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83 examples of  broncho  in sentences

83 examples of broncho in sentences

Masters was wise as an outlaw broncho.

Then it was that the old cow, an acknowledged leader of the herd, who bore the name of the "Broncho," on account of her wildness, her glaring red eyes and her branching horns, with an angry toss of her head to shake the water from her eyes, lifted her voice in one long, angry, rolling bellow that seemed to startle the whole herd.

Like the leading spirit among the leprous men who sat at the gate of Samaria, the "Broncho" gathered up the feeling of the meeting in one long soul-stirring, racuous bawl, which, interpreted, meant, "Why sit we here until we die?" The primitive law of self-preservation was at workeven a cow will not starve quietly.

It is only the well-fed and comfortable who are not willing to change their condition, and so when the others saw the "Broncho" forging up the hill, the whole herd, as if at a word of command, lurched forward up the bank.

He could master a broncho, but he had never attempted to boss a balloon.

I A NIGHT LETTER Sand and gravel slithered and slid under the heels of Old Pie Face as Skinny Rawlins whirled the broncho into the open space in front of the low-built, sprawling, adobe ranch house of the Quarter Circle KT and reined the pinto to a sudden stop.

Old Heck sat on the top pole of the corral and moodily watched the struggle of the men and horses in the dry, dusty enclosure as one by one each young broncho was roped, saddled and ridden.

Th' Ramblin' Kid jerked his own forty-four and told Tony he'd kill him if he shot the renegade broncho.

The broncho hit his feet, give a squeal and come straight back!

"A horse" she answered, "a broncho to ride!" "Oh, uhsure!

The broncho, of his own will, at the prongs of the road wheeled up the coulรฉe and climbed out on the level bench south of the Cimarron.

Then, with his bridle off, the broncho fed contentedly on the bunch grass along the hillside.

His mind made up, the Ramblin' Kid slipped the bridle again on Captain Jack, removed the saddle and with the blanket wiped the sweat from the broncho's back, smoothed the blanket, reset the saddle, carefully tightened front and rear cinches and mounting the little stallion guided him slowly down the ravine in the direction of the horses on the flat.

" "I think I shall go see that wonderful filly," Carolyn June said as they left the table, "she may be the particular broncho I will want to ride" "Not much," Old Heck objected, "these outlaws ain't exactly the kind of horses for women to fool with.

Slamming and fastening the gate the Ramblin' Kid ran to the shed, the broncho at his side.

At the pasture corral below the barn he guided the broncho close to the fence and scarcely checking him leaned over and lifted a rope, coiled and hung on a post near the gate, from its placethe one Chuck that morning had left because of the flaw.

Carolyn June said as the broncho went rapidly forward as if eager to negotiate the crossing, seeming to know that safety lay in the quickness and lightness of his tread.

Crossing the shallow branch of the river the broncho reached the smooth, firm appearing beach of sand.

she said, speaking to the broncho kindly as though to encourage him and perhaps at the same time to allay a bit the queer sense of uneasiness she felt, for even yet she did not realize the danger into which she had unknowingly ridden.

"Steady, Boy, be careful" to the broncho.

Carolyn June was trying to get to her feet when he sprang from the broncho and helped her to the firm ground on which he stood.

With a short jerk of the wrist he tightened the noose till it closed snugly about the throat of the broncho.

The Ramblin' Kid leaned far over the neck of Captain Jack to give the horse the advantage of his own weight and looked back, watching the supreme efforts of the mired broncho as he fought to climb out of the sand.

The broncho stood passive while the Ramblin' Kid helped Carolyn June to his back.

He took the broncho to the corral, removed the saddle and turned him in with the outlaw mare.

"Captain Jack's a nice little broncho," she added, "he deserves sugar.

Carolyn June turned, keeping her eyes always on the broncho, and continued the quiet pleading of her voice.

Dismounting, he left the little roan standing, not troubling to drop the reins over the broncho's head, stepped toward the girl and extended the hat, saying simply and without emotion.

As the gorged creatures flapped heavily into the air the young broncho wheeled, and bucking frantically, jolted away from the gruesome scene.

