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Do we say   by and by   or  by the by

Do we say by and by or by the by

by and by 1182 occurrences

By and by he arose and disappeared in the dusk and was no more seen.

And by and by it occurred to her that she was not in the little room where she had lain down.

By and by a merchant he knew pulled up a chair opposite.

By and by Miss Grant resumed her talk about curtains, and when they had agreed about the material that ought to wear best Barbara looked at her watch.

But he was determined to get to them, to climb up their steep sides, and by and by when he found the stream bent away to the south, he left it so as to go on straight as he could to the hills.

Then the woman stood up on the stone, and, gazing skywards and throwing up her arms, she uttered a long call, and the birds began to come lower and lower down, still sweeping round in wide circles, and by and by one came quite down and pitched on a stone a few yards from them.

And upon the fourteenth chapiter of Saint Mathew, speakinge of the daunsynge of Salome, the Daughter of Herodias, hee sayth, that when a wanton daunsynge is hadde, or used, the Deuill, daunseth by and by, or altogeather.

But a sanguinary struggle for the Rhine frontier, between two civilized Christian nations who have each enough work to do in ithe world without engaging in such a strife as this, will, I am sure, be by and by condemned by the general opinion of mankind.

The lowest seats were full of trappers, smugglers, Canadian voyageurs, drinking and singing; Américains, toomore's the shamefrom the upper riverswho will not keep their seatswho ply the bottle, and who will get home by and by and tell how wicked Sodom is; broad-brimmed, silver-braided Mexicans, too, with their copper cheeks and bat's eyes and their tinkling spurred heels.

By and by they fell a-listening, for Madame Délicieuse had begun a narrative concerning Dr. Mossy.

By and by the Park will have a new and sensational attraction.

By and by is easily said.

"Yes, mamma, but I tried to forget it, and by and by I did forget italmost.

They were coming home by and by to choose a home in America.

By and by Susan said, "Doctor Cotton-Tail you were going to tell us where you were going to call when you came here!"

By and by Bunny and Susan woke up.

"Let the history of your domestic rule typify, in little, the history of our political rule; at the outset, autocratic control, where control is really needful; by and by an incipient constitutionalism, in which the liberty of the subject gains some express recognition; successive extensions of this liberty of the subject; gradually ending in parental abdication."

But by and by, when there was a general silence, and he thought that the flattery might be fully heard, he addressed himself to the gentleman, 'I think, Sir, you were saying something about,' pausing in a high flutter of expectation.

It ran something like this: There'll be no more talk about Monday, by and by,

Even her face brightened and bloomed in this atmosphere, and by and by she took Eva and Alice and Janey into her confidence so far that she shyly asked their advice about her dress, and profited by it to such an extent that Alice could no longer say, "She does dress so!"

By and by Ralph's tongue was loosened, and he told the story of his visit to Mrs. Burnham.

"She came off by and by hanging on Cap'n Tarbell's arm.

And by and by Ted wiped his eyes and put his arm round the gal's waist and ses "'This is my intended, Miss Florrie Price,' he ses.

so well his message sayd, That the proud beasts him readily obayd: Whereby the Ape in wondrous stomack woxe, Strongly encorag'd by the crafty Foxe; That king indeed himselfe he shortly thought, 1105 And all the beasts him feared as they ought, And followed unto his palaice hye; Where taking congé, each one by and by Departed to his home in dreadfull awe, Full of the feared sight which late they sawe.

Thus we passed along enjoying the scenery of "belle France," (beautiful France), but by and by we became tired of watching landscapes.

By and by Satan began to slip out of the house at night, and Uncle Billy said he reckoned Satan had "jined de club"; and late one night, when he had not come in, Uncle Billy told Uncle Carey that it was "powerful slippery and he reckoned they'd better send de kerridge after him"an innocent remark that made Uncle Carey send a boot after the old butler, who fled chuckling down the stairs, and left Uncle Carey chuckling in his room.

By and by fumes of brandy began to fill the air, and climb to where I lay, overcoming the mouldy smell of decayed wood and the dampness of the green walls.

By and by she heard the train coming, and footsteps.

And ever as Sir Ector rode he made diligent inquiry and he found that those two knights had ridden before him, so he said to himself: "By and by I shall overtake themif not to-day, at least by night, or by to-morrow day."

Go a little distance from this upon the way thou art following and by and by thou wilt behold a bird whose feathers shall shine like to gold for brightness.

By and by we got talking again.

And by and by as the shadows deepen all outlines are lost, and we see vaguely the great masses of tone and color; nature becomes heroic; the petty is dissolved; the insignificant is lost; hills and trees and streams are blended in one mighty composition, in the presence of which all but the impalpable soul of man is as nothing.

