250 examples of brooches in sentences

Emerald brooches are fallen to paste.

Connie tried on the bracelets and brooches which Mary in her deep mourning had not worn, and asked a hundred questions.

Before it was taken away Fulvia took it in her hands and after abusing it spitefully and spitting upon it, set it on her knees, opened the mouth, and pulled out the tongue, which she pierced with the brooches that she used for her hair, at the same time uttering many brutal jests.

There were also some beautiful brooches, bracelets, and earrings.

" "When Venus stood before Anchises first, He was amaz'd to see her in her tires; For she had on a hood as red as fire, And glittering chains, and ivy-twisted spires, About her tender neck were costly brooches, And necklaces of gold, enamell'd ouches.

Linköping lay around its cathedral like a pearl-setting around a precious stone; and the gardens in the country were like little brooches and buttons.

A slight stretch of the imagination turned many of the beautifully fretted pieces into miniature birds and other admirable designs for sweetheart brooches.

This sole relic the ladies of Warwick made prize of, and braided it into rings and brooches for their own adornment; and thus, with a chapel and a ponderous tomb built on purpose to protect his remains, this great nobleman could not help being brought untimely to the light of day, nor even keep his love-locks on his skull after he had so long done with love.

And all these coxcombries are the appendages of, as it seems to us, as little intellect as the rings and brooches of the Exquisite in a modern novel.

Well, this great ruby (which was set in a pendant, by the by), together with a necklace, brooches, bracelets, ear-ringsindeed, the greater part of Lady Quinton's collectionwere stolen.

One would chiefly make chains, another lockets and pendants, a third studs and sleeve links, a fourth rings, a fifth bracelets and brooches, and another miscellaneous high-class productions, including mayoral chains, &c., &c.

For instance, I was shown some brilliant looking brooches of good design and finish, and sparkling with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, of rich lustreor, I should say, imitations of these precious stones.

Just fancy, these brilliant brooches adorned with gems of purest ray serenethat is, to the naked, unexpert eyewell-fashioned in the matter of workmanship, and looking of, at least, eighteen carat gold, and yet they could be purchased at the rate of from fifteen to eighteen pence each.

Brooches and lockets at 12s.

Consequently, when I now see fair ladies gaily bedecked with a superfluity of handsome lustrous trinkets I think of the gilt jewellery trade, and brooches at 15s.

Instead of a cap, she wore black lace over her head, pinned with gold brooches.

She wore a loose black sack flowered in purple, and over that a black lace mantle, fastened with more gold brooches.

" "She has tree brooches, and a necktie better than your best one wots you keeps to go seeing Susie Duffy in," and Lizer giggled slyly.

And decked with brooches of gold, and bearing on their persons ear-rings and armlets, the demons, when slain, looked beautiful indeed, like palasa trees when full of blossoms.

All their stock of brooches and wampum was employed in the decoration of her person.

That of the little adopted child consisted of a petticoat of blue broadcloth, bordered with gay-colored ribbons; a sack or upper garment of black silk, ornamented with three rows of silver brooches, the centre ones from the throat to the hem being of large size, and those from the shoulders down being no larger than a shilling-piece, and set as closely as possible.

He was dressed in all his finery, brooches, wampum, fan, looking-glass and all.

" This Way-gee-mar-kin was something of a fairy, for when surrounded by his followers, and wishing to confer favors on them, he had a habit of coughing slightly, when there would fly forth from his mouth quantities of silver brooches, ear-bobs, and other ornaments, for which it was the custom of his people to scramble, each striving, as in more civilized life, to get more than his share.

Presently, as they drew nearer, their paint and feathers and brooches became visible.

Old brooches, miniatures painted on ivory, silhouettes, hair rings, necklaces, ear-rings, chains, and finger-rings.

250 examples of  brooches  in sentences