573 examples of burgher in sentences

If the wife of a burgher brewed his ale, he paid tenpence.

In one of the smallest towns of Jutland served as maid in a plain burgher's house a poor girl of the Mosaic faith; this was Sarah.

He had often traversed all the hills, in the character of a hunter, and to him the avenues of the forest were as familiar as the streets of his native town become to the burgher.

Intellectual interest and curiosity began to spread beyond the class of clerks to whom Latin, the language of learning and worship, was familiar, and a demand began to spring up for a popular literature which could be understood of the unlearned baron or burgher.

The stout old Roman burgher had well-nigh disappeared; the sturdy independence, the manly self-reliance of an industrial population were all but unknown.

He was also held in great regard by the Rev. David Ure, the earnest and kindly minister of the Burgher Meeting-house, which stood behind the Castle woods at the lower end of Ayton village.

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Both armies numbered in their ranks not only all the feudal chivalry on the two sides, but burgher-forces, those from the majority of the great cities of Flanders being for Otho, and those from sixteen towns or communes of France for Philip Augustus.

In 1258 he chose as provost Stephen Boileau, a burgher of note and esteem in Paris; and in order to give this magistrate the authority of which he had need, the king sometimes came and sat beside him when he was administering justice at the Chatelet.

"One day the king had a burgher of Paris branded in this way; and violent murmurs were raised in the capital and came to the king's ears.

It was a burgher of Bruges who was governor of the hanse of London, and he was called the Count of the Hanse.

The Flemings celebrated their victory with splendor, and rewarded with bounteous gifts their burgher heroes, Peter Deconing amongst others, and those of their neighbors who had brought them aid.

A burgher of Ghent was quietly fishing on the banks of the Scheldt, when an old man acosted him, saying sharply, "Knowest thou not, then, that the king is assembling all his armies?

Orders came to muster the burgher companies of certain districts, and send them to occupy certain positions that had been determined upon.

There, too, you will see the good burgher with his family drinking beer, eating sausages, and smoking contentedly.

Be this as it might, the burgher was received by a cheer which drew a short but pithy address from him, in which he exhorted his companions in arms to do their duty, in a manner which should teach the Frenchmen the wisdom of leaving that coast in future free from annoyance; while he wisely abstained from all the commonplace allusions to king and country,a subject to which he felt his inability to do proper justice.

" Having terminated his address in so apposite and public-spirited a manner, the worthy burgher hemmed loudly, and resumed his accustomed silence, perfectly assured of his own applause.

" The more experienced shook their heads; but, not discouraged, the burgher raised his voice with a power that was sustained by the imminency of the peril.

In the private apartment of the burgher, however, an interview took place which was characterized by an air of deep concern.

" "The latter circumstance is new to me;" returned the burgher, slowly bowing his head.

Eudora is the daughter of that injured womanneed I say, who is the father?" The burgher groaned, and, covering his face with his hands, he sunk back into his chair, shivering convulsively.

Although the burgher had often seen the supposed sister of the Skimmer in her female habiliments, she never before had struck him as a being of so rare beauty as at that moment.

" "Success and prudence!" exclaimed the burgher.

573 examples of  burgher  in sentences