1251 examples of bruises in sentences

So, rolling our pants up above our knees (there was no use of talking about shoes and stockings; such luxuries were not within the range of indulgence to boys of our age in those days, save in the frosts and snows of winter, and stubbed toes, stone bruises, and thorns in the feet, come floating along down from the long past, like shadows of darkness on the current of memory.

By the way, will some rich man, who was reared in the country in the good old times when boys went barefooted in the summer months, when chapped feet, stone bruises, stubbed toes, and thorns that pierced and festered in their soles were the great ills that 'darkened deepest around human destiny,' solve for me a problem of the human mind?

It had cost his great body a good many aches and bruises, but he was a capital axeman now, and not such a bad carpenter, though when the Boy said as much he had answered: "Carpenter!

My wounds had disappeared; my bruises were gone.

"And after a space he returned, covered as before with wounds and bruises, but comely and somewhat fat.

But oh, sweet flowers, to lie And feel you helpless while he grips and bruises Your weak protesting breasts!

He falls upon things as they lie in his way, as if he stumbled at them, or his foot slipped and cast him upon them; for he is commonly foiled and comes off with bruises.

Another and another followed, till, covered with bruises, but with his arms crossed fast upon his breast, he fell heavily on the ground.

No denial of the fact, Juana; those black bruises avouch it without a tongue.

I do; but your case is, I am grieved to say, desperate, unless I am informed of the cause of these monstrous weals, bruises, slashes, and chafings, in order that my prescription, may""The cause of them," said Perez, almost frightened to death, "is, having to my cost a saint of a wife.

There was a frightful wound on the shoulders which had borne the weight of the Cross, and all the upper part of the body was covered with bruises and deeply marked with blows of the scourges.

" "That's small comfort for us," I said, nursing my bruises.

Once a drunken logger shouldered his way into the kitchen to leer unpleasantly at Stella, and, himself inflamed by liquor and the affront, Charlie Benton beat the man until his face was a mass of bloody bruises.

A club bruises, and benumbs the nerves, while a switch, neither breaking nor bruising the flesh, instead of blunting the sense of feeling, wakes up and stings to torture all the susceptibilities of pain.

Barring about sixty or seventy bruises.

To the genuine explorer, flushed with justified self-confidence, well equipped for the journey, and indifferent to scratches or bruises, one may suppose this to be rather an allurement than otherwise, as he spurs along, lance at rest, and sword on side.

It was perhaps a week or two before the wounds and bruises were healed.

Clamours, revilings, contentions, tearing of hair, and breaking of heads, generally conclude the business; and, after the loss of half a day's time, some part of their clothes, and the expence of a few bruises, the combatants retire with small bills to the value of five, or perhaps ten livres, as the whole resource to carry on their little commerce for the ensuing week.

"Don't you let him fool you," said Bee, who always doubts everybody's good intentions and discounts their bad ones, which worthy plan of life permits her to count up at the end of the year only half as many mental bruises as I, let me pause to remark.

As for bruises and scratches, however, I sustained the most.

Bruises, you understand.

Bumps, bruises, and scratches are often the result of their efforts to outstrip each other in the headlong race.

It takes the same length of time to lose the marks of the woonds and bruises, and they have to hobble round on the same kind of crutches.

A bottle of liniment, the brand that made us forget our sprains and bruises in college days, was brought to light, and with commendable dexterity the innocent label was removed in a twinkling with a specially constructed piece of steel.

The horse went on, out of hearing, but I was glad enough to lie still, for I had begun to know of my bruises.

1251 examples of  bruises  in sentences