49 examples of braham in sentences

Lamb says that it was Braham who awakened a love of music in him.

B. John Braham, née Abraham (1774?-1856), the great tenor.

Writing to Manning in 1808, Lamb says:"Do you like Braham's singing?

Braham's singing, when it is impassioned, is finer than Mrs. Siddons's or Mr. Kemble's acting!

The brave little Jew!" Two years later Lamb tells Manning of Braham's absence from London, adding: "He was a rare composition of the Jew, the gentleman, and the angel; yet all these elements mixed up so kindly in him that you could not tell which preponderated."

In this essay Lamb refers to Braham's singing in Handel's oratorio "Israel in Egypt."

Concerning Braham's abandonment of the Jewish faith see Lamb's sarcastic essay "The Religion of Actors," Vol.

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Incledon used to wish that his old music-master could come down from heaven to Norwich, and could take the coach up to London to hear that dd Jew sing,referring thus civilly to the respectable John Braham.

The reference to Jael is in the passage on Braham and the Jewish character.

[There was some talk of William Hazlitt Junr. becoming a pupil of Braham and taking up music seriously.

Some of them rouse us like the notes of a war trumpet, and have become exceedingly popular; which every one who has heard the deep rolling voice of Braham or Phillips in Hohenlinden, will attest.

On the other hand, Braham would no longer be indebted to Moore for his songs, Bishop would write, compose, and sing his own operas, and all our vocalists enter, like Dryden's king and two fiddlers, solus!

But to atone for these vulgarisms, who that has heard the syren strains of Stephens or Paton, or the Anglo-Italian style of Braham, but has envied them the pleasurable monopoly of delighting thousands, and sending them home with the favourite air still echoing in their ears, and lulling them to soft slumbers!

DRINK used by actors, orators, etc. BRAHAM, bottled porter.

" "Bless me, how Braham is improved!" cried a man with spectacles, behind me; "he acts now better than he sings!" "Is it not strange," said Asmodeus, "how long the germ of a quality may remain latent in the human mind, and how completely you mortals are the creatures of culture?

It was not till his old age that Braham took lessons in acting; some three times a week has he of late wended his way down, to the comedian of Chapel-street, to learn energy and counterfeit warmth; and the best of it is, that the spectators will have it that an actor feels all he acts; as if human nature, wicked as it is, could feel Richard the Third every other night.

" "Hope!" said Mrs. Braham.

Monckton then wired to Mrs. Braham's lawyer demanding an immediate interview with that lady; he specified the hour.

She cried and trembled, and became hysterical, and vowed she would never go near Leonard Monckton again; he had never loved her, had never been a friend to her as Jonathan Braham had.

The lawyer returned to his place, and when Monckton called next day he told him he was sorry to say Mr. Braham was ill and in trouble, and the lady couldn't meet him.

Braham was utterly ruined, and besides that had done something or other he did not care to name; he was off to America, leaving her what money she could find in the house and the furniture, which he advised her to sell at once before others claimed it; in short, the man was wild with fear, and at present thought but little of anybody but himself.

"No," said he, "keep your own counsel, don't let him know you are deserted and ruined; make a favor of coming, but come: and a word in your earhe can do more for you than Braham can, or will ever do again.

49 examples of  braham  in sentences