292 examples of bulky in sentences

Afraid that the vessel would fill, they took their bulky goods and threw them into the water.

It is, however, observed by one of them, that, "if all had not very bulky estates, yet they had free estates, and were not of broken fortunes, or such as owed great sums of money, and stood in need of privilege and protection as formerly.

But she was surprised not to see the thick blue paper wrappers; there was nothing there but bulky manuscripts, the doctor's completed but unpublished works, works of inestimable value, all his researches, all his discoveries, the monument of his future fame, which he had left in Ramond's charge.

The Norwegian carried a bulky package of some kind, the contents of which it would have been impossible to guess save that it gave out a metallic sound as Tam moved with it.

It came in contact with the false pocketbook, which seemed bulky and full of money.

It involves the physical attractiveness of every woman in History and permits one to speculate wildly as to what might have happened if Cleopatra had weighed forty pounds heavier, if Elizabeth had been a gaunt and wiry creature, or if Joan of Arc had been so bulky that she could not have fastened on her armor.

Under no circumstances would I permit myself to become large and gross and bulky.

" In his bulky right hand he imprisoned her two, and, passing his other arm around her waist, he was guiding her little by little toward the exit from the salon.

It seemed that where Mr. Travis was a big, bulky opener of doors, Mr. Raffin was a sleek and cultured Chesterfielda musicianan artist.

It is coal, then, with its structure preserved, that allows of a verification of the theory advanced by several scientists that the often bulky trunks of Syringodendron are bases of Sigillariæ.

It was considerably more bulky in proportion to its length, its chest and back more elevated, its fore flippers thicker and more rounded, and its hind quarters less tapering to the tail.

First Hag: A queer thing you to speak so stiff and to be running down all around you, and your own pocket being bulky the while.

Commissary teams sent out by the Kennel Club leave supplies at all of the Road Houses and camps that are to be used as rest stationsdrugs for emergencies, and all sorts of luxuries that would be too bulky to be carried in the racing sleds, but which are shared impartially at the different stops.

I staggered back, turned, and was either struck or struck myself against some other bulky furniture.

He wore a Cloak the same as women wear As one whose blood did needful comfort lack; His face look'd pale as if it had grown fair; And, furthermore he had upon his back, Beneath his cloak, a round and bulky Pack; A load of wool or raiment as might seem.

He looked from the little, whitefaced woman on the bed to the bulky figure of Mr. Gribble.

Large sacks of skin, called by the Canadians porches, were also provided to hold the more bulky provisions, for our journey was to be a long one.

Judging by the symptoms, he has taken a large dose, and, if he has been in the habit of consuming large quantities, his stock would be pretty bulky.

The collector fumbled among some papers and drew out a bulky seed catalogue, illustrated in glowing tints.

And a usefully bulky man he was.

that is the worst of bulky men, they can do nothing featlynot even die!

She thought to sew them in the sleeves of her gowns, but that would look bulky and there was not time.

He had fine, large, solid hands, the softness of which, like silk, had struck me when I shook hands with him; and, though he was both elderly and bulky, he moved with a certain grace and alertness.

They were more or less bulky pamphlets, with pithy sarcastic programmes for titles, and sometimes a wood or copper cut prefixed.

" "Monsieur François," said the Alderman, separating his niece, with little ceremony, from her nearly parental attendant, by the interposition of his own bulky person, and motioning for the others to proceed, "a word with thee in confidence.

292 examples of  bulky  in sentences