By and by, when the people become accustomed to the machine, they will resume their habit of indifference, and we shall see as little of them as if we were riding or driving.

By and by, when the day for hunting venison came round, Jowler was sick, and told his master he couldn't hunt that day.

"Even this could have been borne, but by and by men began to make bows and arrows, spears and knives, and other weapons, and began to use them on the defenseless animals.

"By and by Nanahboozhoo decided that the earth, which had now grown beyond the reach of his eyes, was large enough, and so he revived the otter, the beaver and the muskrat, and with them and all the other animals around him he took possession of the new world.

Kit did not care how long the swift rush lasted, but by and by he began to get anxious.

By and by three or four reports rang through the calm air and Grace came

By and by she remarked: "I have not seen Señor Askew for some time."

By and by he changed the course and mountains rose ahead, although a bank of cloud hid the plain and mangrove forest at their feet.

He went back to the stand and by and by the auctioneer praised the flock.

By and by Osborn returned and said Grace was coming, and Kit found the suspense hard to bear.

By and by a crowd gathered on the sidewalk, drawn by that mysterious instinct for sensation which attracts the casual and the idle.

By and by even the little conversation ceased, and they sat quite silent, waiting and waiting, perhaps awed by their own silence.

By and by Hall Dome, one of the great granite mountains, began to dominate the world; but though the cascades were in his kingdom they could not be governed by him, because spirits are not ruled by earthly kings.

By and by night came on, and Catherine ran into the village, and, knocking at her husband's window, called, "Fred!"

By and by the remainder of the party reached the border of the sky.

He held the ladle behind his back, at the base of his spine, until by and by a tail began to grow.

By and by, when the bagkang-stems had grown so tall as almost to reach the clusters of betel-nuts at the top of the trunk, the boy and girl said to each other.

Again came the voice, "You will find a bamboo to put me in; by and by you shall eat me."

By and by he will come.

By and by he began to recognize Cicely, and to smile at her approach.

Perhaps by and by I shall put it in a rough box and send it to a nephew of mine, with some other things, for his collection.

Sometimes they thought that it would he heaven to them by and by: that such a seat, and such a quiet, happy outlook, they should find kept for them together, in the Father's mansion, up above.

After a time he didn't talk any more, but just walked on and on; and by and by we came home.

She was finishing off her night's sleep but would, he supposed, be down by and by.

By and by it will get up to my heart and then it's good-by Jim.

By and by Charlie Benton will cease to have those violent reactions that offend you so.

But untiluntil things shape up differentlyyou'll understand what I'm talking about by and by, I thinkyou've got to abide by the bargain you made with me.

I knew he would be worse by and by!

And by and by the people, when they met In twos and threes, or fuller companies, Began to scoff and jeer and babble of him

By and by the rain gave place to a storm of hail.

By and by the vision faded, the world fell back into the light of common day, his philosophy passed from discovery to acceptance, and all unknown to him his pen fell into a common way of writing.

Each State in the Union has its own Governor, House of Representatives, Senate, and Judiciary, and is in every respect a sovereign Statethey like the word as much as they pretend to dislike the realityacting perfectly independently within its limits, except in such cases as were mutually agreed upon by the terms of the Union, and to some of which we shall refer by and by.

By and by a point was reached which would have shown them the flash of the guns, but the gloom remained impenetrable.

With the money I will buy a number of eggs, and these, when hatched, will produce chickens, and by and by I shall have quite a large poultry-yard.

By and by a great storm came on, and their boat with all the cargo went to the bottom, but the three travellers managed to reach land.

By and by a man turned out of his way to ascertain the cause of the racket.

She received him carelessly and coldly; she was nervous, she had not had time for reflection; she did not know what the captain wished; if he would let her alone for the present, by and by she would consider.

From the greater poets let us turn to a lesser one, whom we shall have occasion to quote again by and by: to the Orchestra of Sir John Davies (1596), who sees this whole Universe treading the harmonious measures of a dance; and let us select one stanza, of the tides: For lo, the sea that fleets about the land,

By and by the story was forgottenby every one except Henry Hanford.

He tells us that the money which we give to the poor, or use to do good with, is like the grain which the Egyptian farmer casts upon the water, and which will surely yield a rich harvest by and by.

By and by, however, the Yankee comes with his plough; and it would frighten an English farmer out of his senses to see how he goes on,

By and by it spread along the sky.

She pleased him so much, and was so kind and wise, that he came back the next day and the next and the next; and by and by he stayed in Argos all the time so that he might be near her.

But by and by those sweet sounds wrapped him in so strange a spell that all his eyes closed at once, and he fell into a deep sleep.

The road which Theseus followed now led him closer to the shore, and by and by he came to a place where the mountains seemed to rise sheer out of the sea, and there was only a, narrow path high up along the side of the cliff.

