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40504 examples of  broken  in sentences

40504 examples of broken in sentences

he cried; and beholding his look, Gurth of a sudden loosed the swooning maid and, drawing sword, leapt and smote at Beltane's golden head; but Beltane caught the blow in his mailed hand, and snapped the blade in sunder, and, seizing Gurth about the loins, whirled him high in air; then, while all men blenched and held their breath waiting the thud of his broken body in the dust, Beltane stayed and set him down upon his feet.

Thus spake he, humble and broken, and she, beholding him thus, sighed (though wondrous softly) and 'neath her long lashes tears glittered (though swift dashed away) butslowly, very slowly, one white hand came out to him, faltered, stopped, and glancing up she rose in haste and shrank away.

And Giles, lying powerless beneath, looked up into Roger's fierce scowling face and seeing no pity there, his pale cheek grew paler and in his eyes came an agony of broken hopes; but his gaze quailed

"Now, why in the name o' common sense would ye go and borry a broken cradle?" came the wail from the bed.

Within die single-roomed cabin the rich, broken light from the cavernous fireplace filled the smoke-browned interior full of shadow and shine in which things leaped oddly into life, or dropped out of knowledge with a startling effect.

"It's a broken connection," he announced briefly.

They were singing again over at the mechanics' boarding-house; the sound came across to her window; the vibrant wires, the chorus of deep male voices, even the words she knew they were using but could not distinguish, linked themselves in some fashion with memory of a man's eyes, his smile, his air of tender deference as he cherished her broken flower.

Mountains stood out like pimples or lay like broken welts across the habitable ground.

Routine (the most humdrum of words) is travel along a way already broken.

Sentences: The was broken.

A thing is continuous if it suffers no interruption whatever, continual if it is broken at regular intervals but as regularly renewed.

The profound linguistic researches of Pictet, Fick, and others have made it probable that at the time when the Old-Aryan language was broken up into the dialects from which the existing languages of Europe are descended, the Aryan tribes were passing from a purely pastoral stage of barbarism into an incipient agricultural stage, somewhat like that which characterized the Iroquois tribes in America in the seventeenth century.

The particular uses to which certain plants have been applied have originated their names: the horse-bean, from being grown as a food for horses; and the horse-chestnut, because used in Turkey for horses that are broken or touched in the wind.

" According to a Cornish tradition, the beautiful Iseult, unable to endure the loss of her betrothedthe brave Tristrandied of a broken heart, and was buried in the same church, but, by order of the king, the two graves were placed at a distance from each other.

So, rotten sides of broken ships do change To barnacles; O transformation change, 'Twas first a green tree, then a gallant hull, Lately a mushroom, now a flying gull.

He visited these healing-wells, where he, "found growing over the same a fair ash-tree, whose boughs did hang over the spring of water, whereof some that were seare and rotten, and some that of purpose were broken off, fell into the water and were all turned into stone.

Of these, boughs, or parts of the tree, I brought into London, which, when I had broken into pieces, therein might be seen that the pith and all the rest was turned into stones, still remaining the same shape and fashion that they were of before they were in the water.

Gerarde says, "The leaves laid upon broken skins and scabbed legs heal them, and many other hurts and griefs, whereof it took its name 'toute-saine' of healing all things."

He rubbed it, and the genie appeared, saying: "What is thy will?" Aladdin replied: "The Sultan, as thou knowest, has broken his promise to me, and the vizir's son is to have the princess.

my chicken, I shall scrawl Just what I fancy as I strike it, Fairies and Fusiliers, and all Old broken knock-kneed thought will crawl Across my verse in the classic way.

O spare the phantom bugle as I lie Dead in the gas and smoke and roar of guns, Dead in a row with the other broken ones Lying so stiff and still under the sky, Jolly young Fusiliers too good to die.

Basilisk, cockatrice, Flocked to his homilies, With mail of dread device, With monstrous barbรฉd slings, With eager dragon-eyes; Great rats on leather wings And poor blind broken things, Foul in their miseries.

The baron now his diamonds pours apace; Th' embroidered king who shows but half his face, And his refulgent queen, with powers combined, Of broken troops an easy conquest find.

The surface was broken by natural rising grounds and artificial terraces; the soil was turfed in the manner I have previously described, with minute plants of different colours arranged in bands and patterns.

" There was a broken sound in the master's voice that Miss Prudence had never heard before, a hopelessness that was something deeper than his old melancholy.

The Lord was dead; he had been crucified and laid away within the sepulchre three days since, and they who had so loved him and so trusted in his promises were broken-hearted because of his death.

The sound was so weak and broken by a cough that she did not turn her head or answer until he had called more than twice.

Where do you find the notion that the tie between husband and wife is a sacred thing, to be broken at no temptation, but in man?

