892 examples of burrs in sentences

Cranks attach themselves to any social movement, as a shaggy gown will gather burrs.

We have pretty well shaken her off, by that simple expedient of referring her to you; but there are more burrs in the wind.

And Johnny burrs, and laughs aloud; Whether in cunning or in joy I cannot tell; but while he laughs, Betty a drunken pleasure quaffs 380 To hear again her Idiot Boy.

When we finally emerge we are covered from head to foot with large prickly burrs from the seeding burdocks, as well as with the small round burrs of the goose-grass.

When we finally emerge we are covered from head to foot with large prickly burrs from the seeding burdocks, as well as with the small round burrs of the goose-grass.

In order to facilitate as much as possible the repairs in such cases, the fish-plates are not riveted by machinery, but by hand; and it is only necessary to cut the rivets with which the fish-plate is fastened, and remove it if broken: A drill passed through the two holes of the rail removes all burrs that may be in the way of the new rivet.

Wheat was ground into flour and corn into meal in mills with stone burrs similar to those used in the rural districts today, and power for this operation was obtained through the use of a treadmill that was given its motion by horses or mules walking on an inclined, endless belt constructed of heavy wooden slats.

He was always tightening my axle-burrs, or dosing me with kerosene through my hot-air pipe, or toying with my timer.

These green burrs are very ornamental to the tree; and when they are ripe, the green takes on a yellow tinge.

The street in front of the consulate is a mass of fallen stone, and the morning I called on Mr. Bardel a shell had hit his neighbor's chestnut- tree, filled his garden with chestnut burrs, and blown out the glass of his windows.

According to his account it was totally unfit for rearing sheep on a large scale; the bushes and grass being so full of burrs that the wool was completely spoiled.

There are three varieties of kangaroos on the island, and plenty of wildfowl on some of the lagoons; so that supplies are abundant: but the few sheep he possessed were rendered of little value from the burrs I have before mentioned.

In spite of its awkwardness, however, it will probably survive; if not for Browning's reason 'The better the uncouther; Do roses stick like burrs?' at least because of the incident which gave rise to the poem.

There were many signs of the rock being used as a camp, such as pine burrs, bones of various kinds of animals, and other remains of food which lay every where about and on the rock.

The unsuspecting trees Brought out their burrs and mosses

During the past nights in the valley, though their master was keeping a sharp lookout, they encountered several places where sand-burrs were plentiful.

These burrs in the tender inner part of a dog's foot, if not removed at once, soon lame it.

One of the boys was sitting upon a bank trying to open some chestnut burrs which he had knocked off from the tree.

The burrs were green, and he was attempting to open them by pounding them with a stone.

[Illustration] He was a very impatient boy, and was scolding in a loud, angry, tone against the burrs.

A boy who was standing near the tree, with a red cap full of burrs in his hand, held out one of them.

"That is true; but I suppose this boy thought that God could have made them grow with stems, and that this would have been better than to have them in burrs.

But then it is not necessary to have all chestnuts guarded from boys in this way; a great many of the trees are in the woods, which the boys do not see; what good do the burrs do in these trees?" The boys hesitated.

" The boys were then all satisfied that it was better that chestnuts should grow in burrs.

"Although she is a foreigner, Agnes," Mr. Burrs said to his life's partner when they got home, "you'd hardly know it, and

892 examples of  burrs  in sentences