151 examples of britisher in sentences

Then with an inspiration: "His people are the sort of Royal Family down there," added the Boy, thinking to appeal to the Britisher's monarchical instincts.

Now we've nothin' in particular to worry about, seem's there won't be any question of takin' advantage of the Britisher's offer, which would be kept in the case of all hands much as it was when our poor fools deserted.

"The Britisher was pouring water down my throat from his flask, while the German was endeavouring to staunch my wound with an antiseptic preparation served out to them by their medical corps.

Both the German and the Britisher had only been married a year.

He's the only Britisher aboard who wouldn't cut and run in a minute; besides he's got a girl at Porto Grande.

"Dey am comin' to take off everybody dat looks like a Britisher.

do I look like a Britisher?" Notwithstanding the gravity of the situation, a smile flitted momentarily over the faces of the officers and crew.

I hope dey won't mistakedey won't mistake dis chile for a Britisher!"

I ain't a Britisher!"

"Do I look like I war a Britisher?

"Mr. Nickson Hilliard, this is Mr. Montagu Jerrold, alias the Dook, a blarsted Britisher," announced Green affably.

The same old cries began againcarrying on, doing one's bit, seeing it through, fighting to a finish, enemy atrocities (only now they were called sabotage), starving them out, gallant volunteers, the indomitable Britisher, cheeriest always in disaster (what a hideous slander!), innocent women and children.

"Gathering strength once more, he checked the choking sensations his own recital had caused, and continued: "'They that take the sword shall perish by the sword.' "Brethren, think me not unworthy of belief, when I tell you that the doom of the Britisher is near!

He told me that he stopped, amid a tremendous storm of grape and musketry, to take a look at the Britisher, and to be sure that he had no life in him.

I confess to feeling a certain grim satisfaction in the fact that if I was to be shut off from seeing Madge, the Britisher was in the same box with me.

That, I have to state, is moreor rather lessthan the Britisher did, after he had sampled the stuff; and really I don't blame him, much as I enjoyed his rage and disgust.

at the boyish desire of the small Britisher, Tom Brown, "to leave behind him the name of a fellow who never bullied a little boy or turned his back on a big one."

Poor unknown Britisher, exiled from home, what did he know about the merits of the controversy?

The Britisher might blame the new Economic game, That only fired the Yankee like neat brandy, O!

Yankee doodle, Yankee doodle dandy, O! "Taxing the Britisher" may yet create a stir In the Home-affairs of Yankee doodle dandy, O! Pennsylvania will rejoice, but a sort of still small voice In the ear of Uncle SAM may sound quite handy, O!

" "Is thet air hired man o' yours a Britisher?" D'ri inquired as soon as the butler was gone.

" Only one Britisher was brought down by our bullets, and he had been the mark of D'ri: with him a rifle was never a plaything.

If this man fights any more it will hev t' be a Britisher thet goes ag'in'

promptly asserted the Britisher, as if pleased by the admission.

Young Britisher.

151 examples of  britisher  in sentences