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596 example sentences with  brazening

596 example sentences with brazening

Compared to these feeble strains, it is the crashing of Julien's hundred brazen instruments to the soft and sweet melody of Ole Bull's violin.

[The best thing an "Unhappy Father" can do, under the circumstances, is to learn to play upon the bass horn, and then, should the brazen serenaders again make their appearance, he can give them blow for blow.

But still the brazen fellow is not content.

We know him, we love him, we always remember him as the year comes round, and the blithest song our brazen tongues utter is a Christmas carol to the Father of 'The Chimes!'

In every stupid serf and cunning ruffian there, there was a heart as brave as Ajax's own; but then they fought with sticks instead of lances, and hammered away on fustian jackets instead of brazen shields; and, therefore, poor fellows, they were beneath 'the dignity of poetry,' whatever that may mean.

The clerks seemed trying to brazen out their own terror, and shovelled the rapidly lessening gold and notes across the counter with an air of indignant nonchalance.

"It's a hard, hammering, brazen sort of place when you're living in it from hand to mouth.

We said something, nothing worth repeating; then Jim stood up, trembling with agitation, waving his briar pipe (which had gone out), cursing himself and the brazen skies, and the sterile soil, and the jack-rabbits, and barb- wire, and his spring, now a pool of stagnant mud.

Considering the opportunities of evil afforded you by the possession of a practically unlimited allowance, and a brazen cheek which can only be described as colossal, the fact that you have not long since gone headlong to the devil fills me with perpetual and ever-freshening wonder." Stafford yawned and shrugged his shoulders with cheerful acquiescence.

And Neroes name doth beate the brazen Skie; Jupiter envying loath doth heare my praise.

Monster of men thou art: thou bloudy villaine, Traytor to him who never injur'd thee, Dost thou professe Armes and art bound in honour To stand up like a brazen wall to guard Thy King and Country, and wood'st thou ruine both?

There had been, as all the world knows, certain experiments of the government rain-makers followed by rains, and certain experiments after which the earth had remained as parched and the sky as brazen as before.

The jury looked at him and then at one another as I said how shameful it was for a gentleman to brazen it out in the way the defendant didashamed to go into the witness-box, but not ashamed to sit in court.

"Why, but, Dwight" "Brazen," he said.

{126} Death-games, or games after death, in imitation of wedding- games, funeral-games, etc. {127a} The famous tyrant of Agrigentum, renowned for his ingenious contrivance of roasting his enemies in a brazen bull, and not less memorable for some excellent epistles, which set a wit and scholar together by the ears concerning the genuineness of them.

"Well, of all the brazen" "Elsie!" warned her father, "don't say anything more."

This might, indeed, seem a fatuitously dulcet song to sing just now, when a din of defection and recreancy is loud through all the land,now, when we have immediately in view, and on the largest scale, an open patronage of infamous wrong-doing, so brazen-fronted and blush-proof that only the spectacle itself makes its credibility;the prior possibility of it we should one and all hasten, for the honor of human nature, to deny.

Montgomery had one glimpse of them as they flashed past; he with a furry cap drawn low over his brow, a great frieze coat and a pink comforter round his throat; she brazen, red-headed, bright-coloured, laughing excitedly.

In that dense mass of humanity, one could hardly pick out individuals, but Montgomery's eyes caught the brazen gleam of the helmets held upon the knees of the ten yeomen of his escort.

The disappointed bargainer left, and was for some days decided in favor of the brazen image, which could be had at half the price.

Exercise every morning on the brazen horse.

Madame Gilbert, on the other hand, revealed everything with that plain-spoken frankness which, in any other woman, would appear to be brazen.

They erected to his memory a brazen statue, executed by Lysippus.

Soon after Solomon repaired to the heights of Gibeon, six miles from Jerusalem,a lofty eminence which overlooks Judaea, and where stood the Tabernacle of the Congregation, the original Tent of the Wanderings, in front of which was the brazen altar on which the young king, as a royal holocaust, offered the sacrifice of one thousand victims.

Then the royal pontiff arose from the brazen scaffold on which he had seated himself, and amid clouds of incense and the smoke of burning sacrifice offered unto God the tribute of national praise, and implored His divine protection.

For the bells themselves are the best of preachers; Their brazen lips are learned teachers, From their pulpits of stone, in the upper air, Sounding aloft, without crack or flaw, Shriller than trumpets under the Law, Now a sermon and now a prayer.

A bow-shot from her bower-eaves, He rode between the barley sheaves, The sun came dazzling thro' the leaves, And flamed upon the brazen greaves Of bold Sir Lancelot.

Back at the table with the lamp, the message just received became crisp black ash on a brazen tray.

