98 examples of briny in sentences

However, he espied a vacancy, and plunged into the briny deep.

Hufnagel's Delicatessen, the briny hoar of twenty years upon it, went suddenly into decline and the hands of a receiver.

I ain't no hand to blubber, And the briny ain't run for years; But chalk me down for a lubber, If I didn't shed regular tears.

"A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, Along the briny beach: We cannot do with more than four, To give a hand to each.

And yet, in spite of the strain of years, and the many passages which have befallen me since, there is no time of my life which comes back so very clearly as that gusty evening, and to this day I cannot feel the briny wholesome whiff of the seaweed without being carried back, with that intimate feeling of reality which only the sense of smell can confer, to the wet shingle of the French beach.

he rushing cuts the briny flood, Swift as the gale can bear the ship along, And from the partners of that cruel trade; Which spoils unhappy Guinea of her sons, Demands his share of prey, demands themselves.

Adj. salty, salt, saline, brackish, briny; salty as brine, salty as a herring, salty as Lot's wife.

Now the ancient story of men saith that when Zeus and the other gods made division of the earth among them, not yet was island Rhodes apparent in the open sea, but in the briny depths lay hid.

I have been climbing the rocks, talking to the fishermen, picking my way over the masses of slippery seaweed, and breathing the fresh briny air.

Scarcely a foot of ground is wasted by the industrious inhabitants of this happy valley, save round the shores of the Denia-el-Memek, a huge salt lake some miles distant, where the sun-baked, briny soil renders cultivation of any kind impossible.

Here waters are sweet to quench the thirst of man; there they are briny, and yield a salt that seasons our meat, and makes it incorruptible.

TO THE COUNTESS GUICCIOLI, AFTER READING HER "RECOLLECTIONS OF LORD BYRON" Like one who, homeward bound from distant lands, Describes strange climes and visions passing fair, Yet deftly hides from others' eyes and hands A private casket filled with treasures rare, So, favored Countess, all that thou dost say Is nothing to thy secrets left unsaid; Thy printed souvenirs are but the spray Above the depths of ocean's briny bed.

"A stream runs from my wounded I, Salt as the briny C, As rapid as the X or Y, The OIO, or D. "Then fare thee ill, insensate B!

And we shall gambol by the briny blue.

It was a glorious thing to see our good ship mount slowly up the side of one of these watery lulls, till her prow was lifted high in air, then, rocking over its brow, plunge with a slight quiver downward, and plough up a briny cataract, as she struck the vale.

Thick layers of seaweed that have been swept through the tunnel by the tide and thrown up around the lake have been piled into heaps, some of which are dry and some still wet, but all of which exhale the strong odor of the briny ocean.

The very briny scent of the atmosphere convinced me there was some sea running in the bay; and it was the more unexpected as we had had no tokens of a storm for several days previous.

For when he knew his rival freed and gone, He swells with wrath; he makes outrageous moan: He frets, he fumes, he stares, he stamps the ground; The hollow tower with clamours rings around: With briny tears he bathed his fetter'd feet, And dropp'd all o'er with agony of sweat.

Toss amid the briny foam; Till the proud wave, with one stern sweep, Buries the secrets of the deep; Revealing far, on upper land, A lawless bandits' wand'ring band, With sword and rapier, stain'd with blood, Still thirsting for the crimson flood; They show no mercy on their kind, But kill or plunder all they find.

Actors are not in the habit of weeping over the reading of a play; they have little time for such briny luxury.

Down east; being the remarkable adventures on the briny deep and ashore of Captain Isaac Drinkwater and Jedediah Peabody.

Fresh & briny; the story of water as friend and foe, by Alice Beard & Frances Rogers.

The very waters seemed to protest, for as I gasped for breath at the cold backward plunge, I imbibed copious draughts of the briny deep, and was well-nigh strangled.

But where does the insult to you come in?" "Itit came in the p-p-postscript," cried the wife, bursting into fresh floods of briny.

But where does the insult to you come in?" "Itit came in the p-p-postscript," cried the wife, bursting into fresh floods of briny.

98 examples of  briny  in sentences