217 examples of bulldog in sentences

Tump's attack had been sudden and silent, much like a bulldog's.

Anthony has a magnificent bulldog, broad-chested, and a very Goliath among dogs.

He looks fiendish then, and he is a true bulldog.

As he puffed the first luxurious cloud of smoke from his bulldog, Langdon nodded toward the timber from which they had just come.

The chest is more expansive than even in the Bulldog, and should in the Bassets a jambes torses be not more than two inches from the ground.

They wanted a dog combining all the dash and gameness of the terrier with the heart and courage and fighting instinct of the Bulldog.

Wherefore the terrier and the Bulldog were crossed.

The animal, however, was neither a true terrier nor a true Bulldog, but an uncompromising mongrel; albeit he served his immediate purpose, and was highly valued for his pertinacity, if not for his appearance.

These Birmingham dogs showed a refinement and grace and an absence of the crook-legs and coloured patches which betrayed that Hinks had been using an out-cross with the English White Terrier, thus getting away further still from the Bulldog.

NECKThe neck should be long and slightly arched, nicely set into the shoulders tapering to the head without any loose skin, as found in the Bulldog.

Besides, did you ever know the English bulldog to let go?

His dominating characteristic in later life was a bulldog tenacity, which led him to stick to one idea through discouragements and disappointments which would have overwhelmed a weaker nature.

He let the pony go on at the same tireless jog, clinging like a bulldog to the trail.

It was a stiff two day journey, now, the whole first day's riding having been a worse than useless detour; so the bulldog jaw set harder and harder, and the keen eyes squinted as if to look into the dim future.

And still the very able and very French individual on whom rested the last hope of the seemingly hopeless Alliance stood unruffled as a rock, in every angle of his sky-blue jacket and his bulldog figure.

We have a white bulldog whose confident attitude towards the world is quite like that of the irresistible man.

MCNEILE, HERMAN CYRIL. Bulldog Drummond returns.

(Pub. abroad in The Strand magazine; instalment 1-2, Aug.-Sept. 1931 issues as Bulldog Drummond and the mystery of the studio; instalment 4-6 in Nov. 1931-Jan. 1932 issues, as The mystery of the studio.

The brides of Mertonbridge Hall. SEE McNeile, H. C. Bulldog Drummond returns.

Alexander Graham Bell Fairchild, Barbara Mueller & Hancy Bell Bates (C); 3Oct66; R394892. FAIRLIE, FRANCIS GERARD LUIS. Bulldog Drummond on Dartmoor.

The pistol afforded another branch of the science of projectiles, and, as the revolver was an unusually good one, they also became remarkably expert in the use of that little "bulldog.

Physically a manly, bulldog sort of a man, Charles Kelly possessed as an actor great tenderness and humor.

She was emaciated and had flaxen hair, a bulldog face, freckles on her cheeks, crooked teeth projecting under a flat nose.

The ghastly eyes were fixed on Des Esseintes, penetrating him, freezing his very marrow; wilder than ever, the bulldog woman threw herself at him and commenced to howl like a dog at the killing, her head hanging on her rigid neck.

The bulldog woman was in front of him and, grotesque and woeful, while warm tears fell from her eyes, she told him that she had lost her teeth in her flight.

217 examples of  bulldog  in sentences