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And in them we find, not only a marked differentiation into special groups, but also a marked individuality in almost every tree, giving rise to storm effects indescribably glorious.

That night I could not sleep at all, because Thy love, O my God, was for me not only as a delicious oil, but also as a devouring fire, which kindled in my soul such a flame as threatened to consume all in an instant.

I said to the Colonel that I differed with the President, as I hoped he did, not only as to the importance of considering the difficulties raised by the questions before the system of mandates was adopted, but also as to the importance of viewing from every standpoint the wisdom of the system and the difficulties that might arise in its practical operation.

"The king loves reserve, but also gay freeness.

But experiments in transfusion have not been fruitless; they have culminated in demonstrating the inestimable value of infusions of 'normal,' or 'physiological,' solutions of sodium chloride, and not only of infusions, but also of peritoneal irrigation with such solutions.

In academic terms this means that in order to attain a grade of 95 in college you will have to work much harder than you did for that grade in high school, for here you have not only more difficult subject-matter, but also keener competition for the first place.

[Footnote 1: Kastor was not only a patron of charioteers, but also, with his twin-brother Polydeukes, a protector of mariners and giver of fair weather.

It was possible not only that William IV. might die within the next seven years, but also that at his death he might leave a child, or his widow in a state which warranted the expectation of one, the latter case being the more difficult to decide upon, since no previous Regency Bill furnished any precedent for the ministers' guidance.

" This clause pledges the North, not only to refuse an asylum to the fugitive slave, but also to deliver him up to his unrighteous and cruel task-master,a deed which the law of God expressly condemns, and which the best impulses of our nature repudiate with loathing and contempt.

Montfaucon was used not only for executions, but also for exposing corpses which were brought there from various places of execution in every part of the country.

" Washington shows the Negro not only at his best, but also at his worst.

They preferred calling it "tumult," being ignorant not only of the state of affairs, but also of the meaning of words.

But that conjunction increases as friendship unites with love; because friendship is as it were the face and also the raiment of that love; for it not only joins itself to love as raiment, but also conjoins itself thereto as a face.

Whence it springs, 245. HETEROGENEITES in the spiritual world are not only felt, but also appear in the face, the discourse, and the gesture, 273.

From that point he sent the discarded troops in the company of Graius Didius into Spain against Pompey, and himself returned to Rome, priding himself chiefly upon the brilliance of his achievements but also to some extent upon the decrees of the senate.

To not only, or not merely, corresponds but, but also, or but even; as, "In heroic times, smuggling and piracy were deemed not only not infamous, but [even] absolutely honourable.

This general censure of the persons of wit and honour about town, is fixed on Rochester in particular not only by the marked allusion in the last sentence, to the despotic tyranny which he claimed over the authors of his time, but also by a direct attack upon such imitators of Horace, who make doggrel of his Latin, misapply his censures, and often contradict their own.

"You remind me," says the viduschaka, "of a vulture that hovers over a butcher's shop, filled with greed for meat but also with fear.

But the republic is interested not only in the cause but also in the remedy.

Note also the following from the secretary of the interior, under date of December 27, 1898, to Aguinaldo: "I have just learned that not only in Bangbang, but also in Gerona, Onell, and other places in Tarlac, men have been assaulted by numerous Tulisanes, armed with rifles and bolos, who are killing and capturing the inhabitants and attacking travellers, robbing them of everything they have.

In short an able Master does not only shew the Fault, and whence it proceeds, but also the Danger to which it exposes, and the Means to leave it.

I sang mostly in English, Italian, but also in Czech, but the text of these songs would not fit in with this sacred evening closing around us.

This is the seal of the absolute and sublime destiny of manthat he knows what is good and what is evil; that his destiny is his very ability to will either good or evilin one word, that he is the subject of moral imputation, imputation not only of evil, but of good, and not only concerning this or that particular matter, and all that happens ab extra, but also the good and evil attaching to his individual freedom.

These local assemblies have not only been good training schools for popular government, but also proved reasonably successful.

Fornander says: "When the sailors carried off, not only the railing of the temple, but also the idols of the gods within it, even the large-hearted patience of Kaoo gave up, and he meekly requested that the central idol at least, might be restored.

2838 examples of  but also  in sentences