55 examples of braine in sentences

You'll get ball and chain for this lark, or my name's not James Braine."

Say to him that Major Braine, of Rickett's Legion, desires to speak with him a moment."

The captain might know Braine, and then how could he extricate himself from the dilemma?

To these our execrations, and what mischiefe Hell can but hatch in a distracted braine Ile be the Executioner, tho it looke

And I do thinke, or else this braine of mine Hunts not the traile of Policie, so sure As I haue vs'd to do: that I haue found

About my Braine.

Which pulses the braine, and doth confound the sence, Which makes vs rather beare those euilles we haue, Than flie to others that we know not of.

Sleepe rocke thy Braine, [Sidenote: Sleepes]

This is the very coynage of your Braine, [Sidenote: Ger.]

Queene Alas, it is the weakenesse of thy braine.

Nor art Thou Loud and Cloudy; those that do Thunder so much, do't without Lightning too; Tearing themselves, and almost split their braine To render harsh what thou speak'st free and cleane; Such gloomy Sense may pass for High and Proud, But true-born Wit still flies above the Cloud; Thou knewst 'twas Impotence what they call Height; Who blusters strong i'th Darke, but creeps i'th Light.

And yet so obvious to sense, so plaine, You'd scarcely thinke't allyd unto the braine: So sweete, it gained more ground upon the Stage Then Johnson with his selfe-admiring rage Ere lost: and then so naturally it fell, That fooles would think, that they could doe as well.

His the true fire, When they like Glo-worms, being touch'd, expire, 'Twas first beleev'd, because he alwayes was, The Ipse dixit, and Pythagoras To our Disciple-wits; His soule might run (By the same-dream't-of Transmigration) Into their rude and indigested braine, And so informe their Chaos-lump againe; For many specious brats of this last age Spoke FLETCHER perfectly in every Page.

Your goodnes Is to nice ore me; Ime exceeding well; Only some erring cogitations Trouble my braine a little.

You beare a braine and memory.

You may guess I talke at randum, gentlemen; but you must not interpret all foolish discourse a distemper of the braine: Lords would take it for a Scandalum Magnatum and your Ladies would bee angry too.

The Juice of Spanish squeez'd Grapes is It That makes a dull Braine so full of witt; The Lemonades cleere sparkling wine

Sirra, you shall know Ile not be over-reacht with your young braine.

The wealth of the Frank kings, which was always very great, was a continual object of envy, and on one occasion Chilpéric I., King of Soissons, having the Leudes in league with him, laid his hands on the wealth amassed by his father, Clotaire I., which was kept in the Palace of Braine.

Next day the brigade remained at Hal in the morning, but about mid-day came an orderly from the Duke, and we pushed on once more until we came to a little village called Braine something, and there we stopped; and time too, for a sudden thunderstorm broke over us, and a plump of rain that turned all the roads and the fields into bog and mire.

Overwhelmed with grief, they bare him from their house at Braine to Paris, and had him buried in the basilica of St. Denis.

At the March parade held at Braine, in the spring of 754, the Franks approved of the war against the Lombards; and at the end of the summer Pepin and his army descended into Italy by Mount Cenis, the Lombards trying in vain to stop them as they debouched into the valley of Suza.

"My lord," said the Count de Braine to him in the name of the nobility, "did you ever suffer any harm or villany at the hands of De Conflans, Marshal of Champagne, for which he deserved to be put to death as he hath been by them of Paris?

"My lord," replied the Count de Braine, "we Champagnese who are here do thank you for that which you have just said, and do desire you to do full justice on those who have put our friend to death without cause;" and they bound themselves to support him with their persons and their property, for the chastisement of them who had been the authors of the outrage.

Surely he has a strong braine.

55 examples of  braine  in sentences