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166 examples of  bunting  in sentences

166 examples of bunting in sentences

"I can't goto the Klondykenakedno, nor wrapped in a rabbit-skinlike Baby Bunting" Nicholas was conferring with the Colonel and offering to take him to Ol' Chief's.

As soon as the liner's signal had been read by the vessels of the squadron a wild display of signal bunting swiftly broke out.

The ancient capital of Virginia was aflame with the new rebel bunting.

Shall that dirty roll of bunting in the gun-house be all the colors a village can display?

[Footnote 1: This name is given by the French Canadians to the bobolink or rice bunting.

Scarcely had the Turks left, probably before they had all gone and while the guns were still banging outside the entrances to Jerusalem, stray pieces of bunting which had done duty on many another day were hung out to signify the popular pleasure at the end of an old, hard, extortionate regime and the beginning of an era of happiness and freedom.

" Next day the town of Leghorn awoke to find itself gay with bunting, the Italian and English flags flying side by side everywhere, and the Consular standard flapping over the Consulate in the piazza.

The platform looked ironical that night, still decked with bunting, limp and drenched now by the rain, and lit up by the flames of the burning town.

There existed, she was sure, a mass of luxuriant legend about the "lengths" her engagement with Murray Brush had gone; she could herself fairly feel them in the air, these streamers of evil, black flags flown as in warning, the vast redundancy of so cheap and so dingy social bunting, in fine, that flapped over the stations she had successively moved away from and which were empty now, for such an ado, even to grotesqueness.

Within a week yellow bunting waved from half a score of cottages in and about Paradise.

The sun bounced up out of the ocean, a great red ball behind the thin fog, and bunting climbed the flagstaffs of Honolulu.

For Sir Piers and his wife motored home at the end of July through a village decked with flags and bunting and under a triumphant arch that made Piers' little two-seater seem absurdly insignificant; while the bells in the church-tower clanged the noisiest welcome they could compass, and Graciehome for the holidaysmustered the school-children to cheer their hardest as the happy couple passed the schoolhouse gate.

more than this, it was scarce credible that they should not have made an answering fire, or set some of their bunting above the superstructure, so that our gaze should be arrested upon the instant we chanced to glance towards the hulk.

BYE, BABY BUNTING Bye, baby bunting, Father's gone a-hunting, Mother's gone a-milking, Sister's gone a-silking, And brother's gone to buy a skin To wrap the baby bunting in.

BYE, BABY BUNTING Bye, baby bunting, Father's gone a-hunting, Mother's gone a-milking, Sister's gone a-silking, And brother's gone to buy a skin To wrap the baby bunting in.

BYE, BABY BUNTING Bye, baby bunting, Father's gone a-hunting, Mother's gone a-milking, Sister's gone a-silking, And brother's gone to buy a skin To wrap the baby bunting in.

Later at night a present of twelve fowls and two pieces of red bunting came to the river bank, from some villagers, I believe.

Here, doubtless, was the indigo-bird's southern congener, the nonpareil, or painted bunting, a beauty which I had begun to fear I was to miss.

The garrison, post, and storm flags are national flags and shall be of bunting.

By by, baby bunting, Daddy's gone a-hunting, To get a little rabbit skin To wrap the baby bunting in.

By by, baby bunting, Daddy's gone a-hunting, To get a little rabbit skin To wrap the baby bunting in.

A brilliant idea striking him at that moment, he apostrophized the infant in the touching words: By by, baby bunting, Daddy's gone a-hunting, To get a little rabbit skin To wrap the baby bunting in.

A brilliant idea striking him at that moment, he apostrophized the infant in the touching words: By by, baby bunting, Daddy's gone a-hunting, To get a little rabbit skin To wrap the baby bunting in.

They had a committee to select prizes and open a book for entries, and when the day of the races came they had a judges' boat with gay bunting all over it, and a badly frightened referee and a host of reporters, and police boats to keep order.

And the private yachts and big excursion-boats that passed, banging out popular airs and alive with bunting, made Hefty feel very bitter.

The station platform and the trim graveled road surrounding it were dark with Hilltonian humanity and gay with crimson bunting.

On summer evenings Peter was frequently to be seen outside his inn discussing psalmody and other matters with Jacob Bunting, late a corporal in his majesty's army, a man who prided himself on his knowledge of the world, and found Peter's too easy fund of merriment occasionally irritating.

"And why should it?" asked Bunting.

As they passed over the village green, the gaunt form of Corporal Bunting arrested their progress.

As for Walter, when he set out for London, with Corporal Bunting as his servant, he had found consolation in the discovery that Ellinor's regard for him had gone beyond mere cousinly affection.

Eagerly he sought out Mr. Courtland, and gleaned news which induced him, much to Corporal Bunting's disgust, to set his back on London, and make his way with all speed in the direction of Knaresborough.