So it is good that the widow and the orphan, the weary and the distressed, should think of Jesus as utterly tender and true, compassionate and merciful, and rest their broken hearts upon him, the everlasting rock.

But while it is written, that whosoever shall fall on that rock he shall be broken, it is written too, that on whomsoever that rock shall fall, it will grind him to powder.

Comfortable scholars and luxurious ladies may content themselves with a DEAD God, who does not interfere to help the oppressed, to right the wrong, to bind up the broken-hearted; but men and women who work, who sorrow, who suffer, who partake of all the ills which flesh is heir tothey want a LIVING God, an acting God, a God who WILL interfere to right the wrong.

The shepherd-swain that, 'midst his country-cot, Deludes his broken slumbers by his toil, Thinks lordship sweet, where care with lordship dwells.

"The Swallow" was now once more moving in a way to justify her name; and, although Ford was no sailor, he could see that her only chance to penetrate that perilous barrier of broken water was to "take it nose on," as Dick Lee expressed it.

I might have broken his skull.

On the day of his coronation he was asked to pardon four young men who had broken the law against carrying arms.

[690] 'The sea being broken by the multitude of islands does not roar with so much noise, nor beat the storm with such foamy violence as I have remarked on the coast of Sussex.

A bone may be broken, or its end torn off, before its ligaments can be ruptured.

Again, the numerous falls and tumbles that the child sustains before it is able to walk, would result in broken bones almost every day of its life.

The bones, especially those of the upper limbs, are often fractured or broken.

The simple fracture is the most common form, the bone being broken in a single place with no opening through the skin.

A bone may be bent, or only partly broken, or split.

This is called "a green-stick fracture," from its resemblance to a half-broken green stick.

Fractures may be caused by direct violence, as when a bone is broken at a certain point by some powerful force, as a blow from a baseball bat or a fall from a horse.

Again, a bone may be broken by indirect violence, as when a person being about to fall, throws out his hand to save himself.

Sometimes bones are broken at a distance from the point of injury, as in a fracture of the ribs by violent compression of the chest; or fracture may occur from the vibration of a blow, as when a fall or blow upon the top of the head produces fracture of the bones at the base of the brain.

Treatment for Broken Bones.

When a bone is broken a surgeon is needed to set it, that is, to bring the broken parts into their natural position, and retain them by proper appliances.

When a bone is broken a surgeon is needed to set it, that is, to bring the broken parts into their natural position, and retain them by proper appliances.

Nature throws out between and around the broken ends of bones a supply of repair material known as plastic lymph, which is changed to fibrous tissue, then to cartilage, and finally to bone.

With old people a broken bone is often a serious matter, and may cripple them for life or prove fatal.

After a broken bone is strong enough to be used, it is fragile for some time; and great care must be taken, especially with children, that the injured parts may not be broken again before perfect union takes place.

After a broken bone is strong enough to be used, it is fragile for some time; and great care must be taken, especially with children, that the injured parts may not be broken again before perfect union takes place.

In their living cells chemical changes are constantly going on; energy, on the whole, is running down; complex substances are being broken up into simpler combinations.

When wounds are made with ragged edges, such as those made by broken glass and splinters, more skill is called for.

Loss of power, pain, and swelling are symptoms of a broken bone that may be easily recognized.

Broken limbs should always be handled with great care and tenderness.

Always put a broken arm into a sling after the splints are on.

Remember that this treatment for broken bones is only to enable the patient to be moved without further injury.

A surgeon is needed at once to set the broken bone.

A crude experiment to represent the way in which a person's neck is broken.

Her father, a broken and decayed man, had come to live near her, and was now nearly dependent on her for support.

Here were the remains of a broken wagon, several wheels, and the major portion of a venerable and useless stove.

Weep, for the word is spoken Mourn, for the knell hath knoll'd The master chord is broken, And the master's hand is cold!

Weep, for the word is spoken Mourn, for the knell hath knoll'd The master chord is broken, And the master's hand is cold!

The master chord is broken, And the master's hand is cold!

Pity was commanded by Jupiter to follow the steps of her mother through the world, dropping balm into the wounds she made, and binding up the hearts she had broken.

This walk, as it approaches the water, leads into a darker shade, and descending some steps, placed to give a picturesque appearance to the bank, you enter a kind of cave, with a dripping rill, which falls into the water below, whose bank is broken by thorns, and hazels, and poplars, among darker shrubs.

The cross was found broken at its foot, probably by the country iconoclasts of the day.

"There shall be no romping with the maids on the staircase, by which dishes and other things are often broken!

There a buffalo, with an agricultural god made of clay, having been paraded through the streets, and pelted by the populace, to impel its labours, is placed on the ground, in solemn state, when this official priest of spring gives it a few strokes with a whip, and leaves it to the populace, who pelt it with stones till it is broken to pieces; and so the foolish ceremony terminates.

