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6219 example sentences with  burdening

6219 example sentences with burdening

"They are," he said, "Bounty without extravagance; burdening without exciting discontent; desire without covetousness; dignity without haughtiness; show of majesty without fierceness."

But discretion had come with fear, and Carmel, while not disdaining the other's kindness, instantly made it apparent that, whatever her burden, and however unsuited it was to her present weak condition, it was not one she felt willing to share.

During that evening, after everything had been made ready for the march at an early hour next morning, we lads gave to Peter Sitz messages for the loved ones at Cherry Valley, promising that we would never bring disgrace upon the settlement, and so burdening his mind with this matter and the other that, if the poor man remembered but the half of all the words we entrusted him with, he must have had a most prodigious memory.

The dwellings of Giovanni Guidi, notary and chancellor of the Riformagioni, and of Antonio Miniati, manager of the Monte, were put to the sack, for both these men, having been faithful tools of the Medici, and their subtle counsellors in the art of burdening the people with insupportable taxes, were objects of general hatred.

But by burdening himself with the hypothesis, evolved from his inner consciousness, that the slaves imposed from below a morality of weakness upon their masters, he missed the really obvious process by which slaves beget more slaves, slavery begets more slavery, and the slave-soul becomes universal.

Thus will the ministry have a fair prospect of obtaining the full sense and import of the prediction, without burdening the publick with more than 650,000l.

But, my lords, supposing no part of the consumption hindered, I cannot think that bill should be rejected, which, in a time of danger like the present, shall add to the publick revenue an annual income of more than two hundred thousand pounds, without lessening any manufacture, without burdening any useful or virtuous part of the nation, and without giving the least occasion to any murmurs among the people.

And with regard to his insinuation, that senatorial brandy may be revived by a high duty, I believe, first, that, no such evasion can be contrived, and in the next place am confident, that it may be defeated by burdening the new-invented liquor, whatever it be, if it be equally pernicious, with an equal tax.

He often wondered, jeering the while at his own grotesque fancy, how his neighbors could sleep with those mournful yet sinister howlings burdening the air, but he became convinced at last that no one heard the melancholy solo but himself.

Mrs. Bett remarked at intervals, like the burden of a comic song.

As her father had little or nothing to leave her, he had requested that the burden of her maintenance should be equally divided between the uncles, the child to live alternately with each family, six months with one and six with the other.

So the burden of Worlington Dodds was lightened for him; many shoulders helped to bear it, and he was able to go for a little summer tour into Ireland, for the doctors had ordered him rest and change of air to restore his shaken nervous system.

"Of all that hath been reposed in thee under that sacred seal thou must bear the burden alone."

The shrub here often attains the height of fifteen or twenty feet, and forms an almost impenetrable coppice, burdening the air with its fragrance.

It was one of those old wooden houses, which dot our valleys in Virginia almost at every turncontented with their absence from the gay flashing world of cities, and raising proudly their moss-covered roofs between the branches of wide spreading oaks, and haughty pines, and locusts, burdening the air with perfume.

SILAS MORTON is a strong man who has borne the burden of the land, and not for himself alonethe pioneer.

The finances were so rapidly reorganized by the collection of arrears and of embezzled moneys and by the introduction of better control, that the contribution due to Rome could be paid without burdening the citizens in any way with extraordinary taxes.

These endowmentsparticularly after they came to be regarded by the supreme spiritual and at the same time the supreme juristic authority in the state, the pontifices, as a real burden devolving -de

And this saved him, possibly, from sinking underneath the burden which the fair Cornelia Blimber piled upon his back.

In short, nothing is wanting in these beautiful islands, but ability to direct, and energy to execute the most extensive plans of agriculture and commerce, which the bounties of the soil, and its excellent climate and situation, would most certainly render completely successful; and, instead of being, as at present it is, a burden to Spain, it would become a source of great wealth to her."

[70] From ponte, deck; a two-masted vessel, with mat sails, of about 100 tons burden.

