60 examples of braintree in sentences

The founder was a small farmer in the town of Braintree, of the Massachusetts Colony, as far back as 1636, whose whole property did not amount to £100.

Little could John Adams have divined his own future influence and fame when, as a boy on his father's farm in Braintree, he toiled in rural and commonplace drudgeries, or when he was an undistinguished student at Harvard or a schoolmaster in a country village.

But his arduous labors told upon his health, and he removed to Braintree, where he lived for some months, riding into Boston every day.

On the following morning, before the sun had risen, the ex-president was on his way to Braintree, not waiting even for the inauguration ceremonies that installed Jefferson in the chair which he had left so unwillingly, and giving vent to the bitterest feelings, alike unmanly and unreasonable.

He retired to his farm in Quincy, a part of Braintree, for which he had the same love that Washington had for Mount Vernon, and Jefferson for Monticello.

ohn Adams John Adams was born on October 19 (old style), 1735, near Boston, Mass., in the portion of the town of Braintree which has since been incorporated as Quincy.

This was the original church formed by the first settlers, who in 1636 came from Braintree in Essex, bringing their pastor the Rev. Thos.

On May 5, Sacco and Vanzetti were arrested in South Braintree, Massachusetts, and held on suspicion of being the guilty bandits.

He could easily look down upon such melancholy squibs as Freneau's "Daddy Vice" and "Duke of Braintree."

This Braintree-Bocking boundary which runs down the middle of the road is to be found all over the world.

You will find the Bocking-Braintree line too at a dozen points on a small scale map of Europe....

These Braintree-Bocking lines are the barbed-wire entanglements between us and the peace of the world.

At Braintree and Booking, in Essex, when topers partake of a pot of ale, it is divided into three parts or draughts, the first of which is called neckum, the second sinkum, and the third swankum.

His earnings, according to Mr. Warton, averaged ten shillings a day; he was a well-known character in Essex, and was not missed for many a day from Braintree fair; and in the decline of life spent his days like an amateur.

19.65 1096.06 Braintree.

C. Boardman ....... 10 00 From Eastman Friends - South Braintree, Mass., Rev. Jathan B. Sewall ........... 25 00 Total ..............................

His journeys from Philadelphia to Braintree, though with the permission of Congress, are "flights"; his not taking the direct road, which would bring him in dangerous vicinity to the enemy, is a proof of cowardice!

" For ten years Mrs. Adams seems to have lived a most happy life, either in Boston or Braintree, her greatest grief being the frequent absences of her husband on circuit.

Braintree, where, with her little brood, she is to stay, is close to the British lines.

In consequence of the powder being taken from Charlestown, she goes on to say, a general alarm spread through all the towns and was soon caught in Braintree.

She could not, in any station, be more truly a lady than when she made soap and chopped kindling on her Braintree farm.

At Braintree she was no more simply modest than at the Court of St. James or in the Executive Mansion.

Lucia Gilbert Runkle TO HER HUSBAND BRAINTREE, May 24th, 1775.

BRAINTREE, November 27th, 1775.

BRAINTREE, June 8th, 1779.

60 examples of  braintree  in sentences