes and Rioux' Brook and all streets and roads between.

The boundaries for the proposed EP3 zone are based on the boundaries of the Significant Wetlands designation on Schedule A of the Official Plan.

The boundaries for the proposed EP3 zone are based on the boundaries of the Significant Wetlands designation on Schedule A of the Official Plan.

The boundaries may be changed if both governments agree on such changes and only after the public has been consulted.

The boundaries of Germany, Poland and Russia were constantly shifting in the uncertain years preceding the First World War, so it is hard to know exactly from where my grandparents came.

The boundaries of offensive communication are a contested terrain.

The boundaries of the Community of Beachside are as set out in the Schedule.

The boundaries of the Community of Bide Arm are as set out in the Schedule.

The boundaries of the Community of Grand Le Pierre are as set out in the Schedule.

The boundaries of the Community of Trinity are as set out in the Schedule.

The boundaries of these two-minute cells were set to half-minute intervals so that the landings, recorded in the database at one minute intervals, are completely contained within the two-minute units.

The boundaries of the Town of Hare Bay are as set out in the Schedule.

The boundaries of the Town of Main Brook are as set out in the Schedule.

The boundaries remained the same as they had in the '88 election.

The boundaries that define healthy relationships become transgressed and the spiral becomes a tangled, chaotic knot.

The frequencies at which this happen are called resonant frequencies of the system (medium plus boundaries).

The fur trade and the monopoly of the Hudsonโ€™s Bay Company were still the main features of British presence in the prairies, and Christianity rarely moved beyond the boundaries of settlement.

The future of protected areas management will be in maintaining functioning ecosystems and facilitating the movement of species within and across boundaries.

The goal of the Global Mission Team is to help us at Ellerslie become as effective as possible in crossing cultural and demographic boundaries to help people discover life in Jesus.

โ€œ(โ€ฆ) there is no reason to suppose that a corporation would willingly exempt foreign markets and sources of supply from its planning horizon just because they happen to be outside a particular set of national boundaries.โ€

There isn't anything in our current legislation, other than that, that demonstrates that there is a requirement to conduct an electoral boundaries review.

There is still a long way to go but through new thinking on admissions and distributed education initiatives, UBCโ€™s Faculty of Medicine is bridging boundaries and building hope for the future.

To participate in the miracle of the sacraments, of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, is to cross the boundaries which separate us in the radical equality of Jesusโ€™ family.

What defines the boundaries of that community for the purpose of the order issued by the band?