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100 example sentences with  bridge the gap

100 example sentences with bridge the gap

The child of one act appeared as the man of the next, and the imagination of the spectator was called upon to bridge the gaps from place to place and from year to year.

It was a different matter to be called on, at such short notice, to bridge the gap between young Marvell's allowance and Undine's requirements; and her father's immediate conclusion was that the engagement had better be broken off.

When, a few years later, Fichte's Science of Knowledge brilliantly succeeded in bridging the gap between sense and understanding by means of a first principle, thus accomplishing what Reinhold had attempted, the latter became one of his adherents, only to attach himself subsequently to Jacobi, and then to Bardili (Outlines of Logic, 1800), and to end with a verbal philosophy lacking both in influence and permanence.

The paper served to forge a relationship and bridge the gap between the old Roman Konkani writers and those who had just started writing in the Devnagri script.

Although these could not be placed fully at the service of the public, they nevertheless bridged the gap for the time being, and in formulating laws and making plans for the future I was inclined to say, "Blessed be nothing," as we were not hampered by useless employees or archaic equipment, but were left free to make a clean start.

These and others have since been examined by Carducci, with the result that it is possible, at least partially, to bridge the gap.

Thus, the 500 threads would be arranged side by side, perhaps for a width of 45 to 46 in., and bridging the gap between the flanges of the beam; the latter is thus, to all intents and purposes, a very large bobbin upon which 500 threads are wound at the same time, instead of one thread as in the ordinary but smaller bobbin or reel.

It will be understood that in the latter case the same thread moves from side to side in order to bridge the gap, whereas in the former case each thread maintains a fixed position in the width.

An additional downloadable episode titled 400 Days was released on July 2, 2013 to extend the first season as well as bridge the gap towards the second season.

Appealing to the theories of experience in the tradition of so-called radical empiricism, Long argues for transcendent dimensions of general human experience to bridge the gap between specifically religious and ordinary experience.

In more recent years, many projects have attempted to bridge the gap in our knowledge caused by the Zone of Avoidance.

It bridged the gap between different types of biologists: geneticists, naturalists, and palaeontologists.

Moreover, the main function which is performed by NGOs is to bridge the gap of inequalities and unfair treatments.

Consequently, it was one of those titles that bridged the gap between anime and film fans as its recognition saw it gain global acclaim outside of the anime community.

Craig Hettlinger stands in front of the Huntington Addiction Wellness Center he founded to help bridge the gap in the recovery community.

Dasettan (that is how he is fondly called in the state) has successfully bridged the gap between Carnatic and popular music.

During an interview, Benji Borg, CEO of Anchovy said: โ€œFollowing the success in helping brands to bridge the gap between brand promise and customer experience, we saw an opportunity in the hospitality sector to give a customisable service.

EU leaders have met to discuss a post-coronavirus recovery package โ€“ however negotiations have so far failed to bridge the gap between the heads of states.

Fitbit is trying to bridge the gap between and wellness with the Sense, a zone most wearables were already navigating even before the current health crisis.

GD e-Bridge Interpreter bridges the gap between the team and patient communication.

He explained that the device is also aimed at bridging the gap between emergencies and response and provide rescue service for Nigerians when in distress or danger.

He identified three major areas financial institutions could help to bridge the gap including: leveraging reach to generate awareness, innovating on digital payments, and partnerships with health institutions.

Hence, bridging the gap between IT and data science is imperative to delivering a successful AI application.โ€

Honorable mentions go to Vereen, who bridged the gap between Kevin Faulk and James White, and Cannon, who started slow but has been the Patriotsโ€™ starting right tackle for the last four seasons, picking up one second-team All-Pro nod along the way.

However, it is only the introduction of a universal right to health which will bridge the gap of healthcare between the rich and poor and provide a set of uniform standards for every Indian citizen of India.

In 2018, he was tapped to be CEO of the $2.8 billion TRI-AD, a separate business set up in Tokyo to spearhead Toyotaโ€™s attempt to bridge the gap between research and the showroom floor.

Inaugurating the IC3, Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson, KiiT International Schoolemphasised on the importance of such meets to bridge the gap between Schools, Colleges and Universities.

"In March 2019, we inaugurated the Nigerian Herbal Medicine Product Committee (HMPC) to bridge the gap often created between traditional medicine practitioners and researchers.

Innovative approaches, such as DentistLink, will help bridge the gap to care until this crisis has passed.

In the interim, Murray is on his way to bridging the gap between above-average starter and star, all while increasingly providing Denver with necessary perimeter creation in a supplementary fashion for its Serbian wunderkind.

