90 examples of bunged in sentences

He was still "frightfully bunged up," but "I think we'll push on to-morrow," he said that night, as he sat by the fire smoking before turning in.

Butts is a little bunged up, but he's the handier man, even so.

Put them into jars or bottles well bunged, and a tablespoonful of the best olive-oil on the top of each jar or bottle.

On the ''third' day after the cask is full,that is, the 'tenth' day after the commencement of making,the cask may be securely bunged down.

And I'm sort of bunged up."

Hope he's bunged up good and hard by the tumble," came from another.

Skinny was all bunged up but, oh, boy, you should have seen the scout smile when he saw me.

How's things to home?" "Dad's bunged up for life; can't do nothing but cuss, but at that he lays over anything you ever hear."

What do you call it when two people of opposite sexes are bunged together in close association in a secluded spot, meeting each other every day and seeing a lot of each other?" "Is 'propinquity' the word you wish, sir?"

I gave the thing the cream of the Wooster brain all the way down, but it continued to beat me what could have caused the outbreak of hostilities, and I bunged my foot sedulously on the accelerator in order to get to Aunt Dahlia with the greatest possible speed and learn the inside history straight from the horse's mouth.

It was what the magistrate had said to me on the occasion when I stood in the dock as Eustace Plimsoll, of The Laburnums: and as it had impressed me a good deal at the time, I just bunged it in now by way of giving the conversation a tone.

Gussie had bunged his heart at her feet; she had picked it up, and, almost immediately after doing so, had discovered that he had been stewed to the eyebrows all the time.

The next moment she was legging it for the dining-room, while I, having bunged the bicycle into a bush, made for the stairs.

The bung-hole is 3 to 4 inches in diameter.

On top of it is a dancing-floor having the bung-hole in the center!

Open your eyes and take a look around; my peepers are bunged up.

The crossing of the Kharzán had not improved the appearance of dress-clothes and shirts, to say nothing of my eyes being in the condition described by pugilists as "bunged up," my face of the hue of a boiled lobster, the effects of sun and snow.

They stuffed in the sulphur and nitre, they bunged the holes soundly, and fired their trains.

She paid dearly for her fatal gift of attractiveness at Palhallanher eyes, usually so keen, being what is vulgarly termed "bunged up," and every vulnerable spot in like piteous plight!

That Evening he was back at his own Fireside, with the Bunged-Up Feet resting in Carpet Slippers.

"There's only two in the outfit," I went on, "that have got any sprawl to them; and they are old Tom their bunged-up horse, and Rowena Fewkes.

Then he seen the lion's tail stick out through the bung-hole.

I was too bunged up to help Nielsen pitch our tent.

Quick as thought, the were-wolf turned himself into a leaf, but the man was as nimble, for he caught up the leaf, thrust it into the joint of bamboo, in which he kept his tobacco, and bunged it up tight.

I lunch in the great dining-room, with tall full-length Tempests eying me with constant placidity from the walls; with the butler and footman still trying respectfully to ignore my swelled nose and bunged-up eyes.

90 examples of  bunged  in sentences