It had been suspended by a gold ring fastened to a wire which passed through the suspension hole, and the ring, though broken, was still in position.

The deceased had broken his knee-caps and damaged his ankle, injuries which I assumed would leave some permanent trace.

"If you had broken in, you would have found a dead man.

The sacrifices pleasing to God are a broken spirit, as revealed to David and Isaiah amid all the ceremonies and ritualism of Jewish worship, and still more to Paul and Peter when the new dispensation was fully declared.

The imperial sceptre was broken.

Thou hast broken my fruit trees by accident, I suppose! ALLIGATOR (nodding).

I fear some of my ribs are broken.

Ahead nothing but ruin, enmity with his brother, his marriage probably broken off, a wasted life, in fact.

The door had been slightly ajar, but both the windows were wide open; one of them, which had the sash-line broken, had been fastened up most scientifically with a piece of rope.

Then suddenlyร  propos of nothing, Polly rememberedthe whole thing stood before her, short and clear like a vivid flash of lightning:Mrs. Owen lying dead in the snow beside her open window; one of them with a broken sash-line, tied up most scientifically with a piece of string.

"At twelve I had already had my heart broken three times," continued Mr. Roundjacket; "and now, sir, I make it a point to pay my addressesyes, to proceed to the last word, the 'will you,' namely,once, at least, a year.

If Psmith had painted Sammy it meant that Psmith had broken out of his house at night; and it was not likely that the rules about nocturnal wandering were less strict at Sedleigh than at any other school in the kingdom.

It was a foolish, discreditable thing to have done, but it is not as bad as if any boy still at the school had broken out of his house at night to do it.

" He dropped into a deep armchair (which both Adair and Mike had avoided in favor of less luxurious seats) with the confidential cosiness of a fashionable physician calling on a patient, between whom and himself time has broken down the barriers of restraint and formality.

Mr. Downing burst out, like a reservoir that has broken its banks.

He afterwards commemorated his deliverance in the pleasing lines published in the Spectator, beginning with "How are Thy servants blest, O Lord," one verse in which was wont to awaken the enthusiasm of the boy Burns, "What though in dreadful whirls we hung, High on the broken wave," &c. The survivor of a shipwreck is, or should be, ever afterwards a sadder and a wiser man.

But above all take heed, nor mix thy hounds Of different kinds; discordant sounds shall grate Thy ears offended, and a lagging line 280 Of babbling curs disgrace thy broken pack.

The king of brutes In broken roarings breathes his last; the bear Grumbles in death; nor can his spotted skin, Though sleek it shine, with varied beauties gay, Save the proud pard from unrelenting fate.

" Many were the words of comfort she spoke to her poor sorrowing mother, whose heart at times seemed almost broken at the prospect of losing her.

While the bateau was coming over to take us off, I picked up some fragments of arrow-heads on the shore, and one broken stone chisel, which were greater novelties to the Indians than to me.

But these treaties were perpetually broken, for treachery is no sin with religious persecutors, since "the end justified the means.

Who could believe that his word of honor would be broken, or that he, a king, could commit such an outrageous and unprecedented crime?

Men, women, and children were seen flying in every direction, pursued by soldiers, who were told that an insurrection of Protestants had broken out.

Until they could cure a broken heartuntil they could legislate for the affections, and bind by their statutes the passions and feelings of the mind, their labour would be in vain.

It dipped beneath the horizon; at once the whole encampment was broken up, and the warriors rushed down the trail which Magua had followed.

He replied in his broken English: "O, Gen Lee a ve'y good gen'l, ve'y good gen'l indeed; Gen Beaugar speak ve'y fav'ble of Gen Lee."

Perhaps no Englishman, with the possible exceptions of Julius Hare and Coleridge,the latter then a broken-down old man,had at that time so profound an acquaintance as Carlyle with German literature, which was his food and life during the seven years' retirement on his moorland farm.

While Carlyle sees in Goethe the impersonation of human wisdom,in every aspect a success, outwardly and inwardly, serene and potent as an Olympian deity,he sees in Burns a highly gifted genius also, but yet a wreck and a failure; a man broken down by the force of that degrading habit which unfortunately and peculiarly and even mysteriously robs a man of all dignity, all honor, and all sense of shame.

And in that meeting the horse of Sir Turquine was killed outright and the back of Sir Launcelot's horse was broken and he could not rise, but lay like dead upon the ground.

" At this Sir Gaheris was amazed beyond measure, for Sir Launcelot was very sorely wounded, and his armor was much broken in that battle, wherefore Sir Gaheris had never beheld a person who was so steadfast of purpose as to do battle in such a case.