Introduction of educational equalisation fund to help improve the learning conditions in terms of infrastructure, learning and teaching material among a plethora of issues that can help in bridging the gap between rural and urban education.

It also seamlessly bridged the gap between โ€œhigh streetโ€ and โ€œhigh endโ€ with a place at the London fashion week table and collaborations with people such as the designer Charlie Casely-Hayford and spin-off ranges such as AAA and Topman Signature.

โ€ And part of what we want to achieve is community policing, this will also bridge the gap between the people and the law enforcement agencies in the country.

It is his hope that the new arrangement will also provide an opportunity to bridge the gap between the parishes and Costa Catholic and bring the community closer together.

It is one of five designated strategic employment sites across the county and part of the councilโ€™s longstanding mission to bring more and better jobs to the area, bridging the gap in its economic performance with other parts of the region.

โ€œI want to bridge the gap between the law enforcement and the community.โ€

LGโ€™s new CX OLED comes in a 48-inch size that I think bridges the gap between desktop and living room.

Makinde told newsmen, that the security outfit with codename, โ€œOperation Amotekunโ€ was established to complement the work of the security agencies and bridge the gaps in the security of the geo-political zone.

Many states are working on short-term solutions to bridge the gap between the two supply chains.

Miller and her colleagues are seeing fewer people than before the pandemic and have been left wondering how to bridge the gap between the new virtual format of their office and victims in need of support.

Otherwise, Iโ€™d trade down to try to bridge the gap from No. 23 overall to No. 87 overall.

Our latest attempt to bridge the gap is the North Quays.

Ronnie Oโ€™Sullivan needs to get back on the practice table and enter a lot more tournaments if he wants to bridge the gap to Judd Trump, believes Jimmy White.

Started in 2002 as โ€˜Daulet-Singh & Associatesโ€™, in order to bridge the gap between Indian and international law firm working styles and overall client experience, the firm was earlier rebranded as Platinum Partners in 2008.

Subject matter experts with a wide array of backgrounds will present topics ranging from evidence-based public health to bridging the gaps between the public health system and the health care delivery system.

Swift-Simons, who was not working for hospice during last yearโ€™s festival, said her organization is trying to think creatively and adapt to help bridge the gap during the pandemic.

A safer road to bridge the gap between old theme song intro styles and the scores and bumpers of modern dramas is, of course, the pop song.

The motion titled, โ€œUrgent need to bridge the gap between the lending interest rate and deposit Interest rate among commercial banks and other financial institutionsโ€.

The resolution adopted by the utility is designed to help bridge the gap between now and the enactment of the federal assistance programs.

These and other innovations were aimed at bridging the gaps in previous laws.

These episodes will bridge the gap until the delayed eleventh and final season, now premiering late next year, where Cohan fully rejoins the show as a series regular.

The two companies join forces to help their customers bridge the gap between SAP and modern cloud platforms, enabling advanced data analytics, forecasting, AI, and machine learning scenarios.

This Universityโ€™s commitment is to bridge the gap between ability and access, and we will now have the ability to ensure our long-term viability and competitiveness.โ€

To try and bridge the gap, the centre has now launched a sponsor-a-horse campaign online.

โ€œWe aim to bridge the gap for bereaved families affected by coronavirus with compassion, dignity and respect,โ€ they add.

We do acknowledge that communication could have been tightened โ€ฆ We've personally spoken to some of them, so we hope this helps to bridge the gap,โ€ he added.

โ€˜We have to have goals from across the frontline if we want to bridge the gap upwards.

When Hasina is gladly gloating to see the useless, hopeless, and ineffective BNP leaders divided against each other, they are also shamelessly โ€˜cheerfulโ€™ to see themselves divided doing nothing to bridge the gap and strengthen the party.

โ€œWild and Fermented Foodsโ€ facilitators Shane Pauker and Sarah Espinoza are also interested in bridging the gap between growers and consumers.

According to IEEFA, the oil majors bridged the gap by selling off assets and taking on debt.

Bridging the gap between ideas and action is the focus of the second annual Knowledge Translation for Global.

Bridging the Gap Between Research, Theory and Practice through an Understanding of the Constructs of Investment, Cultural Capital and Imagined Communities.

Bridging the gap between the children and their devoted but gullible parents is the colourful Capitaine Santerre who offers comfort and advice to adults and children alike.

Bridging the gap between young and old within our churchโ€ฆ

Bridging the Gap executive.

But Flavelle is an example of these worlds colliding, and his unique perspective as a student and a soldier -- something Flavelle calls "a strange duality" -- bridges the gap in our understanding.

