25974 examples of build in sentences

Mrs. Dixon was the palest lady he expected at the ball, and she was of a rather ruddy complexion, and of lively disposition and buxom build.

Assuming that the country is so well settled that no great disturbance of ratios is likely to result from immigration, or any serious conflict of races, we may safely build our theory of a future American race upon the present population of the country.

The Marquis Strozzi, having built a palace which was universally admired for its beauty, (which stands yet, a model of chaste and massive elegance,) his rival, the Marquis Pitti, made the proud boast that he would build a palace, in the court-yard of which could bo placed that of Strozzi.

But who can build up an image of the Alp? We visited the factory on the estate, where wine and oil are made.

When de war come on my papa went to build forts.

Next I build a little house.

I have given as high as $80 and $100 at one time to help out on the church debt or when they wanted to build.

It was decided to purchase a tract in the Adirondack Wilderness, the less accessible the better, and there to build a permanent club-house, and I was appointed to select the site and lay it out.

Mrs. Rossetti was what one often hears spoken of as "a dear, good woman," whose motherly life had absorbed her existence,one of the witnesses (martyrs) of the practical Christianity, who go, unseen and unknown, to build the universal church of humanity, and whom we reverence without naming them.

They put up poles as for a lodge, and covered them very thick with pine boughs, so they could build fires and cook, and no one would see the light and smoke; and they all ate some of the food they carried, and then went to sleep.

He took them to the cliff, and made them build rock piles like this; and he made the people hide behind these piles of rock, and said, "When I lead the buffalo this way, as I bring them opposite to you, rise up.

Then they build a sweat lodge and go into it, and with them goes in an old man, a medicine-pipe man, who has been a good warrior.

They always endeavor to make camp in the thick timber, where they cannot be seen; and here, when it is necessary, on account of bad weather or for other reasons, they build a war lodge.

Sometimes, when on the prairie, where there is no wood, in stormy weather they will build a shelter of rocks.

Trust Cossar to build a fire!

There is space enough to build a large room and a bathroom, for part of it is just above the bathroom downstairs.

By noon they reached the dam and went ashore to look for a place to build a fire.

Well, the women of Alabama, to build a gun-boat, had raised two hundred thousand dollars, and "They will 'ave to raise mo'," twittered Madame Valcour, "if New Orleans fall'.

Smash things; build them up again!

Gus could plainly distinguish the gray cap, the slender build of the youth; he recognized the walk, a certain manner of standing, and once he plainly caught that upward shift of the shoulder.

I marvel, Guy, that you have not repaid the compliment of the English king's invitation to your weavers, by bringing over workmen to build you some of those long narrow passages which, beginning just over the fire, project from the top of the house to carry off the smoke.

" "What mean you, Baldwin?" "Nay, have you not heard that in England they are beginning to build along the end of the rooms, lodges or troughs to contain the fuel, on the base of which they raise a brick funnel, through which all the smoke mounts and so evaporates at the top of the house?" replied Baldwin.

We hold that all authors so derided have a right to call upon their critics to make good their words; and build up the visionary castles of their Fata Morgana, (like London Bridge in the nursery song) with "gravel and stone;" or rather, "with silver and gold."

To build a navy was the advice of our venerable sage.

A second letter condoled with "little Lincoln," because owing to the collapse of the lottery the "poor little fellow" will not even get enough to "build him a baby house.

25974 examples of  build  in sentences