IV.Hush-Money While Walter Lester and Corporal Bunting were passing northward, the squire of Grassdale saw, with evident complacency, the passion growing up between his friend and his daughter.

And each had all her bunting flying.

The gate and outside walls were gayly decorated with bunting and Japanese lanterns, all ready to be lighted as soon as the sun went down.

By four o'clock Benton and his rigging-slinger had just finished bunting their second batch of logs down the chute.

I set the Yankee bunting, and she showed the English ensign, in return.

She laughed at ours as "fir-built things with a bit of striped bunting at their mastheads."

There was one trawler at our base so vain that they could never get her to enter the lockpits until her decks had been scrubbed and a string of bunting hoisted at the foremast.

Your hardy, valiant Dane; your sturdy Swede; a nest of smaller fry," he continued, passing his hand rapidly over a dozen little rolls as they lay, each in its own repository, "who spread their bunting like larger states; and your luxurious Neapolitan.

I lay yard-arm and yard-arm, once, under that very bit of bunting, with a heavy corsair from Algiers" "What!

Here is bunting to note all ranks and conditions, as if men were not made of the same flesh, and the people of one kingdom might not all sail honestly under the same emblems.

Then, suffering the bunting to fall, a deep, blood-red field, without relief or ornament of any sort, unfolded itself, as he answered, with emphasis, "This.

To my eye, there are three new cloths in his main-top-gallant-royal, but no bunting abroad.

"We have forgotten the civility of showing the stranger our bunting.

BUNTING, the pied piper of Ham'elin.

[el.f'] (4 syl.) or Alpleich, that weird music with which Bunting, the pied piper of Hamelin, led forth the rats into the river Weser, and the children into a cave in the mountain Koppenberg.

The bunting and the crimson vanish from the streets.

"Leese's house was not large enough to accommodate his guests, so a big marquee surmounted by Mexican and American flags, and gaily decorated with bunting, was spread about where the street now runs.

Every ship in the harbor displayed all her bunting and at night every house was as brilliant as candles and coal oil could make it.

Commander Strang gave an order, and a little row of bunting ran up on the tiny mast of the submarine. '"Heave to, or I'll sink you," that means,' observed Ken's friend.

Society has taken up Sylvia and rejected Georgiana; and so with its great gallantry, and to her boundless delight, Sylvia was invited to sit with a bevy of girls in a large furniture wagon covered with flags and bunting.

It rained drearily as her corpse, covered with starred bunting, was held at the gangway while the captain read the funeral service; then one plunge was heard, and a white object, flashed up through the dark waters, as the ship passed on.

Then, after the usual display of bunting and joy-bells in Berlin, was the moment to make a noble offer of peace.

England still refuses to indulge in joy bells or bunting, but the London police have seized the occasion to strike on the home front.

At the uttermost ends of the earth these dainty vessels, with sweet names of girls or of flowers, mangled and shattered each other for the honour of the four yards of bunting which flapped from the end of their gaffs.

At four o'clock the Hillsdale delegation drove into town in hayracks decorated with flags and bunting, the troop of Girl Scouts who were going to drill in the first rack, and after them several racks full of Hillsdale girls and boys, coming to watch the contest.

In the streets people were singing the Marseillaise, waving tricolored bunting, and hurrahing for the Republic.

The hulks of old men-of-war, forgotten as they may seem, have still their annual days of bunting and the salutes of cannon; but to these old servitors of peace come no such memorial recognitions.

And yet there was a skeleton at the feast; the Federal flag, invisible among the city banners, and absent from the gay bunting and decorations of the harbor shipping, still floated far down the bay over a faithful commander and loyal garrison in Fort Moultrie.

Congo Square was void of soldiers before half Canal street's new red-white-and-red bunting could be thrown to the air.

All the walks of the garden would be canopied with bunting and gemmed with candles blinking like the fireflies round that bower of roses by Bendermere's stream.

Mr. Bunting in peace and war.


AGARD, WALTER R. Medical Greek and Latin at a glance, foreword & changes by Walter R. Agard; introd. by C. W. Bunting.

BUNTING, C. W. Medical Greek and Latin at a glance.

Mr. Bunting in peace and war.


From Kansas to the Pacific Ocean he is replaced by his brother, the Lazuli Bunting.

Towhee Bunting Pip'ilo erythrophthal'mus.

Overhead flags flew from every flag pole, over every portal, across every alley and street and squarebig nags, little flags, flags of silk, of cotton, of linen, of bunting, all waving wide in the spring sunshine, or hanging like great drenched flowers in the winnowing April rain.

A letter from brother John Burdsall, who is at the Conference, informs me, that he had some conversation with Dr. Bunting respecting my Richard and the Friendly Islands.

