51 examples of buckram in sentences

You from a paltry pen-and-inkhorn clerk, Bearing a buckram-satchel at your belt, Unto a justice' place I did prefer; Where you unjustly have my tenants rack'd, Wasted my treasure, and increas'd your store.

It is a piece of calm sanctity in-buckram, is a stout mass of undiluted lime stone, has been made ornate with pepper castors, looks sweetly-clean after a summer shower, is devoid of a steeple, will never be blown over, couldn't be lifted in one piece, and will nearly stand forever.

If they do not, indeed, get time to come before they are dead, we have full assurance that they will straggle along afterward clad neatly in sheepskin, or more gorgeously in green buckram with gilt lettering.

The Greater Armenia is a large province, subject to the Tartars, which has many cities and towns, the principal of which is Arsugia, in which the best buckram in the world is made.

adamant, adamantine, adamantean^; concrete, stony, granitic, calculous, lithic^, vitreous; horny, corneous^; bony; osseous, ossific^; cartilaginous; hard as a rock &c n.; stiff as buckram, stiff as a poker;

conceit, foppery, dandyism, man millinery, coxcombry, puppyism. stiffness, formality, buckram; prudery, demureness, coquetry, mock modesty, minauderie, sentimentalism; mauvais honte, false shame.

supercilious, disdainful, bumptious, magisterial, imperious, high and mighty, overweening, consequential; arrogant &c 885; unblushing &c 880. stiff, stiff-necked; starch; perked stuck-up; in buckram, strait- laced; prim &c (affected) 855. on one's dignity, on one's high horses, on one's tight ropes, on one's high ropes; on stilts; en grand seigneur

Though you be never so much delayed you must not call his master knave, that makes him go beyond himself, and write a challenge in court hand, for it may be his own another day These are some certain of his liberal faculties; but in the term time his clog is a buckram bag.

His face is like a lawyer's buckram rag, that has always business in it, and as he trots about his head travels as fast as his feet.

His words and gestures are all as stiff as buckram, and he talks as if his lips were turned up as well as his beard.

Our last Months Prude was so armed and fortified in Whalebone and Buckram that we had much ado to come at her; but you would have died with laughing to have seen how the sober awkward Thing looked when she was forced out of her Intrenchments.

Discarding the stiff buckram strut of martial tradition, he educated them to move with the loafing insouciance of the Indian, or the graceful ease of the panther.

" "Ay, Mr. Tims," said I, "that is truly a geman old lover kneeling at the foot of his young sweetheart, and two fellows in buckram taking a peep at them from among the trees.

" "Yes, yes," returned the individual who, either in his youth or in his age, had made so capital a blunder in the choice of a profession, "a fine and promising chance it is for one who counts but five-and-twenty; most of my day has gone by, and I must spend the rest of it here, where you see me, between buckram and osnaburghswho put the dye into your cloth, Pardy?

Though these several personal qualifications were exhibited under the disadvantages of the perfectly simple, though neat and rather tastefully disposed, attire of a common mariner, they were sufficiently imposing to cause the suspicious dealer in buckram to hesitate before he would venture to address the stranger, whose eye appeared riveted, by a species of fascination, on the reputed slaver in the outer harbour.

Two stout knaves thrusting him from behind and one dragging in front forced him through a narrow gate and along a stone-flagged passage, a small man in black buckram with a bunch of keys in one hand and a swinging lantern in the other leading the way.

Yes, one could see her, in that time-honored thin silk dress of hers stiffened into brocade by buckram underneath; the high, low-necked waist, hiding any evidences of breast, if there were such evidences to hide, and bringing the long neck into such faulty prominence; and the sleeves, crisp puffs of tulle divided by bands of red velvet, through which the poor lean arm runs like a wire, stringing them together like beads.

Mem. left in the keeping of the wardens nowe beinge, a fryers cote of russet, and a kyrtle of a worstyde weltyd with red cloth, a mouren's cote of buckram, and 4 morres dawnsars cotes of white fustian spangelyd, and two gryne saten cotes, and a dysardd's cote of cotton, and 6 payre of garters with bells.

From the sorrow of a Hottentot to that of a woman in large buckram sleeves, with several bracelets on each arm, an architectural bonnet, and delicate ribbon-stringswhat a long series of gradations!

If, with a crushed heart and eyes half-blinded by the mist of tears, she were to walk with a too devious step through a door-place, she might crush her buckram sleeves, too, and the deep consciousness of this possibility produces a composition of forces by which she takes a line that just clears the door-post.

I could eat him up without salt or savorya weak reed, a kerl without backbone save of buckram; why, I will shake him this day like a rat between my hands!"

I was proud of its buckram undersleeves, though they scratched my arms, and admired its wings, which extended over the protecting buckram.

I was proud of its buckram undersleeves, though they scratched my arms, and admired its wings, which extended over the protecting buckram.

Yet, should you chance to look upon it, with its straight seams and buckram collar, I am quite sure you would not prefer it to my old coat, unseemly as it may appear."

Wellington, the dumb ghost, with an ashy-gray soul in a buckram body, a wooden smile on his freezing faceand, by the side of that, think of the figure of Napoleon, every inch a god!

51 examples of  buckram  in sentences