355 examples of bourne in sentences

But, in that moment, came Benedict of Bourne and leapt betwixt and took the blow upon his cheek, and, stanching the blood within his tattered war-cloak, cried: 'Lord Duke, because I love thee, ne'er shalt thou do this thing until thou first slay me!'

All day long he rode beneath the trees careless of his going, conscious only that Benedict of Bourne rode behind with his bloody war-cloak wrapped about him.

Then came Sir Benedict of Bourne beside him, 'Lord Duke,' said he, 'what hast thou in thy mind to do?'

Take them to aid thee on thy journey, for the county of Bourne lieth far to the south.

" "Do I then journey to Bourne, my father?" "Aye, to Sir Benedict, who yet doth hold the great keep of Thrasfordham.

"Yet must he keep ever within Bourne, Beltane.

All Pentavalon, save Bourne, lieth 'neath Ivo's iron foot, ruled by his fierce nobles, and they be strong and many, 'gainst whom Sir Benedict is helpless in the field.

"Hast ne'er heard tell, then, of Benedict of Bourne?" BOWMAN (clapping hand to thigh).

"Yet who hireth to fight, Sir Dove-eyed Giant, for I have fought for him, ere now, within his great keep of Thrasfordham within Bourne.

Howbeit here am I, lord, hither come with word for one Sir Benedict of Bourne that did covenant to meet with Walkyn here at Winisfarne!"

"My lord of Bourne," said he, "dear my friend, to thy care I give this lady Abbess, Duchess of Pentavalonmy well-beloved and noble mother.

"Ho!" cried he, "'twas a good fight, messire, and he who gave me this was none other than Benedict of Bourne himselfwhom our good Duke doth fondly imagine pent up within Thrasfordham!

Well fare the soul of unfastidious Vincent Bourne, most classical, and at the same time, most English, of the Latinists!who has treated of this human and quadrupedal alliance, this dog and man friendship, in the sweetest of his poems, the Epitaphium in Canem, or, Dog's Epitaph.

These suspicions were given a form and direction by Lord Ashkirk, an impoverished nobleman, who secretly lodged certain charges of treason against Lord Langleigh, and obtained, as the price of this betrayal, the wealth and the estate of Penford-bourne, that had belonged to his victim.

At Penford-bourne Frank came under the spell of Lady Eleanor's beauty; all his duties were forgotten, and he lingered on by the side of the woman he loved.

On his way back to Penford-bourne, Henry learned that Lady Eleanor's husband was still alive.

To Walter Dixon, this scene of carnage, which he had planned with elaborate care, seemed to ensure his long delayed possession of the Penford-bourne estates.

Lord Langleigh, too good a Cavalier, courteously refused the offers of the Council of State, and remained in France until the Restoration, when, with Henry, now Lord Masterton, and his wife, Lady Emily, he returned to Penford-bourne to spend the remainder of his days in his native land.

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Randolph Bourne and two generations.

The blameless King his headlong knights upbraided In kindly grief for "following foolish fires," False flames that in mere dun marsh-darkness faded, Leaving lost votaries to its mists and mires; And here's an ignis fatuus, fired by folly, And moved by violence as fierce as blind; The gulf before's a bourne most melancholy, And what of those fast following behind?

Mr. Bourne visited us in our affliction.

Mr. Bourne came home with us.

(FROM THE LATIN OF VINCENT BOURNE.) Newton, the light of each succeeding age, First learned his letters from a female sage.

355 examples of  bourne  in sentences