521 examples of brazening in sentences

[The best thing an "Unhappy Father" can do, under the circumstances, is to learn to play upon the bass horn, and then, should the brazen serenaders again make their appearance, he can give them blow for blow.

Yes, the war whoop of the Indian may produce a pleasant thrill When mellowed by the distance that one feels increasing still; And the shrilling of the whistle from the engine's brazen snout May have minor tones of music, though I never found it out.

And so Jo drifted into that sad-eyed, dyspeptic family made up of those you see dining in second-rate restaurants, their paper propped up against the bowl of oyster crackers, munching solemnly and with indifference to the stare of the passer-by surveying them through the brazen plate-glass window.

A sheet of pale, green-gold brilliancy marked the route of the Noa-Noa on the brine, and perhaps far back the corpse of the celestial philosopher floated in radiancy, with his face toward those skies, so brazen to his desires.

But on the other hand, Bucks was only a man, after all; a man with a bucaneer's record, and by consequence vulnerable beneath the brazen armor of assurance.


BRAZEN (Captain), a kind of Bobadil.

The third was the famous brazen head of Albertus Magnus, which cost him thirty years' labor, and was broken to pieces by his disciple Thomas Aqui´nas (1193-1280).

Byron refers to it in the lines: Like friar Bacon's brazen head, I've spoken, "Time is, time was, time's past

Brazen Head (The), a gigantic head kept in the castle of the giant Fer´ragus of Portugal.

BU'SIRANE (3 syl.), an enchanter who bound Am'oret by the waist to a brazen pillar, and, piercing her with a dart, wrote magic characters with the dropping blood, "all for to make her love him."

COLOSSOS (Latin, colossus), a gigantic brazen statue 126 feet high, executed by Charles for the Rhodians.

Tiekell makes out the statue to be so enormous in size, that While at one foot the thronging galleys ride, A whole hour's sail scarce reached the further side; Betwixt the brazen thighs in loose array, Ten thousand streamers on the billows play.

Where late the mountain maiden sang, The battle-trumpet's brazen clang Vibrates along the air; And wild dragoons wheel o'er the plain.

Here Flandrian Moll her brazen incest brags; Vice-stript Roxana, penitent in rags, There points to Amy, treading equal chimes, The faithful handmaid to her faithless crimes.

"When laws were wrote on brazen tablets enforced by the sword.

Several people saw them and wondered what the boys and girls were coming to nowadays, and one eye-witness even subsequently described their carriage as "brazen."

The kilted ladies of the Olympia would have brought a blush to the cheeks of the most brazen-faced Jock from the slums of Glasgow, though they were received with great applause by respectable French bourgeois with elderly wives.

A delicate nature, proud, but gentle, too sensitive to accept charity, and doubtful of a friendly service even, suffers more anguish in one hour, under such circumstances, than your brazen beggar feels from his dirty cradle to his nameless grave.

Messire Heleigh, as they interpreted it, was brazening out an affair of gallantry before the countryside; and they esteemed his casual observation that they would find a couple of dead men on the common exceedingly diverting.

The seceders at first were for brazening it out, but were brought to reason in a remarkable way.

"If you want that Iowa farm, pa" "Who?" said I. "Rucker," said she, brazening it out with me.

He held in his brazen grip a creature whom he considered worse than the most devilish of African devils, a villain who had been going to kill Cheditafa.

He thought of his father, at first robust, brazen-voiced, grumbling at every thingthen blind, querulous, with white, uncared-for beard.

Fallen grandeur, pretentious gentility, decent poverty, the infamy that wears a brazen front, and the crime that burrows in darknesshe knows them all at a glance.

521 examples of  brazening  in sentences