630 examples of bracelets in sentences

I'll not consider why you play the Fool, Present me Rings and Bracelets; why pursue me; Why watch whole Nights before my senseless Door, And take such Pains to shew your self a Coxcomb.

He was a gipsyfor he had a braided beard and wore silver bracelets on each arm.

In his presence, and when I knew that somewhere round the corner he was carrying on his mysterious investigations, I was perpetually apprehensive of his hand upon my shoulder and his bracelets upon my wrists.

He clothed himself in imposing robes; elaborately arranged his hair; wore a costly diadem; ornamented his person with gems and pearls, with collars and bracelets.

There were also some beautiful brooches, bracelets, and earrings.

His voice was caressing and his bows numerous, but the jeweler cut his blandishments short by asking brusquely: "Did the bracelets suit her?"

Yes, the affair of that afternoon, that affair of the bracelets, had ruined him.

Three diamond bracelets that he had secured from Simoun on pretense of showing them to his wife were not for her, a poor native shut up in her room like a Chinese woman, but for a beautiful and charming lady, the friend of a powerful man, whose influence was needed by him in a certain deal in which he could clear some six thousand pesos.

As he did not understand feminine tastes and wished to be gallant, the Chinese had asked for the three finest bracelets the jeweler had, each priced at three to four thousand pesos.

" The grateful Quiroga thanked him, but soon fell to lamenting again about the bracelets.

He brought her rings, bracelets, a necklace, a slender diadem.

A short, pointed iron tool; used to punch ornamental designs in brass ornaments, especially bracelets and leglets.

The whole body was covered with coloured woollen borderings and fringes, the arms with bracelets of metal, bone, and glass beads; even to the ears large woollen tassels were hung, in addition to the usual ornaments, and the feet were loaded with heavy rings and chains.

Children of only seven or eight months old, wear finger-rings and bracelets of precious stones or pearls.

There is also no lack of nose-rings, bracelets, sandals, etc.; but they do not wear nearly so many as the Hindoos.

Nor are jewelled pendants made in presses, nor beautiful bracelets banged into shape by the mechanical thump of a stamping machine.

One would chiefly make chains, another lockets and pendants, a third studs and sleeve links, a fourth rings, a fifth bracelets and brooches, and another miscellaneous high-class productions, including mayoral chains, &c., &c.

Purchasers have the pleasure of buying in Bond Street, and of having bracelets, bangles, rings and lockets put in cases with a well-known West-end firm's name on it, and that is something of which they are proud, and for which they are willing to pay.

In my rich black dress and my rings and bracelets I felt like an Eastern Empress; I felt that I could adequately reward homage with smiles, and love with fervid love.

Above a fire at the camp centre a kettle simmered on its pothook, being stirred at this moment by a brown and aged crone in frivolous-patterned calico, who wore gold hoops in her ears and bangles at her neck and bracelets of silver on her armsbejewelled, indeed, most unbecomingly for a person of her years.

Other gypsies, male and female, came to the group about the fire, and lively chatter ensued, a continuous flashing of white teeth and shaking of golden ear hoops and rattling of silver bracelets.

Besides their shields, the story is that the soldiers had golden bracelets upon their arms.

She promised to do so if they would give her their bracelets; but, as she did not know the name of the shining ornaments, the language she used to designate them was, "Those things you have upon your arms."

The soldiers acceded to her terms; she opened the gates, and they, instead of giving her the bracelets, threw their shields upon her as they passed, until the poor girl was crushed down with them and destroyed.

Wherever they went they were immediately recognized by their rings and bracelets, and were pointed out as 'those dreadful young savages.'

630 examples of  bracelets  in sentences