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67 example sentences with  bringers

67 example sentences with bringers

and the bringer, who had carried the tree so that no little puff of snow or delicate crystal should fall off, having made a successful entrance and dazzled the child, gave way to the strong excitement that shot light out of his eyes and brought scarlet into his cheeks.

Both these birds having had a mystic celebrity, the former as the fire-singing bird and guardian genius of children, the latter as the baby-bringer.

The bringer did the same.

There was love for the bringer; shame for the thing brought, and the manner of its bringing; sympathy for those who were too many to share in it; and, at top of all, hunger (eldest, strongest of the passions!)

Sir, The bringer of this letter is the father of Miss Philips[703], a singer, who comes to try her voice on the stage at Dublin.

Here comes my comfort-bringer, My Bellizarius.

He saw himself as the light of his home, bringer of brightness, lightener of dull hours.

Swollen with rage burst in the bale-bringer; Flamed in his eyes a fierce light, likest fire.

In the halls of our Saxon ancestors the scop and the tale-bringer were ever the most welcome guests; and in the bark wigwams of the American Indians the man who told the legends of Hiawatha had an audience quite as attentive as that which gathered at the Greek festivals to hear the story of Ulysses's wanderings.

He is a bringer of good tidingsa philosopher who insists that we are masters of our fate and that winter is just the time when there is some sense in being an optimist.

But when I heard the sound of the bells come up from the valley last evening, it seemed like the bringer of a personal message of good tidings.

king of Syria, designated in court style "the god, the brilliant bringer of victory," to distinguish him from his father the "Great," bestirred himself, but only to wrest the Syrian coast during this war from the entirely impotent Egypt.

Antiochus replied that he would comply; and marched off to his capital that he might there, in his character of "the god, the brilliant bringer of victory," celebrate in Roman fashion his conquest of Egypt and parody the triumph of Paullus.

Moreover the heralds of the seasons, the Elean truce-bringers of Zeus the son of Kronos, recognized him, having met belike with hospitality from him, and in a voice of dulcet breath they gave him greeting for that he had fallen at the knees of golden Victory in their land which men call the holy place of Olympic Zeus, where the sons of Ainesidamos attained unto honour everlasting.

It was while suffering from depression, at his unjust exclusion from the duties of his calling, that his attention was first directed to the unfortunate class to whom he was to be the future evangelist, or bringer of good tidings.

A bringer of new things; and vile it were For some three suns to store and hoard myself, And this gray spirit yearning in desire To follow knowledge like a sinking star, Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

Hail to the brave light-bringers!

It originally meant the Great Light, the Mighty Seer, the Orient, the Dawnwhich you please, as all distinctly refer to the one original idea, the Bringer of Light and Sight, of knowledge and life.

Michabo was thus at times the god of light, at others of the winds, and as these are the rain-bringers, he was also at times spoken of as the god of waters.

But the myth itself, and the description of the deity, incorporeal and swift, bringer at one time of the fertilizing rains, at another of the drought, seems to point unmistakably to a god of the winds.

"Here," he said to the bringer of the news, and he gave him some gold pieces.

Some day, out of their bitter need will be thrown up their own light-bringer,their Jean Paul, their Cromwell, their Messiah."

"Hail An-hetep-f (i.e., Bringer of his offering), who comest forth from Sau, I have not acted with violence.

"Hail An-[=a]-f (i.e., Bringer of his arm), [who comest forth from Aukert], I have not thought scorn of the god of the city."

That all silver bullion brought to the mints should be coined into dollars without cost to the bringer.

The lord thanked God for the happiness that had befallen his friend, and bestowed a fair horse on the bringer of good tidings.

" EPICEDIUM GOING OR GONE (1827) I Fine merry franions, Wanton companions, My days are ev'n banyans With thinking upon ye; How Death, that last stinger, Finis-writer, end-bringer, Has laid his chill finger, Or is laying on ye.

When Apollo went out into the world, and men came to know about him, he was called by some the Bringer of Light, by others the Master of Song, and by still others the Lord of the Silver Bow.

It is the town of Apollo, the Bringer of Light; and there is a temple there, built close to the spot where Apollo killed a black serpent, many, many years ago.

"The elders also, and the bringers up of the children, sent to Jehu.

"The elders also, and the bringers-up of the children, sent to Jehu.

"I smelled 'em cookin' bologna in the back room of Hire's butcher shop," remarked the bringer of the pennygrabs.

The sputtering gift-bringer bestowed the orange upon Mrs. Penniman, the album upon Winona, and the invigorator upon the now embarrassed judge.

