83 examples of broncho in sentences

Old Heck sat on the top pole of the corral and moodily watched the struggle of the men and horses in the dry, dusty enclosure as one by one each young broncho was roped, saddled and ridden.

The broncho hit his feet, give a squeal and come straight back!

The broncho, of his own will, at the prongs of the road wheeled up the coulée and climbed out on the level bench south of the Cimarron.

Crossing the shallow branch of the river the broncho reached the smooth, firm appearing beach of sand.

He took the broncho to the corral, removed the saddle and turned him in with the outlaw mare.

"Captain Jack's a nice little broncho," she added, "he deserves sugar.

Carolyn June turned, keeping her eyes always on the broncho, and continued the quiet pleading of her voice.

Dismounting, he left the little roan standing, not troubling to drop the reins over the broncho's head, stepped toward the girl and extended the hat, saying simply and without emotion.

As the gorged creatures flapped heavily into the air the young broncho wheeled, and bucking frantically, jolted away from the gruesome scene.

It looks to me like that's a pretty hard slam on people just because some darned idiot of a broncho won't make up with them!" Carolyn June leaned back in the saddle and laughed.

"You'd better be putting your rigging on the filly," as he slid from his broncho and stepped to the door of the stall.

" "Yes," said Tom gravely, and yet with a pardonable trace of pride in voice and manner, "the Atlantic has been conquered, and saddled, and bridled, like any wild broncho of the plains.

His body is like a bundle of wires, as thin and muscular and enduring as that of a broncho pony.

They reined their horses away from the pitching broncho disgustedly.

He was rioting in the new excitement cheering the broncho to new exertions.

"Goodness, Jimsy, you're a regular broncho buster!"

There are but few of our party who are adepts in the art of packing, for verily it is an art acquired by long practice, and we look with admiration upon our packers as they "throw the rope" with such precision, and with great skill and rapidity tighten the cinch and gird the load securely upon the back of the broncho.

When it had gained full speed the broncho pitched high in the air, snapped its head and heels close together, and came down stiff-legged.

The broncho was shaking his head at intervals restlessly; too well trained to leave, yet impatient as a hungry child for the returnand was ignored.

The broncho is a child in size and strength compared to Cuddy's race of super-horse.

At the same time Tom seized Hans and jerked him to one side just before the broncho's forelegs struck the ground again, almost on the very spot where the German boy had been standing.

Lee had engaged the only man he could find for a cookJoe Isbel, a tall, lithe cowboy, straight as an Indian, with powerful shoulders, round limbs, and slender waist, and Isbel was what the westerners called a broncho-buster.

"Busting a Broncho.

While they walked about the streets of the city, Kansas Shorty met a friend whom he addressed as "Nevada Bill," and who as soon as the former told him that Jim was "his road kid", placed his hand under the boy's chin and after sizing the lad up just as a butcher would a beef, he whispered: "Well, well, Kansas Shorty, I see you have brought a fine 'broncho' to town with you.

This cruel maltreatment is called amongst those hoboes who have boys tramping with them: "Busting a Broncho".

83 examples of  broncho  in sentences