It looks to me like that's a pretty hard slam on people just because some darned idiot of a broncho won't make up with them!" Carolyn June leaned back in the saddle and laughed.

"You'd better be putting your rigging on the filly," as he slid from his broncho and stepped to the door of the stall.

The broncho wheeled and was gone, in a dead run, toward the west.

Silently, steadily, like a dark shadow, the broncho picked his way among the fields of fire-blistered rock and held his course, unerringly, through the starlit gloom hanging over the earth before the late moon should flash its silver disk above the sand-hills miles to the east.

Then he saddled Captain Jack and when the full shadow of night had settled over the desolation about him mounted the little broncho and turned him to the south, in the direction of the Cimarron, toward the Quarter Circle KT, where the Gold Dust maverick waited, alone, in the corral.

" "Yes," said Tom gravely, and yet with a pardonable trace of pride in voice and manner, "the Atlantic has been conquered, and saddled, and bridled, like any wild broncho of the plains.

His body is like a bundle of wires, as thin and muscular and enduring as that of a broncho pony.

They reined their horses away from the pitching broncho disgustedly.

He was rioting in the new excitement cheering the broncho to new exertions.

Once or twice they floundered onto sheer gravel slides which the broncho took by flinging back on its haunches and going down with stiffly braced forelegs.

"Goodness, Jimsy, you're a regular broncho buster!"

With the leave-packet doing the unbusted broncho act for two hours on end it shouldn't be very difficult to separate the sheep from the goat, the true-blue sailor from the pea-green lubber, should it?

There are but few of our party who are adepts in the art of packing, for verily it is an art acquired by long practice, and we look with admiration upon our packers as they "throw the rope" with such precision, and with great skill and rapidity tighten the cinch and gird the load securely upon the back of the broncho.

Our little broncho, with all the spirit necessary, lacks oftentimes the power to scale the tree trunks.

My pack horse which I rode to-day, a buckskin colored broncho, which is docile under the pack saddle, "bucked" as I mounted him this morning; but I kept my seat in the saddle without difficulty.

[Illustration: MY BUCKING BRONCHO.

When it had gained full speed the broncho pitched high in the air, snapped its head and heels close together, and came down stiff-legged.

Judith put him to the test at once, leading the way to the stall which was the abode of the little pinto broncho, left them, she explained, as a trust by one of Father's students from the Far West, who was now graduated and a civil engineer in Chicago, where it cost too much to keep a horse.

Then about the other trusting tenderfoot who was directed to insist at the stable in Santa Fรฉ that they give him a "bucking broncho;" who was promptly accommodated and speedily unseated with much flourish, to the wicked glee of those who had deceived him; and who, when he asked what the horse had done and was told that he had "bucked," had thereupon declared gratefully, "Did he only buck?

It's a God's mercy he didn't broncho too, or he'd have killed me!"

All manner of horseflesh was represented: the broncho, the mustang, the frontier scrub, the thoroughbred; all manner of apparel, from chaperajos to weather-beaten denim; but, saddled or saddleless, across the neck of every beast stretched the barrel of a long rifle, at the hip of every rider hung a holster, from every belt peeped the hilt of a great knife.

He can ride a broncho, or stalk a sandhill crane where there isn't cover to hide your hat, or manage cattle, or stretch out in the sun and: dream; but businessHe wouldn't know a bank cheque if he saw one; and, what's worse, he doesn't want to know.

"Good-bye." CHAPTER IX THE VOICE OF THE WILD Eight miles out on the prairie, out of sight of the Buffalo Butte ranch housesave for a scattering herd of grazing cattle in the distance, and a hobbled mouse-coloured broncho feeding near at hand, out of sight of every living thinga man lay stretched full length upon the ground.

The broncho, its appetite temporarily satisfied, lay down fair in its tracks, groaned lazily in the action, and shut its eyes.

As certainly as the broncho near by and the herd in the distance had responded to the sunshine and the time of day, he knew they were responding.

Surprised, for the moment frightened, the broncho sprang to his feetpaused irresolute.

On it came, would have passed to the right; but, under an impulse he in no way understood, the broncho moved to intercept it.

Left alone there upon the prairie, the indifferent broncho resumed its feeding.