Some of them have become commonplaces for admiration, notably his description of the flight of the skylark, and the sentence in which he compares the gradual awakening of the human faculties to the sunrise, which "first opens a little eye of heaven, and sends away the spirits of darkness, and gives light to a cock, and calls up the lark to matins, and by and by gilds the fringes of a cloud, and peeps over the eastern hills."

By and by Sahwah looked around and missed her.

At the worst we can only slip, and then how grand a grave we will have, and by and by our nice bones will do good in the terminal moraine."

But all the year, loving, and giving, and fighting, and praying, and walking in righteousness, you will mature characters, and by and by you will grow into the manhood in Christ Jesus that is set before us in the gospel.

Gilbert glanced across at her every now and then while he was talking with her uncle; and by and by she came over to the window and stood behind the Captain's chair, with her clasped hands resting upon his shoulder.

One would suppose that the spell would wear off by and by.

The early Christians did not attempt to go behind that fact, but by and by men began to attempt explanations.

By and by the gods, in a sportive mood, sent him to labour on a farm, whence, as we have seen, he found a way to London, and while he was growing into a man Grizel became a woman.

By and by the red light came into his eyes.

By and by Unc' Billy looked up in the sky where Ol' Mistah Buzzard was sailing 'round and 'round.

By and by, some day one of the eligible young men met one of the marriageable young women; he looked at her, and said 'Djeetgun!'

Snow came deep; by and by game was scarce and they had grown weary of bearing the boy on their backs.

"By and by I'll have the babies all to myself."

" Much more of this childlike badinage followed, and by and by they came around again to the same last statement.

By and by he whispered again.

And by and by there were no poor whites living near them.

By and by he desisted and began to explore the beach.

By and by a bunch of knotted wrack floated in from the outside and lodged in a crevice; a minute creature with fringed feet darted from it and swam across it.

But, if you will have patience with me, sir, I am bold to say, believing in the force and final victory of the truth, there will be more unity by and by.

We rode a long time, as it seemed to me, and by and by I knew we had come to a city, for I could hear the passing of many wagons and the murmur of a crowd.

Again a space, to her illimitable, went by, and then came turf once more, and by and by what seemed to her the sound of the sea.

By and by he grew older.

Perhaps if a man stopped lying to a woman, by and by he might begin to stop lying for money, and at last stop lying with his Maker.

by the by 138 occurrences

And, by the by, the rooms are superb.

By the by, there is another matter, Rolfe.

But let us give the devil his due; and let us not act worse by these Roman Catholics (who by the by were our forefathers) than we are willing to act by the devil himself.

By the by, did I not write you a letter with something about an invitation in it?but let that pass; I suppose it is not agreeable.

But, remembering the old lady (who, by the by, was discreetly looking out of the window), he put his hands in his pockets and strolled out of the room.

It is true that a few of the sterner natures among them mingled menaces against the Bravo with their prayers for the dead, but these had no other effect on the matter in hand, than is commonly produced by the by-players on the principal action of the piece.

They were sitting at the table after dinner, alone, when the general took the advantage of the name of Miss Howell being accidentally mentioned, to say "By the by, George, my friend the admiral said something yesterday on the subject of your being so much with his daughter.

By the by, Dr. Johnson told me, that Gay's line in The Beggars Opera, 'As men should serve a cucumber,' &c. has no waggish meaning, with reference to men flinging away cucumbers as too cooling, which some have thought; for it has been a common saying of physicians in England, that a cucumber should be well sliced, and dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out, as good for nothing.

When the guests were retiring, he asked in a careless tone, 'By the by, mother, what has become of Catherine?' The answer to this question implied an accusation of cruelty in the interview with Catherine.

By the by, do you really mean that you have never been to New York before?" "Never!"

"By the by," Mr. Duge said, as he lit a cigarette, "always remember what I told you about that man.

By the by, does he ever say anything about me?" "Nothing," Virginia answered, "except that you deceived him.

By the by, you know Littleson, I suppose?

Mildmay, who had seven houses in different parts of the United Kingdom, was a little at a loss, but he talked to her about one, in which, by the by, he never lived, a gaunt grey stone building on the Northumbrian coast, whose windows were splashed with the spray of the North Sea, but whose gardens were famous throughout the north of England.

By the by, do you carry this document about with you?"

Some one has applied the old Latin motto, "Horas non numero nisi serenas," to Mr. GREELEY, by making it read, "HORACE is of no account except when serene," which, by the by, he never is.

Did I tell you, by the by, that he went into the war as a private and came out a brigadier?" "Splendid!"

"Tell me, by the by, did you notice an air of desertion in the lower part of the house?" "There seemed to be echoes," he admitted.

"Are you, by the by, a believer in anything beyond?"

