65 examples of bread of life in sentences

Where hardly given the hopeless waste to cheer, Denied the bread of life the foodful ear, 1815.

But, thanks to Him who is the Bread of Life, he dispensed food to the refreshing of our souls.

spiritual existence, odor of sanctity, beauty of holiness. theopathy^, beatification, adoption, regeneration, conversion, justification, sanctification, salvation, inspiration, bread of life; Body and Blood of Christ. believer, convert, theist, Christian, devotee, pietist^; the good, the righteous, the just, the believing, the elect; Saint, Madonna, Notre Dame [Fr.], Our Lady.

Sometimes, too, they have kept it back by their vis inertae, when its wheels were like to grind the bones of some old canonized error into fertilizers for the soil that yields the bread of life.

Only when you commence to work earnestly in the Kingdom of Truth will you be allowed to partake of the Bread of Life, and when you have, by patient and uncomplaining effort, earned the spiritual wages for which you ask, they will not be withheld from you.

Their weapons, swords, and spears flew about in the air, crossing and recrossing continually in all directions, like the flails of threshers in an immense barn; and the rage of each of these fiends seemed exclusively directed against Jesusthat grain of heavenly wheat descended to the earth to die there, in order to feed men eternally with the Bread of Life.

Mr. Tipping belonged to that pathetic army of book-lovers who subsist on the refuse of the stalls, which he hunted not for rare editions, but for the sheer bread of life, or rather the stale crusts of knowledge.

" In another, dated March 30, which was just before a sacrament day, "To-morrow, if it please God, I shall be happy, my soul being to be fed with the bread of life which came down from heaven.

"We thank thee, Lord, for this our food, But bless thee more for Jesus' blood; Let manna to our souls be given, The bread of life sent down from heaven.

and then, after confessing that the masses are hungering for the bread of life, offer them nothing but your own nostrum, the Catechism?

I know that the Church Catechism is not the bread of life.

I am that bread of life.

And to each of us He says to-day: "I am the living bread; I am the bread of life come down from heaven.

LORENZ, E. S. Break Thou the bread of life.

SEE Duckworth, George E. MURPHY, JAMES H. The bread of life.

The bread of life.

LORENZ, E. S. Break Thou the bread of life.

SEE WILSON, IRA B. Break Thou the bread of life.

O bread of life from heaven.

Also Christ saith, "I am the bread of life that came down from heaven."

Hence in some early specimens of art an angel brings her a loaf of bread and a pitcher of water,the bread of life and the water of life from Paradise.

He places his finger on his lip, which expresses the Verbum sum (or, Vere Verbum hoc est abbreviatum), "I am the word," or "I am the bread of life" (Ego sum panis ille vitæ.

We trust that those who believe that God has called the American Missionary Association to this immense work in the name of Christ, will not cease to pray that the hearts of men may be moved to heed the appeals of those who, through us, ask for the very bread of life, and who will not have it unless we carry it to them.

That spring the new-plowed field for bread of life Bordered the new-dug acre marked for death; Beside the springing corn they laid in the sweet, dark earth The young man, strong and free, the maiden fair and trustful, The little child, and the uncomplaining mother.

As Mediator God-man, he is fully and thoroughly furnished to quicken and enliven his members and followers, first and last; and all along their life must be hid with Christ in God; "for in him dwelleth the Fulness of the Godhead bodily," Col. ii. 9; as Mediator, he is called "a tree of life," Prov. iii. 18; quickening and enlivening all that feed upon him; and "the bread of life," John vi. 35, 48.

65 examples of  bread of life  in sentences