484 examples of breathlessly in sentences

"Beltane, dear my lord," said the Duchess a little breathlessly, "because thou art true man and thy love is a noble love, I did lure thee hither to-night that I might give myself to thee in God's holy sightan so it be thy will, my lord.

" "Yes," I said, breathlessly; "yes."

do I not know," he exclaimed breathlessly.

he exclaimed breathlessly.

The great round moon was floating breathlessly up in the eastern sky when they saw before them the twinkling lights of Barnet Town, some ten or twelve miles from London.

he asked, breathlessly.

" "Yes," breathlessly.

"Now please," breathlessly, "how is it possible you are aboard this vesselan officer?" I told her the strange story, as swiftly and simply as possible, speaking scarcely above a whisper, feeling as I progressed that I related a dream rather than a series of facts.

The fellow made scarcely a sound as he advanced, yet, as I waited breathlessly, I felt assured of his stealthy approach.

I waited breathlessly, the chair back gripped in my hands, anxiously listening for the slightest movement.

She waited breathlessly for his return.

He began at Coblentz; the other, after doing the mysterious at Heidelberg, appeared as an exile, and made quick work with the prejudices of my well-beloved nieceshey, Amy?" "Go on; who are they?" cried both girls, breathlessly.

She finished breathlessly "And there's a captive balloon!"

he answered breathlessly.

"But it is winter," she panted, breathlessly; "there is snow.

The pose of an animated, delightful child, hanging breathlessly upon the progress of some fascinating game: one's gaze lingered approvingly upon a bewitching profile with half-parted lips, saw that excitement was faintly colouring the cheeks beneath shadowy and enigmatic eyes, remarked the sweet spirit that poised that lovely head.

" Sofia laughed breathlessly.

she murmured breathlessly.

She followed him breathlessly, then paused and stopped a passing hansom.

she exclaimed breathlessly.

"We walked over," said Mrs. Starkweather breathlessly, "and I haven't had so much fun in years.

I waited breathlessly, expecting her to sing.

She made for this as fast as her trembling limbs could carry her and rushed breathlessly into a small red brick-house, the door of which stood slightly ajar, crying: "Shut the door!

They pull as if they were mad," said Miles breathlessly, while the dogs struggled and fought, nearly dragging him off his feet, as he tried to keep them from dashing away in pursuit of what they deemed a legitimate quarry.

For a moment he feared that the men in the pit had spotted him or his companions, and he flattened himself breathlessly on the ground.

484 examples of  breathlessly  in sentences