The New Dawn was assuredly not the simple light-bringer to America's spiritual darkness that they had supposed it would be; but they were not yet prepared to believe the worst.

Now, it was the old Japanese sage who had turned the young man's mind to the comparative modernsCarlyle, Emerson, Thoreau, and several othersand it was with a shock of joy he discovered that almost all of these light-bringers had lived with his little book.

In the one He is the Bringer of new life, in the other He is the Victor over death; and thus He becomes, in the impassioned confessions of the apostle, the Alpha and the Omega, the Author and the Finisher of Faith, the First and the Last and the Living One.

And is it not true that so far as men do receive of His fulness, so far as they are brought under the control of His spirit, they do cease to be destroyers and devourers of the bodies and souls of their fellows, and become helpers, saviors, life-bringers?

Scenario writing became a rather expensive amusement, instead of a bringer of fortune.

The smile bringer.

The smile bringer, and other bits of cheer; illustrated with photos.

The law bringers, by Bliss Lomax, pseud.

The smile bringer.

The smile bringer, and other bits of cheer; illustrated with photos.

The law bringers, by Bliss Lomax, pseud.

This bringer hath shewed me here very great courtesie, wherefore I pray you shew him what fauor you may.

In the end they suffered this bringer to receiue them, who came with me from Ormus, and put them into an house which he had hired for me, where they remained foure or fiue daies.

But of all the troubles that haue chanced since mine arrinal in Ormus, this bringer is able to certifie you.

Let me put my ear to the earth, which is the bringer of sound.

Is he not an eye to us all; a blessed heaven-sent Bringer of Light?and, at bottom, was it not perhaps far better that this Shakespeare, everyway an unconscious man, was conscious of no Heavenly message?

In neighbor homes she has seen rejoicing at the birth of a son, as the bringer of prosperity, and grief, hardly concealed, at the adversity of a daughter's advent.

It was a tremendous victory of moral force, of the divine and immortal working through him, that the Messenger was able to move unarmed among the warriors of many tribes that were often at war with each other; everywhere meeting the chiefs and kings, and meeting them as an equal: the unarmed bringer of good tidings confronting the king in the midst of his warriors, and winning him to his better vision.

When the Indian trail gets widened, graded, and bridged to a good road,there is a benefactor, there is a missionary, a pacificator, a wealth-bringer, a maker of markets, a vent for industry.

As a bringer of the tidings, and a stockholder in the company, she had risen to be a person of importance, with the result that she was even more modestly shy than before, although in her heart she liked it; but more delightful yet was the spirit of holiday activity which inspired and pervaded the place.

To obtain this new Aladdin's lamp, this great wealth-bringer, localities mortgaged their prosperity for years to come.

Among the peasantry of the north-east of Scotland the prehistoric weapons called celts went by the name of "thunderbolts" and were coveted as the sure bringers of success, always provided that they were not allowed to fall to the ground.

LUCIFER (i. e. light-bringer), name given to Venus as the morning star, and by the Church Fathers to Satan in interpretation of Isaiah xiv.

RÂMA, in the Hindu mythology an avatar of Vishnu, being the seventh, in the character of a hero, a destroyer of monsters and a bringer of joy, as the name signifies, the narrative of whose exploits are given in the "RÂMÂYANA" (q. v.).

Every bringer of a trinket worth more than 5s.

Fortunately I was not the cruel bringer.

Kauket, his feminine balance, was depicted as a woman with the head of a serpent also called "Bringer-in-of-the-Darkness" who presided over the hours of twilight when the sun was setting and guided the sun barge into the underworld.

Kuk was the god of the hours before dawn and was known as "Bringer-in-of-the-Light" as he guided the sun barge of the god Ra toward the sky from the underworld.

The Braves knew they were getting some from the right side of the plate when they signed Ozuna to a one-year deal this offseason to effectively replace the Bringer of Rain Josh Donaldson and his umbrella.

We really need to find out his real name, and send him gift wrapped back to his native Baltimore where he can instruct the locals on more effective drive by shootings and other death bringers which obviously aid the economy.

She is Turtle Clan and her spirit name, Lakna’ Hatalposhik (Yellow Butterfly), speaks to her role as a bringer of change, listener and mediator.

Thanks to all the helpers and bringers, strummers and singers.

The Planets - I. Mars 'The Bringer Of War'. feat Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Adrian Leaper.

The salmon bringer was a character which was said to go down to the bottom of the sea in an underwater canoe to bring the salmon fish up to the rivers.