86 examples of bridewells in sentences

They never was good on managing on the Bridewell place, you see?

I'm Bridewell.

" They shook hands, and Bridewell noted the gentleness of the giant.

Bridewell laughed.

"Why not?" asked Bridewell, curious at the change in the big stranger.

Old Bridewell thrust out his jaw.

Bridewell rubbed his eyes.

" "All day?" gasped Bridewell, and then he saw that the giant, indeed, was not even panting from his effort.

" He said this so gravely and simply that old Bridewell watched him quizzically, half suspecting that there was a touch of irony hidden somewhere.

Dunbar was shaking hands with Bridewell, leaning a trifle over the little old man.

The next thing Dunbar heard was the voice of Bridewell saying, "Nerviest thing I ever seen.

The Characters of Persons and Trades in "Micrologia" are: a Fantastic Tailor, a Player, a Shoemaker, a Ropemaker, a Smith, a Tobacconist, a Cunning Woman, a Cobbler, a Tooth-drawer, a Tinker, a Fiddler, a Cunning Horse-Courser; and of Places, Bethlem, Ludgate, Bridewell, Newgate.

His teeth are very industrious in their calling, and his chops like a Bridewell perpetually hatcheling.

The pickpocket, trained to the loom six months in Bridewell, came forth a journeyman weaver; and his precious experiences were infused into the common moral puddle, and in due time did their work."

How eloquently she enlarges upon the gin she has drunk, the children she has confided to the parish, the watchmen whose noses she has broken, and the bridewells which she has visited in succession!

Meanwhile we wrote a few telegrams and a note or two, and after about half-an-hour's delay, we started for the police-station in Bridewell Place, arriving there at 10.25.

Very sure I am that in Boston or Salem or Plymouth she would see the bridewell and he the stocks for half as much.

Bryer, Printer, Bridewell Hospital, Bridge Street.

; Bow Street, Johnson resides there, iii. 405, n. 6; Sir John Fielding's office, i. 423; Bridewell Churchyard, Levett buried there, iv.

These men, who may almost be called the penitentiary population, run the round just as I have observed with respect to the Bridewell at Edinburgh; the same men come and go, round and round again."

If they had said spinster, of Bridewell, in the county of Middlesex, 'twould have been as true!

He was elected by the president and governors of Bridewell, preacher of that hospital, upon the resignation of Dr. Atterbury, afterwards lord bishop of Rochester.

An eminent Italian Author of this Cast of Mind, speaking of the great Advantage of a serious and composed Temper, wishes very gravely, that for the Benefit of Mankind he had Trophonius's Cave in his Possession; which, says he, would contribute more to the Reformation of Manners than all the Work-houses and Bridewells in Europe.

Her Opera is quashed, and Guadagni, who governed so haughtily at Vienna, that, to pique some man of quality there, he named a minister to Venice, is not only fined, but was threatened to be sent to Bridewell, which chilled the blood of all the Caesars and Alexanders he had ever represented; nor could any promises of his lady-patronesses rehabilitate his courageso for once an Act of Parliament goes for something.

Wilkes has taken possession of Middlesex without an enemy appearing against him; and, being as puissant a monarch as Henry the Eighth, and as little scrupulous, should, like him, date his acts From our Palace of Bridewell, in the tenth year of our reign.

86 examples of  bridewells  in sentences