Seeing the need of haste the orderly sought to heave his burden aboard the nearest car.

I am odious enough in your eyes to deserve this treatment: and I will thank you!Too long, much too long has my life been a burden to me!Or, (wildly looking all round her,) give me but the means, and I will instantly convince you that my honour is dearer to me than my life!

she'll comfort, assist, bear a part of thy burden to make it more tolerable.5.

like Job's wife she'll aggravate thy misery, vex thy soul, make thy burden intolerable.5.

'Tis a main vexation, a most intolerable burden, a corrosive to all content, a frenzy, a madness itself; as [6029]Beneditto Varchi proves out of that select sonnet of Giovanni de la Casa, that reverend lord, as he styles him.

They hold it impossible for idle persons, young, rich, and lusty, so many servants, monks, friars, to live honest, too tyrannical a burden to compel them to be chaste, and most unfit to suffer poor men, younger brothers and soldiers at all to marry, as those diseased persons, votaries, priests, servants.

atque etiam post saevit de futuro, which wrings his soul for the present, and to come: the greatest misery belongs to mankind, a perpetual servitude, a slavery, Ex timore timor, a heavy yoke, the seal of damnation, an intolerable burden.

It was not to be wondered at that under such a system the poor-rates gradually rose to the prodigious amount of seven millions and a quarter of money; or that the rate-payers began to clamor against such a state of things, as imposing on them a burden beyond their power to bear.

And if that may safely be trusted, as undoubtedly it may, to maintain the supremacy of our warlike fleets, the preponderance of argument seemed greatly on the side of those who contended that our commercial fleets needed no such protection; to which it may be added that exceptions to a general rule and principle are in themselves so questionable, that the burden of proof seems to lie upon those who would establish or maintain them.

cabalgadura, f., beast (of burden), steed, mount.

And thus for three bright years that little shop came to be, for a daily hour or so, a blessed palm-tree away from the burden and heat of the noon, a holy place whither the money-changers and such as sold doves might never come, let their clamour in the outer courts ring never so loud.

It is well to try to see them, that we may be not too unready to welcome the opportunity and accept the burden of the world that is being born in pain.

The noble way in which women have accepted the double burden has created a wave of reverent admiration throughout the world.

The problem is not serious for the big city high school, with its multiplied elective courses, but for the small rural or town high school, with its limited corps of teachers and its necessarily fixed courses, the burden is onerous indeed.

Let us accept the bitter burden and meet the supreme test, giving time, money, service, life and those we love better than life, for the sake of the safer, freer, nobler world that is to be.

I might have stopped him if I had wished, and should bear the burden."

Apart from this another group behold, A burden sweet their little arms unfold Lilies, fit emblem, when by childhood twined, Of purity and innocence combined.

But in the discharge of that duty in this particular it must not be forgotten that in relation to our foreign commerce the burden and benefit of protecting and accommodating it necessarily go together, and must do so as long as the public revenue is drawn from the people through the custom-house.

My own impression now is, that it must be Walter Scott, for no one else would think of burdening us with such trash as John B.'s wretched stock.

That his sole object in burdening himself with the overwhelming responsibilities of Supreme Governor of Russia in this sad hour of her history was to prevent the extremists on either side continuing the anarchy which made the establishment of a free constitution impossible.

Some few owners, who admire and cultivate these long cords, keep them tied up in bundles on the dog's back, but so unnatural and unsightly a method of burdening the animal is not to be commended.

As the end approached, the people around me made it difficult for me to conceal my emotions, the grown-ups deducing from my melancholy that I was tired of holidays and would be glad to get back to school, and my brother burdening me with idle messages to the other boys-messages that shattered my hardly formed hope that school did not really exist.

On the death of a lady with whom he was not very intimately acquainted, "I hate life," he cried, "when I think it exposed to such accidents: and to see so many thousand wretches burdening the earth while such as her die, makes me think God did never intend life for a blessing."

