892 examples of burrs in sentences

Cranks attach themselves to any social movement, as a shaggy gown will gather burrs.

And Johnny burrs, and laughs aloud; Whether in cunning or in joy I cannot tell; but while he laughs, Betty a drunken pleasure quaffs 380 To hear again her Idiot Boy.

" "Some one has tied a lot of burrs on his tail," called out the hired man.

" "It was them burrs," affirmed the hired man.

Jest after jest hath been huddled upon her close cap, and stuck, like burrs, upon her weeds.

Some people are like burrs, I think, or drops of quicksilver, that always bunch or run together.

yet they are too deeply imbedded, in which our deeper life may pluck away the adhering burrs from its garments, and arise disburdened, clean, and free.

In order to facilitate as much as possible the repairs in such cases, the fish-plates are not riveted by machinery, but by hand; and it is only necessary to cut the rivets with which the fish-plate is fastened, and remove it if broken: A drill passed through the two holes of the rail removes all burrs that may be in the way of the new rivet.

"Mine is all right," Jimmie reported, after a careful examination of his steel steed, "except that a couple of burrs are missing.

"Just a few burrs gone.

"We can't make burrs out of wood, or patch up with rat pie, which seems to be about the only thing we have plenty of.

"I am carrying my own repair shop with me," he said, taking out a box of burrs and a pair of pincers.

They are sorted accordingly into shuffs, grizzles, stocks of two or three qualities, shippers, and burrs.

Wheat was ground into flour and corn into meal in mills with stone burrs similar to those used in the rural districts today, and power for this operation was obtained through the use of a treadmill that was given its motion by horses or mules walking on an inclined, endless belt constructed of heavy wooden slats.

He was always tightening my axle-burrs, or dosing me with kerosene through my hot-air pipe, or toying with my timer.

He came to the great hedge, and he thrust his way through it; and though the thorns of the brambles scored him deeply and tore threads from his wonderful suit, and though burrs and goose-grass and havers caught and clung to him, he did not care.

For how many centuries have the blackberries tempted men, women, and children out into the fields, laughing at scratched hands and nettles, and clinging burrs, all merrily endured for the sake of so simple a treasure-trove.

" "He wants my scalp, is all," Jack explained easily, picking burrs from the fringe of his sashburrs he had gotten when he ran a race with Teresita from the farther side of the orchard to the spring, a short time before.

The burrs were in the second story, and here the roaring of the mill took possession of all the shuddering air.

As the two girls glanced around this grim space, they were startled by silence through the building, for the burrs ceased to work.

The unsuspecting trees Brought out their burrs and mosses

During the past nights in the valley, though their master was keeping a sharp lookout, they encountered several places where sand-burrs were plentiful.

These burrs in the tender inner part of a dog's foot, if not removed at once, soon lame it.

Then he took warning, for he despised grass burrs, and that evening the two cronies crossed the river and went up into the hills where they had ranged as calves the summer before Within a week, at a lake which both well remembered, they met their mothers face to face.

I mind me how with a lover's care From my Sunday coat I brushed off the burrs, and smoothed my hair, And cooled at the brook-side my brow and throat.

892 examples of  burrs  in sentences