521 examples of brazening in sentences

She sat on the covercle or lid of a brazen vessel, mounted on a tripod, and thence, after a violent enthusiasm, she delivered his oracles; i.e. she rehearsed a few ambiguous and obscure verses, which were taken for oracles.

It has been asserted and maintained by some Rabins, that the brazen serpent raised by Moses in the wilderness, for the destruction of the serpents that annoyed the Israelites, was properly a talisman.

And having done all these things, it sat down in the shadow of a brazen bust of its founder, and invited mankind to join in the Barmecide feast it had spread on the coffin of Science; who, however, proved not to have been buried in it,indeed, not to have been buried at all.

{126} Death-games, or games after death, in imitation of wedding- games, funeral-games, etc. {127a} The famous tyrant of Agrigentum, renowned for his ingenious contrivance of roasting his enemies in a brazen bull, and not less memorable for some excellent epistles, which set a wit and scholar together by the ears concerning the genuineness of them.

There was a note of triumph in his brazen tone.

Just four days ago he was approached by a man he didn't know, who managed to get some strong drink into his hands, and after Hale had indulged more than he ought made a brazen proposition to him.

As if to emphasize the misery of the locality, and perhaps in a measure to account for it, at the further end I discovered a gin-palace, whose flaring lights illuminated the streets on either hand with brazen splendour.

She was an adventuress, a Cyprian, a seductress attempting to snare Peter in the brazen web of her comeliness.

"The brazen age began at the death of Trajan, and lasted till Rome was taken by the Goths.

"When laws were written on brazen tablets, and enforced by the sword.

Messire Heleigh, as they interpreted it, was brazening out an affair of gallantry before the countryside; and they esteemed his casual observation that they would find a couple of dead men on the common exceedingly diverting.

Mrs. has filled it with rosewood and ormolu, with chairs completely gilt, legs, back, seat, and all, with luxurious ottomans, 'occasional' tables inlaid with mother-o'-pearl, soft carpets, polished brazen grate-fittings, semi-ecclesiastical, semi-mediaeval, and so forth.

The second requires a third swig, and still a fourth, and appetite increasing with that it feeds on, the stream rushes down the brazen throat that burns for more.

Yet, with this problem confronting her, she also had time to study the outer man, Tommy the dandyhis velvet jacket (a new one), his brazen waistcoat, his poetic neckerchief, his spotless linen.

The churches and forts had crumbled into nothing; only the cannon and the brazen bells, half buried in the rotting mould, remained to mark the place where once stood spire and citadel.

This brazen money doeth goe by a weight which they call a biza; and commonly this biza after our account is worth about halfe a crowne or somewhat lesse.

"The king commanded her to quit his city of Paris; she did nothing of the kind; and three days after she was even brazen enough to say that she carried at her waist the scissors which would give a third crown to brother Henry de Valois."

Whilst the king hunted, and Fleury exercised quietly the measure of power which as yet contented his desires, the duke, blinded by his passion for Madame de Prie, slavishly submissive to her slightest wishes, lavished, according to his favorite's orders, honors and graces in which she managed to traffic, enriching herself brazen-facedly.

But it was well known to be a book of magic; and once, when a chambermaid had lifted it, merely to brush away the dust, the skeleton had rattled in its closet, the picture of the young lady had stepped one foot upon the floor, and several ghastly faces had peeped forth from the mirror; while the brazen head of Hippocrates frowned, and said"Forbear!"

The seceders at first were for brazening it out, but were brought to reason in a remarkable way.

"If you want that Iowa farm, pa" "Who?" said I. "Rucker," said she, brazening it out with me.

In the rich medal, both so like Immortals stand, it seems antique; Carved by some master, when the bold Greeks made their Jove descend in gold, And Danaë wond'ring at their shower, Which, falling, storm'd her brazen tower.

And unsexed women facing heated blasts And Tophet fumes, and fluttering tongues of fire; And virtue staked on most unholy casts, And honour sold for hire: Squadrons and troops of girls of brazen air, Tramping the tainted city to and fro, With feverish flauntings veiling chill despair And deeply-centred woe.

AGES, in the Greek mythology fourthe Golden, self-sufficient; the Silver, self-indulgent; the Brazen, warlike; and the Iron, violent; together with the Heroic, nobly aspirant, between the third and fourth.

" Sylvia turned her face up to the brazen sky.

521 examples of  brazening  in sentences