Then with a nimble step she traversed the long, double court-yards, Leaving the stables behind, and the well-builded barns, too, behind her; Entered the garden, that far as the walls of the city extended; Walked through its length, rejoiced as she went in every thing growing; Set upright the supports on which were resting the branches Heavily laden with apples, and burdening boughs of the pear-tree.

In teaching geography with maps, it is wise to get the pupil interested in the streets of his own town, the country roads running out of it, and the neighbouring hills and streams, before burdening his attention with the topographical details of Borrioboola Gha.

Thus I have once more been astonished to see that each character, except Clytemnestra, the linker of evil unto evil, has her exclusive Aristeia, so that each one acts an entire poem, and does not return later for the possible purpose of again burdening us with her affairs.

Mr. Bradlaugh called a meeting to support Messrs. Taylor, Macdonald, Wilfrid Lawson, Burt, and the other fourteen members of the House of Commons who voted in opposition to the grant, and to protest against burdening the workers to provide for the amusement of a spendthrift prince.

At the moment of Hunnicott's assault he was taking an order for Number 17; and observing that the lawyer's cipher "rush" covered four closely written pages, he hung it upon the sending hook with a malediction on the legal department for burdening the wires with its mail correspondence, and so forgot it.

Pure African, but bronze rather than pure black, and full-sized only in width, her growth having been hampered as to height by an injury to her hip, which had lamed her, pulling her figure awry, and burdening her with a protuberance of the joint.

Vexing the smooth air with screams, Burdening the dainty breeze With insane discordancies.

Example of error: "To pursue those remarks, would, probably, be of no further service to the learner than that of burdening his memory with a catalogue of dry and uninteresting peculiarities; which may gratify curiosity, without affording information adequate to the trouble of the perusal.

And then John Caldigate bethought himself with some pride that he could make a proper settlement on his wife without burdening the estate at Folking with any dowers.

The design of an abridgment is, to benefit mankind by facilitating the attainment of knowledge; and by contracting arguments, relations, or descriptions, into a narrow compass, to convey instruction in the easiest method, without fatiguing the attention, burdening the memory, or impairing the health of the student.

To kill off the rabbits, to grub the smaller coverts, to drain the marshy spots, to thatch the cottages, put up cattle sheds, and so on, could be effected without burdening the estate with a loan.

And, O my son, when the increase of population had been so frightful, the Earth oppressed with the excessive burden, sank down for a hundred yojanas.

But I have been overcome with burden and now I cannot hold myself any longer.

This war arises, as the past wars against the Turkish conqueror have arisen, by the desire of the Christian peoples on whom he lives to shake off this burden.

She lay there, minute after minute, her hand on his sleeve, slipping, tightening, while her tired heart throbbed out its heavy burden on his knees, and her tears fell under the stars.

I think the burden of his conversation is you.

Lines (threads in the one case, rushes in the other) are wrought into planes to clothe a body or to contain a burden.

Nine-tenths of the misery of suffering lies in the power of forecasting its continuance and its increase, and the lesser patience of which I have spoken is the patience which, by no effort of reason, but by pure instinct, hears the burden of the moment in the spirit of the proverb that "sufficient for the day is the evil thereof."

At first one has a sense of relief at having finished a task and set down a burden, but that elation lasts only for a day or two, and then one begins to miss one's true and faithful companion.

Who does not know the sense of failure to overcome, of lapsing from a hope or a purpose, the burden of the thought of some cowardice or unkindness which we cannot undo and which we need not have committed?

And it is from this sense of a burden, borne without hope of redemption, that we would all of us give our most prized possessions to be free; it is this which has cast such an awful power into the hands of the unscrupulous people who have claimed to be able to atone for, to loose, to set free the ailing soul.

Mr. Pomeroy put in a sulky appearance, but his gloom, it was presently manifest, was due to the burden of an apology; which, being lamely offered and readily accepted, he relapsed into his ordinary brusque and reckless mood, swearing that they would have the lady down and drink her, or if that were not pleasing, 'Damme, we'll drink her any way!'