Other messages Victor chose to keep to himself, silently setting fire to them and adding their brittle ashes to those of their predecessors on the brazen tray provided for the purpose.

" Shaik Tsin looked up from a paper which he had been silently examining by the light of the brazen lamp.

All the young creatures in our set have to be there with the blush of modesty and the tear tank, for in the heat and gayety of a wine party, when some one springs a travelling man's story if we couldn't flash a flush we would be doped out as being brazen hussies, and tears are always handy.

But there was no privacy about his return, and Miss Whalley was shocked afresh at the brazen heartlessness of it after his recent bereavement.

It took place in the midst of a spell of sultry weather, during which the sun shone day after day with brazen strength and the heat was intense.

The lightning flashed again, and the thunder crashed above them like the clanging of brazen gates.

The brazen gates ground sullenly ajar, And upward, joyous, like a rising star, She rose and vanished in the ether far.

"He was the scourge of imposture, the ponderous hammer which smote the brazen idolatry of his age."

She is thy Io, thou her brazen ass, Or she Dame Phantasy, and thou her gull; She thy Pasiphae, and thou her loving bull.

If on th'adventure all the dangers lay, That Europe or the western world affords; Were it to combat Cerberus himself, Or scale the brazen walls of Pluto's court, When as there is so fair a prize propos'd; If I shrink back, or leave it unperform'd, Let the world canonise me for a coward: Appoint the time, and leave the rest to me.

O, but, good uncle, could I command my love, Or cancel oaths out of heaven's brazen book, Engross'd by God's own finger, then you might speak.

He succeeded in scrounging that Scripture-knowledge trophy over the heads of better men by means of some of the rawest and most brazen swindling methods ever witnessed even at a school where such things were common.

There was a note of triumph in his brazen tone.

making a terrible whirlwind around the cannon, an iron lash in a brazen hand.

First in its brazen cell reluctant roll'd Bends the dark spring in many a steely fold; 175 On spiral brass is stretch'd the wiry thong, Tooth urges tooth, and wheel drives wheel along; In diamond-eyes the polish'd axles flow, Smooth slides the hand, the ballance pants below.

Him they knew not; howbeit some one looking reverently on him would speak on this wise: 'Not Apollo surely is this, nor yet Aphrodite's lord of the brazen car; yea and in glistening Naxos died ere now, they say, the children of Iphimedeia, Otos and thou, bold king Ephialtes: moreover Tityos was the quarry of Artemis' swift arrow sped from her invincible quiver, warning men to touch only the loves within their power.'

Never indeed shall he climb the brazen heaven, but whatsoever splendours we of mortal race may reach, through such he hath free course even to the utmost harbourage.

the city of Laomedon did mighty Telamon sack, when he fought with Iolaos by his side, and again to the war of the Amazons with brazen bows he followed him; neither at any time did man-subduing terror abate the vigour of his soul.

* * * * * One race there is of men and one of gods, but from one mother draw we both our breath, yet is the strength of us diverse altogether, for the race of man is as nought, but the brazen heaven abideth, a habitation steadfast unto everlasting.

This man even among divinities became a decider of strife: and his godlike sons and his sons' sons delighting in battle were foremost in valour when they met in the ringing brazen melley: chaste also were they approved, and wise of heart.

What kind of hussars do you know, you brazen-faced creature?

Well, well, he's brazen enough, in all conscience.

And do the lumber barons were unhindered in their infamous work of debauchery, bribery, murder and brazen fraud.

It was soon fanned to a flame by the brazen profiteering of the lumber trust.

"Patriotic" Union Smashing Not to be outdone by this brazen example of judicial perversion, Attorney General Thompson, after a secret conference of prosecuting attorneys, issued a circular of advice to county prosecutors.

"It's enough to make all of us have long faces," said his aunt, sourly, "when you are brazen enough to own that you mean to be a miserable drunkard.

The angel knocked upon the brazen doors and a voice within cried: "Who art thou, and who is with thee?"

" And behold, the brazen gates that may not be unclosed for mortal man were flung wide, and Mahomet entered alone with the angel.

[Sidenote: Sir Ector smites upon the brazen basin]

But though he was aware of a great commotion within that fair castle, yet no adventure befell him, although he smote the brazen basin several times.

Simple torture it is to hear a brazen throat forever reminding you of what you know to be only too true!

I hear a finger knocking against the rim of a brazen sky CHANTECLER [With closed eyes.]

But how, after hearing the faultless crystal of your note, can I ever be satisfied again with the crude, brazen blare of mine?

This of course is not optimism, but brazen brainlessness.

He also chose twelve Salii for Mars Gradivus, and gave them the distinction of an embroidered tunic, and over the tunic a brazen covering for the breast.

