1251 examples of bruises in sentences

That look was worth fifty bruises, and for it Jack would have continued the fight with Grundy to the bitter end.

My wounds had disappeared; my bruises were gone.

And then' the Justice to recite began The charter of the Cruelty to An- Imals Society, and then he said: "Pride rideth on a donkey, as I've read, Until it gets a fall, and then it loses Its dignity and blubbers o'er its bruises.

Injuries to the reproductive glands, sometimes the slightest bruises, may lead to atrophy, and a change of personality follows in less than six weeks.

how, at first, refusing all sustenance, it beats and bruises itself against its wires, till it makes its gay plumage fly about, and over-spread its well-secured cage.

The leg of Daggett was certainly broken, a little distance above his ancle; and various bruises in other places, gave notice of the existence of other injuries.

The patient was put in his bunk, and some attention was bestowed on his bruises and other injuries.

All the bruises were well, and the captain of the Vineyard craft was just beginning to move about a little on crutches; a prodigious relief to one of his habits, after the confinement to the house.

He appeared before that prince, and, throwing off his vestments, showed his body all torn with bruises and stripes, which he had received.

The darker of the two had the cut on his cheek, before mentioned, his fur parka was torn half off him, displaying some ugly bruises.

He falls upon things as they lie in his way, as if he stumbled at them, or his foot slipped and cast him upon them; for he is commonly foiled and comes off with bruises.

He was immediately taken up by his guards, who followed at full speed, and conveyed to Whitehall; Thurloe leaped from the door of the carriage, and escaped with a sprained ancle and some severe bruises.

In all those questions, where the spirit of contradiction does not interfere, on which he is not sore from old bruises, or sick from the extravagance of youthful intoxication, as from a last night's debauch, our "laureate" is still bold, free, candid, open to conviction, a reformist without knowing it.

This movement of the natives made us suspicious of no very friendly intentions on their part and hurried our return to the boat; but, the descent being steep and strewed with rocks which were concealed by grass higher than our middles, we did not reach the bottom of the hill without several bruises.

Boxes were packed with books, pictures, and linen; plate and china were wrapped and swaddled, to prevent breakage and bruises; carpets were taken up, and packed away; curtains taken down, and looking-glasses covered.

" The New Orleans Mercantile Advertiser says: "A negro woman was found chained, covered with bruises and wounds from severe flogging.

One of the houses assaulted was occupied by an unfortunate cripplewho, unable to fly from the fury of the mob, was so beaten by some of the ruffians, that he has since died in consequence of the bruises and wounds inflicted ...

Finding him not much the worse for wear, barring some bruises and a missing inch or two of skin, he ordered the bag pulled over his head again and gave the order for retreat.

The salt water got in all of our bruises and cracked our hands and feet, but there was no help for us, and we had to grin and bear it.

" As we moved on I saw that the yellow flowers of the purau, dried red by the sun,poultices for natives' bruises,and candlenuts in heaps,torches ready to hand,littered the moss.

Who me, unfriended, brought'st by wondrous ways, The kingdom of my fathers to possess: 263 Be thou my judge, with what unwearied care I since have labour'd for my people's good; To bind the bruises of a civil war, And stop the issues of their wasting blood.

Exhibit: the scratches upon my erstwhile beautiful countenance; reserved: the bruises upon my unhappy knees and elbows.

Now the argument with Bagwax was this,that if he found in the Sydney postmarks of 7th May, and in those of 13th May, the same deviations or bruises in the die, those deviations must have existed also on the days between these two dates;and as the impression before him was quite perfect, without any deviation, did it not follow that it must have been obtained in some manner outside the ordinary course of business?

"I wanted to send another groom at once to Tronka Castle so as to have the horses taken care of until you got back there; for as Herse has always shown himself truthful and, indeed, more faithful to us than any other has ever been, I felt I had no right to doubt his statement, especially when confirmed by so many bruises, or to think that perhaps he had lost the horses in some other way.

I did not understand her thenI thought they were bruises received in lifeand wondered what she meant as well as I could conjecture at such a time of bewilderment; but still I resolutely refused to leave my dear one's side, sobbing passionately when Mr. Lodore came in to take me away at last, in obedience to Dr. Pemberton's orders.

1251 examples of  bruises  in sentences
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