95 examples of brung in sentences

So they to each other kept clinging, and clung, While Time his swift circuit was winging, and wung; And this was the thing he was bringing, and brung.

Miz Bence, she cain't come down this morningyou'll have to git somebody to tend her looms till noon; Pap, he's sick, and she has obliged to wait on himso I brung the new gal.

The fust night when you brung her here I named it to her that she was pretty well along in years, and she'd better be spry about gettin' her hooks on a man, or she was left.

By no means, brev'ren; you was all brung up by women, an' you've got ter lib wid' em, an ef anythin' in dis yer worl' is ketchin', my dear brev'ren, it's habin debbils, an' from wot I've seen ob some ob de men ob dis worl'

"What brung him to life?" asked Harry.

What brung you all this ways?" "Why, anxious to see how you was doing.

"Cap'n Wegg brung the Huckses with him when he settled here.

"Well, I've brung ye up, hain't I?"

I was brung up right.

Riley, was it that that brung you back here, and me, unknowing?"

"Dat's whut she brung you."

" "Ya-as, I 'magine she brung somp'n fuh me.

Ye see, the parson brought Long Jim and Buckrow; and Tryhum, or whatever his name is, brung Petrak to do his part of the dirty work.

Aunt Lucy stopped beside him, and still holding each by the hand, bowed low, saying, "General Smith, I's brung der two little Donner gals in to see yo, sah"; then she slipped out.

But we brung 'em all along.

"So Jeff slip' off down ter Aun' Peggy's one night, en gun 'er de present he brung, en tol' 'er all 'bout 'im en Chloe en Hannibal, en ax' 'er ter he'p 'im out.

Mars Dugal' wuz feelin' so kine dat he had brung up a bairl er cider, en tole

Soon as the washing was brung in the clothes had to be sorted out and every snag place patched nice.

Wen my Ole Boss sole out up thar, he brung me wid him on to Paducah.

Catlett and we brung $500.00.

"Wen my Pappy kum home from de war, he war on de "Govmint" side he brung a pistol back wid him dat shot a ball dey hed caps on hit en used dese in de war.

I stayed in Henderson foh sometime working foh furst one and tother en den Mr. Henry Shackleford hired me en brung me to Christian County.

Mary and me can ride 'em anywheres; that's why I brung 'em along, to ride in case we had to eat the cattle.

"I was ony five year old when dey brung me to Sanderson, in Baker County, Florida.

For your sake I brung him, and for your sake I'll fight him, damn him, in spite" The wind wailed again, far off, and Buck Daniels cowered back against the wall.

95 examples of  brung  in sentences