No more shall Nation against Nation rise, No ardent Warriors meet with hateful Eyes, Nor Fields with gleaming Steel be coverd o'er, The Brazen Trumpets kindle Rage no more; But useless Lances into Scythes shall bend, And the broad Falchion in a Plow-share end.

And, at the word, High-bounding, wings his airy flight So swift his form eludes the sight; Nor aught is seen his course to mark, Save when athwart the region dark His brazen helm is spied afar, Bright-trailing like a falling star.

But when I recollect the many conversations which in the days of our intimacy on earth I have had with Servius Sulpicius, it appears to me, that if there be any feeling in the dead, a brazen statue, and that too a pedestrian one, will be more acceptable to him than a gilt equestrian one, such as was first erected to Lucius Sylla.

Wings of yon brazen portals, you I also hail!

When it fell; Through the o'erclouded, dust over-shadow'd Tumult of war, to gods have I hearken'd, Fearfully shouting; hearken'd while discord's Brazen voices clang through the field

Its brazen tongues were giving voice continually.

Ill-fared it then with Roderick Dhu, That on the field his targe he threw, Whose brazen studs and tough bull-hide Had death so often dashed aside: For, trained abroad his arms to wield, Fitz-James's blade was sword and shield.

I mourn the pride And avarice that make man a wolf to man; Hear the faint echo of those brazen throats By which he speaks the language of his heart, And sigh, but never tremble at the bound.


BRAZEN (Captain), a kind of Bobadil.


The third was the famous brazen head of Albertus Magnus, which cost him thirty years' labor, and was broken to pieces by his disciple Thomas Aquiยดnas (1193-1280).

Byron refers to it in the lines: Like friar Bacon's brazen head, I've spoken, "Time is, time was, time's past

Brazen Head (The), a gigantic head kept in the castle of the giant Ferยดragus of Portugal.

BU'SIRANE (3 syl.), an enchanter who bound Am'oret by the waist to a brazen pillar, and, piercing her with a dart, wrote magic characters with the dropping blood, "all for to make her love him."

Well, railing is in this case allowable, for see that brazen front of maiden sixty, guiltless of curls, with a huge structure of bonnet cocked straight at the top of her head, like the roof of a market-house, and her broad, square skirts of faded green, deformed by formal knots of yew and holly.


It rose in what may be called the brazen age of the Drama, when the prosecutions of the Puritans had just ceased, and legitimacy and licentiousness danced into the theatre hand in hand.

I, therefore, made no more conscience to separate Homer's verses from this poem, than the thief did who stole the silver head from the brazen body in Westminster Abbey.

Messire Heleigh, as they interpreted it, was brazening out an affair of gallantry before the countryside; and they esteemed his casual observation that they would find a couple of dead men on the common exceedingly diverting.

Come, beat all the Drums up, And all the noble instruments of War: Let 'em fill all the Kingdom with their sound, And those the brazen Arch of Heaven break through, While to the Temple we conduct these two.

Do you know, Sir Max, if I were very fond of you,if I were your sweetheart,I should be jealous of this brazen lady, very jealous."

The seceders at first were for brazening it out, but were brought to reason in a remarkable way.

"If you want that Iowa farm, pa" "Who?" said I. "Rucker," said she, brazening it out with me.

Too long neglected by the authorities and the public, the so-called levee districts of the city had fallen into the hands of grafting police officials, who, working with the lowest of degraded of men, had created an open and most brazen vice syndicate.

I don't say that my father is judicious in his brazen-faced opposition to all inquiry.

And here were the bells ringing out again, ringing out of the gray and the gloom, dull and brazen, as if they rang from some cavern of shadows, or from the mouth of hell,but no, that was down-river!

On 7 September 2017, Mr. Lissu, an outspoken critic of the regime of President John Magufuli, suffered a brazen assassination attempt in which he was shot 16 times.

The brazen attack by gunmen who stormed the Kabul University has left many dead and wounded in the Afghan capital.

The brazen cover-up continued with statements from the ruling Zanu PF and Information permanent secretary issued to protect Mnangagwaโ€™s family.

The brazen daylight assault came amid surging violence across the country that has only worsened in recent months despite the government holding peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar.

The English media pack picked over the bones of another failed bid for glory by a team saddled with trying to re-create their 1966 triumph, lacing their copy with a sense of injustice at Maradonaโ€™s brazen act of deception.

The swipes are unusually brazen, featuring not just individual frames or designs but entire sequences lifted from productions as widely-seen as Stephen Universe: The Movie.

โ€œThey are brazen, theyโ€™re not afraid, they will act given the opportunity,โ€ Susie said.

โ€œWe are waking up in shock this morning,โ€ a visibly angry Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, adding the criminal activity was brazen.

If the members were so brazen as to vote a second time against the Liberal Party, what would happen?

Some taking brazen nerve.