292 examples of bulky in sentences

It was a twelve footer of bulky dimensions, heavy wood not thoroughly seasoned.

He was a huge fellow, as tall as Bull, or taller, and nearly as bulky.

One rises, and ties the mouth of the sack with string he had brought with him for the purpose, and setting down the sack, bulky now and heavy, by Conspirator No. Two, takes up the spade and begins to dig.

One day there arrived a bulky parcel for Narcissus; so bulky indeed and so suspiciously heavy, that it bore signs of several agitated official inspections, and nothing short of official deference to Endymion (under cover of whom it was addressed) could account for its having come through at all.

As, bawsyn olyphantes, i.e., bulky elephants.

He was a colossus; bulky rather than tall, but misshapen from his excess of muscle.

He stood, leaning upon his black ebony stick, with his bulky shoulders stooping forward, and an amused smile upon his face, as if the most innocent of compliments had been addressed to him.

All at once Jack saw some bulky object pass between their machine and the ground below.

The sight of his bulky old mother working at the spoiled ham and of the negro women in the street moving to and from the infected well filled Peter Siner with its terrible pathos.

Presently Peter saw the bulky form of Dawson Bobbs come around the curve, moving methodically from cabin to cabin.

The old woman in the kitchen must have heard him, for she called to him through the partition, and a moment later her bulky form filled the kitchen entrance.

" "Thank you," I replied, and took the letter, which was quite bulky and sealed with a splotch of black wax imprinted with a coat of arms or a crest, or some such insignia.

I did not regard it as any of his affair where I had delivered the letter, and did not intend to inform him I had left the bulky envelope at the Hong-Kong-Shanghai Bank.

They sprang up in time to see the bulky form of Butch Conklin rise out of the shadows in the front part of the room with outstretched arms, from one of which a revolver dropped clattering to the floor.

She opened the bulky receptacle and drew it out after the manner of a concertina, exhibiting multitudinous partitions, all stuffed with pieces of paper, coils of tape and sewing silk, buttons, samples of dress materials and miscellaneous rubbish, mingled indiscriminately with gold, silver, and copper coins.

Under no circumstances would I permit myself to become large and gross and bulky.

The cross-street was between us and them, and as Grim nudged me two mena bulky, bearded big one and one of rather less than middle height, both in Arab dresspassed in front of us.

Ken crouched lower, and as he did so some bulky object in the pocket of the Turkish overcoat which he was wearing made itself felt.

We have been led to speak of what we consider the defects, or rather the redundancies, of the "Dictionary," because we believe, that, if less bulky, it would be more certain of the wide distribution it so highly deserves.

Not that always where the language is intricate, the thought is subtile, or the image always great where the line is bulky; the equality of words to things is very often neglected, and trivial sentiments and vulgar ideas disappoint the attention, to which they are recommended by sonorous epithets and swelling figures.

The structure of the wings varies greatly in the different species: in general they are short, and as their bodies are bulky, they cannot consequently rise to any great height without difficulty; but when once they gain a certain distance they fly easily, and some of them with rapidity.

"You are bigger than I, and it would hardly be fair," replied Tom, surveying the bulky form of his challenger.

" Nevertheless, the dude came to a stooping posture, and, with one gloved hand on the railing to steady him self, wabbled the bulky cane again in the direction of the shore.

The collector fumbled among some papers and drew out a bulky seed catalogue, illustrated in glowing tints.

A bulky figure was pulling a saddle from a horse.

292 examples of  bulky  in sentences