At first the bunting hung suspended in a line, so as to evade all examination; but, as if everything on board this light craft were on a scale as airy and buoyant as herself, the folds soon expanded, showing a white field, traversed at right angles with a red cross, and having a union of the same tint in its upper and inner corner.

"Tell me not, Sweet, I am unkind" (As Colonel LOVELACE said) if I From festal scenes for you designed To solitude propose to fly; If, when the strident trumpets blare From Hampstead Heath to Clapham Junction, And bunting fills the ardent air, I don't assist at that brave function.

As we had not time to send to New York for bunting, our flagsFrench and Americanwere all made of bright red and blue cambric.

One's heart was with the Belgians on that eighteenth day of August, 1914, when one set out toward the front in a motor-car from a Brussels rejoicing over bulletins of victory, its streets walled with bunting; but there was something brewing in one's mind which was as treason to one's desires.

But the people of Brussels still thronged the streets under the blankets of bunting.

If bunting could save Brussels, it was in no danger.

There will be bands, of course, and bunting, and we shall read the directions in the papers, and buy expensive tickets and get to our seats early.

"That's the Lesser Bunting," I said hopefully.

"The Lesser Bunting," said an earnest-looking girl; "I shall always remember that.

1 John Gilpin 9 The Milkmaid 2 The House that Jack Built 10 Hey-Diddle-Diddle and Baby Bunting 3 The Babes in the Wood 11

Sir John Stevenson (the arranger of the Irish Melodies), Tom Cooke, William Southwell (inventor of the damper action for pianofortes), Henry Mountain, Andrew Ashe (flautist), Barton, Rooke, and Bunting were world-famed.

The club house was dressed in bright-colored bunting from veranda rail to ridge pole.

He was skirting the wheat-field now, the tall, green ears stirring with a pleasant rustling sound; in some distant reeds a bunting was warbling, a belated lark was circling slowly downwards over his head.

Only it wouldn't seem empty by the time we had put up a lot of flags and bunting and goldenrod and balsam branches.

" "Goodness, we've boxes of lanterns, rolls of bunting and flags, and yards of crash left from parties way back to my first birthday ones," Josephine assured him.

It was extraordinary how many lanterns the Burnsides seemed to have stored away, and in what fresh condition they were; the bunting and the flags, also.

Inside, with the fireplaces burning huge logs and flashing intermittently over the scene, the jack-o'-lanterns grinning cheerfully from every corner, the flags and bunting contributing colour, and the masses of evergreen and clumps of corn-shocks adding nooks and corners for shadows to dance in, there certainly could have been no quainter or prettier background for a party.

"Do you think I don't know that no decorations of your house in town ever called for so much bunting and crash and so many flags and lanterns as we have here to-night?

Private house-boat flags, Union Jacks, bunting, and plants made all the house-boats gay, except ours, which looked bare and forlorn and guiltless of decoration of any sort.

We found so much to do on the house-boat, and Jimmie had brought so much bunting and so many flags, that Bee volunteered to go back to the Cecil and have our clothes packed up by Mrs. Jimmie's maid, while we decorated the house-boat.

[Footnote 6: At this writing the case, Bunting vs. the State of Oregon, is still undecided.

Among the regular visitors are included the white wagtail, the pied flycatcher, the nightjar, the black redstart, the lesser redpole, the snow bunting, the redwing, the reed, marsh, and grasshopper warblers, the siskin, the dotterel, the sanderling, the wryneck, the hobby, the merlin, the bittern, and the shoveller.

Twelve days later, Belgrade was en fรชte for his crowning, her streets ablaze with bunting and floral decorations, as the handsome boy made his way through the tumults of cheers and avenues of fluttering handkerchiefs to the Metropolitan Church.

What a picture he would make in overalls and jumper, leather jacket and cap; he could not use dart or arrow, at best he could only run the machine hither and thither bunting people into loveknocking them senseless, which is perhaps the same thing.

The cluck and coo of the cuckoo, the bubbling song of bobolink in buff and black, the watery trill of the stream-loving swamp-sparrow, the whispered whistle of the stealthy, darkness-haunting whippoorwill, the gurgle and gargle of the cow-bunting,he knew each and all, better than did Audubon, Nuttall, or Wilson.

Not having seen a description of this useful instrument, I may mention that the kind used by Mr. Huxley and myself, consisted of a bag of bunting (used for flags) two feet deep, the mouth of which is sewn round a wooden hoop fourteen inches in diameter; three pieces of cord, a foot and a half long, are secured to the hoop at equal intervals and have their ends tied together.

there goes his bunting, at last!

"I'll bet my pile," said a rough voice, "that the gridiron bunting won't float another day in South Carolina.

The whole song of the Black-throated Bunting consists of five, or rather two, notes; the first repeated twice and very slowly, the third thrice and rapidly, resembling chip, chip, che-che-che; of which ditty he is by no means parsimonious, but will continue it for hours successively.