Change agents in administration (from the president, to deans, to directors of service units), and opinion leaders (i.e., early adopters) and mainstream faculty, must all contribute to planning and honestly discussing strategies for bridging the gap.

Choices Childbirth Services is a community-based organization, helping bridge the gap in maternity care.

Experiments suggest that the proposed solutions allow to bridge the gap between Nearest-Neighbors and Support Vector Machines.

Focuses on bridging the gap between refugee arrival and employment.

His multiple contacts in both Europe and the Middle East help the Princeton based journal bridge the gap between the Armenian scholars on both sides of the Atlantic.

I decided to pursue an MBA to build the business and leadership skills required to have a seat at the table with management and bridge the gap between our leadership and clinicians.

In my role, I bridge the gap of communication between our executive committee and the student body so that we know how best to support our students.

In New Brunswick, he is working with a Data Center Infrastructure Management company to develop software that bridges the gap between Information Technology and physical data facilities.

It opened the door to post-graduate studies and bridged the gaps between disciplines she was studying.

McGill University, Montreal, Canada โ€œBridging the Gap between the Studies of Human and Monkey Vision using fMRI Combined with Neurophysiology.

Most recently, heโ€™s examined the role they play in regulating glucose production during stressful situations such as exercise, hypoglycemia, illness, or injury, and is working to bridge the gap between academia and the pharmaceutical sector.

Now I've traded a true ocean for oceans of grass by coming out to U of A. I'm starting my graduate studies in the Rivard group and am excited to be working on bridging the gap from molecular compounds to functionalized nanoparticles.

Officers will complement the work of police forces by bridging the gap between the time an officer detects a criminal code violation and the time when police can arrive and intervene.

Our research interest in "Design and Manufacturing" bridges the gap between fundamental research and their advanced applications into industry.

Providers and non-profits who wish to build new units must come up with creative ways to bridge the gap between actual building costs and what people can afford to pay in rent.

She developed MCHP into a world leader by using administrative data for bridging the gap between research and government policy development.

โ€œSoftware Analysis and Monitoring Techniques for Bridging the Gap Between Business Processes and Run-time Models in Service Oriented Applicationsโ€

That collaborative model is now being re-packaged and taken across Canada to bridge the gap between evidence and practice to ensure youth get the help they need.

โ€œThe Advantage Ontario report aligns perfectly with our vision of success for all through learning and partnerships, specifically bridging the gap between education and industry to propel Ontarioโ€™s economy.โ€

The author is highlighting two experimental novels for further analysis: Steven Hallโ€™s (2007) The Raw Shark Texts: and Mark Z. Danielewskiโ€™s (2006) Only Revolutions: Each of these texts bridges the gap between narrative and database.

The brand also rewards email subscribers with a 10%-off coupon code for in-store workshops, bridging the gap between the ecommerce and brick-and-mortar sides of the business.

"The Chisasibi Child Language Acquisition Study: Bridging the gap - how to make our data serve a practical use", presentation to Speech-Language clinicians, Montreal Children's Hospital, May 27.

โ€œThe Crimson Idolโ€ is a rare album that can bridge the gap between metal and non-metal fans.

The Facts Readers series bridges the gap between short, digestible knowledge nuggets and informative sustained reading"-- Provided by publisher.

The following scenario offers a way to bridge the gap between vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The minicourse โ€œEarthmath: Classroom Projects with Environmental Applications,โ€ was given by Paul Latiolais, and โ€œBridging the Gap Between Mathematics and the Physical Sciencesโ€ was presented by Tevian Dray of Oregon State University.

The objective is to help people who are recovering from a drug use disorder bridge the gap between intensive treatment and independent drug-free living.

The seventh edition reflects the advances in both science and practice, including the use of technology, gamification, and social media, all of which help bridge the gap between theory and application, providing students with relevant and real examples.

As you try to bridge the gap between the product youโ€™re building and the market youโ€™re building for, outsourcing these conversations and customer interactions can be a huge crutch.

โ€œThe training thatโ€™s involved with the AMETHYST program bridges the gap between university and the workforce.

This book bridges the gap between theory and practice, and provides a historical, theoretical, and research-based rationale, as well as a helpful case study, for each type of intervention being discussed.

This means that physical workers who are looking to climb-up the career ladder must bridge the gap in the Skillscape between the two skill sets.

To bridge the gap, many moving companies will offer basic insurance coverage.

You'll then have to locate the soft-cover supplements which will bridge the gap between the latest date on the hardcover volumes and today's date.