8105 examples of breast in sentences

If the slightest suspicion arises in your breast, that all is not right with him (Dash), muzzle him, and lead him in a string (common pack-thread will do; he don't care for twist) to Hood's, his quondam master, and he'll take him in at any time.

The barred skirts she always fancied showed sharply beneath her diaphanous muslins; the diamonds often glittered on her breast as if for her own pleasure rather than to dazzle others; the asp-like bracelet hardly left her arm.

He had no heart to rest upon and into which he might unburden himself of the secrets and the sorrows that were aching in his own breast.

Mr. Wilson went on to say that he should know his son amongst ten thousand, for he had a mark on his breast of a strawberry.

" Then it turned out that Joseph had a strawberry mark on his left breast, and this made the peddler, who knew all about Mr. Wilson's loss, satisfied that Joseph was no other than Mr. Wilson's son.

She soon perceived these agitations of mind in Jones, and was at no loss to discover the cause; for, indeed, she recognised it in her own breast.

Oh, if in heaven, my Edward's breast This deed of mercy knew, That gives my tortur'd bosom rest, He sure would bless thee too!

'Tis she on love bestows The softer grace, the boundless force Confiding passion knows; When to another, the fond breast Each thought for ever gives; When on another, leans for rest.

He lost the partner of his breast, Who sooth'd each rising care; And ever charm'd the pains to rest She ever lov'd to share.

Th' affected ease that slights her starting tear, The words whose coldness kills from lips so dear; The hand she loves, alone can point the dart, Whose hidden sting could wound no other heart These, of all pains the sharpest we endure, The breast which now inflicts, would spring to cure.

And see how FREDERIC spends the day; Behold him rise at dawning light To form his troops for future fight; Thro' the firm ranks his glances pierce, Where discipline, with aspect fierce, And unrelenting breast, is seen Degrading man to a machine; My female heart delights to turn Where GREATNESS seems not quite so stern: Mild on th' IMPERIAL BROW she glows, And lives to soften human woes.

But lo! on ocean's stormy breast I see majestic VENICE rest; While round her spires the billows rave, Inverted splendours gild the wave.

No doubt many a hope of future fame expired in that man's breast as he sank into his last sleep in a foreign clime, far from his home and friends and relations, such as his order allowed him to possess.

They are inferior in size to the common European wild duck, but are marked in much the same manner on the breast.

Hope, however, is the last feeling which leaves the human breast, and in this instance did not desert us; as there was still a chance of a vessel arriving, while we were engaged in watering the ship.

The Indian then threw me down, and placing his knee on my breast tried to wrench the knife out of my hand, but I still retained it, although one of my fingers was cut through to the bone.

The same Indian then came up with an infuriated gesture, and shot me in the right breast with an arrow; and then in a most unaccountable manner suddenly became quite calm, and led or dragged me to a little distance, and offered me some fish and water, which I was unable to partake of.

And because he knows that it is so, the cheeks of Don José hang slack, and he rides with chin upon his breast, when he thinks no one is looking.

It was a token, and he would doubtless wear it upon his breast in the fight, where he hoped later to wear the medalla orobut where the hands would be folded instead while the padres said mass for him; if indeed mass could be said over a dead gringo!

His fingers fumbled at his breast, and he held out the shining medal of goldthe medal with diamonds prisoning the sunlight so that the trinket flashed in his hand.

He folded his arms across his breast and kept his hat on.

Stand up straight-breast thrown outhead uphands at your sideno, more to the back PRINCE.

My cheek upon thy breast The streaming tears bedew, Till, purple-black, is cast A veil across my view.

When my weary soul finds rest Oft a beam of rapture brightens All the gloom of cloud, and lightens This oppression in my breast.

again at three, A cock-crow rises clear and free, And with the morning bell at five My whole heart, now once more alive, High in my breast with rapture springs, When finally the watchman sings "Arise, good friends, for Jesus' sake, For bright and fair the day doth break.

8105 examples of  breast  in sentences