25974 examples of build in sentences

Ilse Bukofzer (W); 3Nov75; R616905. R616906. United States Navy waterline models and how to build them.

Build this cut film washing tank.

Build this spotlight.

But they set to work with a will to clear the land and build their houses.

At first the settlers were given lumber and bricks and tools to build their houses, but the later arrivals, who had as a rule to go farthest up the river, were compelled to find their building materials in the forest.

Even the King's American Dragoons, evicted from their lands on the harbour of St John, were ordered to build their huts 'without any public expence.'

The captains of militia in the neighbourhood were ordered to help build barracks for the refugees, provisions were secured from the merchants at Three Rivers, and everything in reason was done to make the unfortunates comfortable.

In 1783 Lieutenant Tinling was sent to Niagara to survey lots, and Sergeant Brass of the 84th was sent to build a saw-mill and a grist-mill.

In some districts it was a cause of grievance that persons from the States entered the province, petitioned for lands, took the necessary oaths, and, having obtained possession of the land, resold it, pocketed the money, and returned to build up the American Union.

Though primitive, they seem to have been not uncomfortable; and many of the old settlers clung to them long after they could have afforded to build better.

When Colonel Simcoe went to Upper Canada he planned to build a road running across the province from Montreal to the river Thames, to be called Dundas Street.

Upon this forty days and this fasting of Christ do our Papists found and build their Lent; for, say they, all the actions of Christ are our instructions; what He did we ought to follow.

In the winter, outside the house, we had the snow with which to build statues and make forts, and huge piles of wood covered with ice, which we called the Alps, so difficult were they of ascent and descent.

The greater part of mankind neither card the fleece, dig the mine, fell the wood, nor gather in the harvest; they neither tend herds nor build houses; in what then are they employed?

He was now desirous to purchase a small estate, and thereon build a house according to his own taste.

It wa'nt nothin' but cotton rowslot of old shabby shanties, with jes one brick sto', an' it b'longed to Ben Robertson, an' I hope[FN: helped] build all de sto'es in West Point since den.

I hope build it in 1865.

It took a long time to build back dout no money.

At fust I hauled timber out'n de woods an' afte' whil'st I hauled lumber to town to build houses.

But later he 'cided to build him a house in town so he got my pa to he'p him build it an' it was one of de purtiest houses in Aberdeen.

But later he 'cided to build him a house in town so he got my pa to he'p him build it an' it was one of de purtiest houses in Aberdeen.

Douglas' father taught him all that he knew about carpentry and bricklaying, and the two were in demand to repair, remodel, or build houses for the white people.

Although he never attended school, Charles Parish could calculate very rapidly the number of bricks that it would take to build a house.

When they were seen to be coming toward a settlement the natives would close their doors and windows and build fires around their homes to avoid them.

Having no means of transportation but their boat, they could do nothing more than build themselves a house, and go into winter quarters, with the faint hope that, some time before spring, Major Abaza would send a party of men to their relief.

25974 examples of  build  in sentences
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