61 examples of bringers in sentences

Both these birds having had a mystic celebrity, the former as the fire-singing bird and guardian genius of children, the latter as the baby-bringer.

Sir, The bringer of this letter is the father of Miss Philips[703], a singer, who comes to try her voice on the stage at Dublin.

Here comes my comfort-bringer, My Bellizarius.

He saw himself as the light of his home, bringer of brightness, lightener of dull hours.

But when I heard the sound of the bells come up from the valley last evening, it seemed like the bringer of a personal message of good tidings.

Antiochus IV. king of Syria, designated in court style "the god, the brilliant bringer of victory," to distinguish him from his father the "Great," bestirred himself, but only to wrest the Syrian coast during this war from the entirely impotent Egypt.

Antiochus replied that he would comply; and marched off to his capital that he might there, in his character of "the god, the brilliant bringer of victory," celebrate in Roman fashion his conquest of Egypt and parody the triumph of Paullus.

Moreover the heralds of the seasons, the Elean truce-bringers of Zeus the son of Kronos, recognized him, having met belike with hospitality from him, and in a voice of dulcet breath they gave him greeting for that he had fallen at the knees of golden Victory in their land which men call the holy place of Olympic Zeus, where the sons of Ainesidamos attained unto honour everlasting.

"But," says Trost, treating me with cautious mildness on hearing me vent this raving notion, "you forget that these wonder-workers are the slaves of our race, need our tendance and regulation, obey the mandates of our consciousness, and are only deaf and dumb bringers of reports which we decipher and make use of.

Hail to the brave light-bringers!

v, p. 420.] Michabo was thus at times the god of light, at others of the winds, and as these are the rain-bringers, he was also at times spoken of as the god of waters.

"Here," he said to the bringer of the news, and he gave him some gold pieces.

Some day, out of their bitter need will be thrown up their own light-bringer,their Jean Paul, their Cromwell, their Messiah.

"The elders also, and the bringers up of the children, sent to Jehu."SCOTT: 2 Kings, x, 5. "Not with eye service, as men pleasers.

"The elders also, and the bringers-up of the children, sent to Jehu.

it was with a shock of joy he discovered that almost all of these light-bringers had lived with his little book.

In the one He is the Bringer of new life, in the other He is the Victor over death; and thus He becomes, in the impassioned confessions of the apostle, the Alpha and the Omega, the Author and the Finisher of Faith, the First and the Last and the Living One.

And is it not true that so far as men do receive of His fulness, so far as they are brought under the control of His spirit, they do cease to be destroyers and devourers of the bodies and souls of their fellows, and become helpers, saviors, life-bringers?

The law bringers, by Bliss Lomax, pseud.

The law bringers, by Bliss Lomax, pseud.

Let me put my ear to the earth, which is the bringer of sound.

To obtain this new Aladdin's lamp, this great wealth-bringer, localities mortgaged their prosperity for years to come.

Among the peasantry of the north-east of Scotland the prehistoric weapons called celts went by the name of "thunderbolts" and were coveted as the sure bringers of success, always provided that they were not allowed to fall to the ground.

It was while suffering from depression, at his unjust exclusion from the duties of his calling, that his attention was first directed to the unfortunate class to whom he was to be the future evangelist, or bringer of good tidings.

Act 1, Parl. 19; Act 5, Parl. 20, King James VI., do condemn all erroneous books and writs, containing erroneous doctrine against the religion presently professed or containing superstitious rites and ceremonies Papistical, whereby the people are greatly abused; and ordains the home-bringers of them to be punished, Act 25, Parl.

61 examples of  bringers  in sentences