4 examples of brickmaking in sentences

On the town side of the little dividing vale the land is a light, sandy soil; on the other side, there is abundance of clay for brickmaking.

Some one jumped off, and scrambled up on his hands and knees; his horse was driven up the bank to himon its knees, likewise, more than onceand caught staggering among boughs and mud; and by the time the whole cavalcade was over, horses and men looked as if they had been brickmaking for a week.

When I decided that the bank of edible clay was not fit for brickmaking, she asked me if I would not have it carted away, suggesting at the same time that it could be used to fill a low place in another part of the plantation.

If the last supposition is to be insisted on, we must confine our notions of his perceptions and powers within very ordinary bounds, and make dramatic art as unpoetic as the art of brickmaking.

4 examples of  brickmaking  in sentences