So he took it with him, and we heard from him once or twice, how it fared, and that his wife took to it, and the like; and thenwell, writing's a burden.

Half-past ten: a blessed softening season; felt the village laid as a burden upon me, for which I had power to plead.

The solicitude I feel for my children depresses my spirit: yet am comforted by the promises of God, and increasingly resolved to roll my every care at the foot of the Cross; where, like pilgrim, I often find the strings of my burden unloosed, and by faith beholding my unfailing Friend, am encouraged to believe the God who cares for me, will care for mine.

Resolved as soon as alone to roll my burden upon the Lord, which I did, and felt encouraged.

Eliza continues very weak, and John is in suspense; my only refuge is in taking them to the throne of grace: for it is written, 'Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain thee.

Thou only canst my burden move, The woful breach repair; Oh!

For the sake of clearness and to avoid burdening the text with too much periphrasis, I have throughout referred to Krishna as such.

That vanishing loveliness, That burdening breath No bond of life hath then Nor grief of death.

In the exaltation of the duty laid upon herit buoyed her up instead of burdening hershe rapidly recovered.

He could climb only a few steps without lowering his burden and resting.

At last we dropped our burden in the shade of a cedar where the other lions lay, and we stretched ourselves.

The old man is only anxious to save his property, and throws upon you all the burden of doing it.

The increasing burden of our State inheritance tax laws, whereby every State wherein a corporation exists besides the State of the deceased seizes its percentage of the stock of such corporation in the hands of the executors, is another step in this direction.

No unnecessary burden could be put on any man or beast, lest he lie down under it, never to rise again.

We talked a little, and the burden of it was a fear that we could not endure the terrible thirst a while longer.

This little bag of gold was getting to be a great burden to me in this sickly climate, and the vigilant guard I had to keep over so small a treasure was very tiresome.

These chemical substances are unusable by the system, and must all be removed by the liver and excretory organs, thus imposing upon them an extra and unnecessary burden.

If she had kept the charge committed to her, the inequalities and spoliations now burdening society would not be in existence.

Instead of burdening residents with another levy, state government should look for ways to cut costs.

Jameson Timba, secretary for presidential affairs in the opposition MDC Alliance, weighed in, saying the biggest sanctions burdening Zimbabwean leaders were the ones they imposed on themselves.

Kyari in the letter claimed that he has made his personal care arrangements to avoid further burdening the public health system, which faces so many pressures.

Patients are thought to be staying away from hospital for fear of burdening the health service or because they are frightened of catching the virus.

โ€œThe alternative which would certainly not reflect well on the FA, is forcing clubs to embark on potential legal recourse, which is wholly unnecessary and financially burdening to clubs.

As a complacent user, I would recommend the Okinawa flat belly drink to anyone who wants to shed the burdening fat safe and healthy.

As it stands the state is burdening landlords with it's obligations and that is criminal!

โ€œThe further burdening of the health care and the economic fall-out of threatens to put women and girls in war-torn, fragile and humanitarian contexts at even higher risk, โ€œthe country said.

The tricky thing about anxiety is sharing that you have it can make other people anxious, and thereโ€™s a feeling that youโ€™re burdening them by doing so.

This and the burden of several other levies he has to pay are making Ondieki a very anxious man.

Burdening youth with debt by removing public funds from the education system surely runs counter to achieving the country's goals.

By supporting this bill, we are encouraging domestic jewellery manufacturing instead of burdening the industry with such an archaic tax.

I still canโ€™t believe the weather Mother Nature is burdening us with in the middle of April.

It is important to prevent competition long enough to protect the interests of the disclosing party, while not unnecessarily burdening the receiving party.

Unfortunately, the Liberals do not seem to be too concerned about burdening small businesses.

Victims would receive compensation without burdening the public purse.