620 examples of brutalities in sentences

It is only in the brutalities of life that men are decisive.

He looks for a mystery in every crime, whereas most crimes are merely plain, downright brutalities.

"He pointed out, after you left, that most crimes are not romances, but mere brutalities.

Some people imagine that the hard brutalities of war erase the softer elements of men's natures; that killing and the rough life of campaigning, where one is familiarised with the tragedies of life every hour of every day, where ease and comfort are forgotten things, remove from the mind those earlier lessons of peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

"We think it our duty to draw attention to the fact that our educational work in Turkey forfeits its moral basis and the natives' esteem, if the German Government is not in a position to prevent the brutalities inflicted here upon the wives and children of murdered Armenians.

You don't believe these stories of German brutalities, do you?"

DAVID D'ANGERS Brutalities and ferocities were mingled together.

With mixed crews, recruited from every nation, they scoured the seas, disappearing occasionally to careen in some lonely inlet, or putting in for a debauch at some outlying port, where they dazzled the inhabitants by their lavishness, and horrified them by their brutalities.

he cried; "I can endure your brutalities, but not your hypocrisy.

Can I do anything to prevent England from calling down on herself God's curse for brutalities committed on another feeble Oriental race?

War has its brutalities, and terrible indeed they are: unleashed hate, lust, cruelty and revenge; but war has its heroisms.

All his instinctive and acquired brutalities were cleverly excited by those who held him in leash, by his official chiefs, his great General Staff, his enrolled professors, his army chaplains.

Comfort is here out of the question; common decency has been rendered impossible; and the horrible brutalities of the passenger-ship are day after day repeated,but on a larger scale.

It was the first time that Rossetti had experienced the brutalities of criticism, and his sensitiveness was excessive.

16 Not yet did the brutalities of the war spoil the picture painted in khaki tones upon the green background of the French countryside.

Dimly and in a far-off way, the people who have stayed at home will understand the misery of war and its brutalities.

It was only when special orders for "frightfulness" had been issued, or when officers in subordinate command let their men get out of hand, or led the way to devilry by their own viciousness of action, that the rank and file of the enemy's army committed its brutalities.

Of York district tribes we are told (I., 343) that "girls are betrothed shortly after birth, and brutalities are practised on them while mere children."

Naturally, it was simpler to assume that it was impossible to control oneself than to find out how to make it possible, but as we grow more civilized we cease to be perfectly content with this simple plan, and begin to perceive its extraordinary injustices and brutalities.

They required his companion to witness these brutalities.

It had led Howard and Elizabeth Fry to assail the brutalities of the prisons.

The brutalities and beastlinesses of Titus Andronicus seemed impossible to the author of "The Tempest" and the "Midsummer Night's Dream."

Thus, three months after the birth of the Princess Charlotte, the deed of separation was signed, and Caroline was at last free to escape from a Court which she had grown to detest, with good reason, and from a husband whose brutalities and infidelities filled her with loathing.

But through all this his sub-conscious mind was not that of a despairer; on the contrary, there is something of a kind of lawless faith in thus parleying with such immense and immemorial brutalities.

But behind all this he has his real weaknesses, the real ironies of his soul: behind all these ordinary merits lie the mean compromises, the craven silences, the sullen vanities, the secret brutalities, the unmanly visions of revenge.

620 examples of  brutalities  in sentences
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