The broncho was shaking his head at intervals restlessly; too well trained to leave, yet impatient as a hungry child for the returnand was ignored.

For perhaps a minute the man on the barebacked broncho hesitated, looking up; then rolling his wide-brimmed hat into a cylinder he moved very close to the weather-boarded wall.

A lighted tent stands out very distinctly by contrast against a dark horizon, and almost before he had left the ranch house yard the man on the impatient, mouse-coloured broncho knew that he had company; yet, characteristic in his every action, he did not hurry.

Listening, the latter heard a suppressed little puppyish protest, as though its maker were very sleepy, a moment later the soft, recognising whinny of a broncho, and then, startlingly sudden as the figure had first emerged from the tent, it appeared again, mounted, by his side.

The team they were driving, a mouse-coloured broncho and a mate a shade darker, were restless after three days of enforced inactivity and tugged at the bit mightily.

Soon after daylight, his lunch for the day packed in the pouch he slung over his shoulder, he left astride the mouse-coloured, saddleless broncho; not to return until dark or later, tired and hungry, but ever smiling at the home-coming, ever considerate.

The mouse-coloured broncho and its darker mate were asleep, but at the interruption they awoke and looked about curiously.

An evil-looking mouse-coloured cayuse grazed likewise, hard by; but for them a broncho had no terror.

Swiftly, his bare black head glistening in the sunlight, he started away toward the now expectant broncho; and back of him the pathetic little gathering of useless trinkets, bearing indelibly the mark of a woman's handiwork, a woman's trust, mingled with the ashes of the things which had gone before.

Shade by shade the mouse-coloured hair of the broncho grew darker from sweat, moistened until the man's hand on the diminutive beast's neck grew wet; but of this likewise he was unconscious.

Not until the sun was red in the west, until of its own accord the broncho had drawn up at the first bit of water they had met on the waya shallow marshy ponddid he move.

As he moved the hand of the Indian remained on the broncho's neck; and bit by bit as the time passed he felt the moist hair grow stiff and dry.

As when they had started, with one motion, apparently without an effort, he was once more in his seat; and again as at first, equally understandingly, equally willingly, that instant the broncho sprang into a lope.

"If I were you I wouldn't be at this ranch a second longer than it took me to leave; not as long as I had a broncho or a leg or a crutch to go on.

The broncho is a child in size and strength compared to Cuddy's race of super-horse.

WELLMAN, PAUL I. Broncho Apache.

WELLMAN, PAUL I. Broncho Apache.

At the same time Tom seized Hans and jerked him to one side just before the broncho's forelegs struck the ground again, almost on the very spot where the German boy had been standing.

Evincing a lively Interest in the two Eastern boys, the Three Stars' owner plied them with questions about Ohio and was so impressed with their answers that he extended a cordial invitation to them and the Wilder boys to pay him a visit at his ranch, promising to have his men give an exhibition of "broncho busting" for their special benefit, an invitation which all four eagerly accepted.

For an hour or so the chums stayed in the bunkhouse, listening to stories of marvelous feats of broncho-busting and whatever else the men pleased to tell them, only leaving when Nails announced it was time to go to the corral and saddle up.

Lee had engaged the only man he could find for a cookJoe Isbel, a tall, lithe cowboy, straight as an Indian, with powerful shoulders, round limbs, and slender waist, and Isbel was what the westerners called a broncho-buster.

Life had charms for an old-timer like Bill, and he didn't hanker for any reputation as a broncho-buster.

On an examination of the organs of the chest evidences of severe bronchitis were found on both sides, with broncho-pneumonia of the lower portions of the right lung, and, though to a much less extent, of the left.

"Busting a Broncho.

While they walked about the streets of the city, Kansas Shorty met a friend whom he addressed as "Nevada Bill," and who as soon as the former told him that Jim was "his road kid", placed his hand under the boy's chin and after sizing the lad up just as a butcher would a beef, he whispered: "Well, well, Kansas Shorty, I see you have brought a fine 'broncho' to town with you.

This cruel maltreatment is called amongst those hoboes who have boys tramping with them: "Busting a Broncho".