21 examples of brand's in sentences

yet he woke to slay, The fire-brand's image.

The fire-brand's image.]Hecuba, just before Paris' birth, dreamed that she gave birth to a fire-brand.

Quoted in Brand's "Popular Antiquities," 1849, iii. 135.

(Brand's Antiquities, by Ellis, i. 222, 257.)

It hath never been denied, that ever I heard, that up to the time of Captain Brand's being commissioned against the South Sea pirates, he had always been esteemed as honest, reputable a sea-captain as could be.

Governor Van Dam himself had subscribed to the adventure, and himself had signed Captain Brand's commission.

'Twas said that Captain Brand and Captain Malyoe fell a-quarrelling and that the upshot of the matter was that Captain Malyoe shot Captain Brand through the head, and that the pirate who was with him served Captain Brand's companion after the same fashion with a pistol bullet through the body.

Among Barnaby True's earliest memories was a recollection of the good, kind gentleman sitting in old Captain Brand's double-nailed arm-chair, the sunlight shining across his knees, over which he had spread a great red silk handkerchief, while he sipped a dish of tea with a dash of rum in it.

In Brand's Popular Antiquities (Bohn's Antiq.

Colonel Crawley, a stern and somewhat awe-inspiring man, a distinguished soldier, I am told, hates passionately being asked riddles, and we make him frantic at table repeating Mr. Brand's witticisms.

She will probable refuse food for a few hours before her time, but a little concentrated nourishment, such as Brand's Essence or a drink of warm milk, should be offered to her.

I find them described chiefly in Brand's "Popular Antiquities.

For further information on this ticklish subject, I refer the reader to Brand's "Observations on Popular Antiquities."

Brand's Peru.

Any of our readers, interested in this subject, can find Mr. Brand's letter in the Courrier Francais of Nov. 27, 1830, a French paper published in New York.

[On this subject we have received a communication from F.G.S., referring to Brand's Popular Antiquities, vol.

In Brand's Popular Antiquities, vol.

* NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS A.B. will not be surprised at our omitting his quotations from Eugene Aram's curious account of the Melsupper and Shouting the Churn, when he learns that they are already to be found in Brand's Popular Antiquities (vol. ii ed. 1849), and in Hampson's Medii Ævi Kalendarium (vol i).

See Brand's Popular Antiq.

I forward to you a Note, which, many years ago, I inserted in my interleaved Brand's Observations on Popular Antiquities, vol.

" From Brand's "History of Newcastle," we find that there was a branch of the fraternity in that place; as at a meeting, 1742, of the barber-chirurgeons, it was ordered, that they should not shave on a Sunday, and "that no brother shave John Robinson, till he pay what he owes to Robert Shafto."

21 examples of  brand's  in sentences
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