Tell me, by the by, was it by accident that you opened that cable this morning?" "Not entirely," she confessed.

By the by, have you heard anything of Phipps lately?

"By the by, though," he added, a moment or two later, "your servants don't seem in a great hurry to answer that bell."

"By the by, where are the chips?" "The chips?"

By the by, you all drank champagne?" he went on.

This I have here mentioned, by the by, to show of what consequence it is for men, in their names of mixed modes, and consequently in all their moral discourses, to define their words when there is occasion: since thereby moral knowledge may be brought to so great clearness and certainty.

The only ants who come into the house are the minute, harmless, and most useful 'crazy ants,' who run up and down wildly all day, till they find some eatable thing, an atom of bread or a disabled cockroach, of which last, by the by, we have seen hardly any here.

I found, by the by, in groping my way to that tree through canes twelve feet high, that one must be careful, at least with some varieties of cane, not to get cut.

Among them, by the by, was a little lady who excited my astonishment.

Coming back, by the by, those two logs lay heavy on my heart for a mile ere I neared them.

thereof; as to, as for, as respects, as regards; about; concerning &c v.; anent; relating to, as relates to; with relation, with reference to, with respect to, with regard to; in respect of; while speaking of, a propos of [Fr.]; in connection with; by the way, by the by; whereas; for as much as, in as much as; in point of, as far as; on the part of, on the score of; quoad hoc [Lat.]; pro re nata

Adv. parenthetically &c adj.; by the way, by the by; en passant

The King of Sweden's assassination, by the by, is doubted by many writers, Harte amongst others; but they are wrong.

on the king's behalf, against the Parliament; he never could produce this MS., by the by; but he says that, "Had not his Majesty dissolved the Parliament," (in May,) "it had brought him into danger of his life."

By the by, it is a serious defect in Mr. Oxlee's work, that he does not give the age of the writers whom he cites.

By the by, is the widow likely to marry again?

By the by, to shew the perverseness of human willwhile I thought I must furnish one of those accursed things monthly, it seemed a Labour above Hercules's "Twelve" in a year, which were evidently Monthly Contributions.

By the by, sir, as you're a man of money, there's that Stangrave-end farm in the market now.

By the by, if you think of taking home a calf or two, to improve your New England breedthere are a good many gone across the sea in the last few yearsI think we could find you three or four beauties, not so very dear, considering the blood."

I am learning fast, by the by, to speak Italian.

(Second nature, by the by, is no more like nature at first hand than second childhood is like real childhood.)

It was on the occasion of this proposal being discussed in the Cabinet that Melbourne, at the close of the meeting, made his famous remark, "By the by, there is one thing we haven't agreed upon; what are we to say?

The tenth part of the crimes committed by these juvenile offenders never comes under public view, because should any person be robbed by a child, and detect him in the act, he is silenced by the by-standers with this remark,Oh!

"Dr. Heale was to have been hero, by the by.

* * * * * Grace was telling, in her own sweet way, that charming story of the Three Trouts, which, by the by, has been lately pirated (as many things are) by a religious author, whose book differs sufficiently from the liberal and wholesome morality of the true author of the tale.

"By the by, have you heard from the wanderers this week?

"By the by," said the Major, "there is one thing which I have forgotten, and which they will never recollect.

and chats with Campbell, as they go, on many things; and among other things on this, "By the by," said he, "I got an hour's shore-work yesterday afternoon, and refreshing enough it was.

By the by, what was it in the two women which made them so like?

"Oh, sir, if it had been a stranger like you, half the field would have been round you in a minute: but Smith don't counthe breaks his neck on purpose three days a week:by the by, Doctor, got a good story of him for you.

By the by, I have been thinking that it is time money in some way was made out of the Telegraph, and I am almost ready to order an instrument made, and to make the proposition to you to exhibit it here.

"By the by, what is this, about letters?

He departed not by the regular roads, but by the by-lanes, in the robe of a general; and on that very self-same day he trumped up a countless number of resolutions of the senate; all of which he published even before they were drawn up.

I suppose, by the by, that there is no getting at the matches left behind on the first and second occasions?"

And, by the by, if you don't mind, I rather think I should like to take it alone.

By the by, can I get to the Copthis place of Taylor'sby this back lane?" "Yes, down to the end leading to the Catton road, turn to the left and then first on the right.

And, by the by, could you manage to have your son about the place to-day, in case I happen to want a little help out of doors?" "Certainly; I'll get him to stay in.

I found nothing to help me except these small pieces of paperwhich are here in my pocket-book, by the by.

That, by the by," I added, "looked as though only one person were present."

Here, by the by, is Mrs. Clayton's oil.

This, by the by, is the stick he carried away with him.

Well, this great ruby (which was set in a pendant, by the by), together with a necklace, brooches, bracelets, ear-ringsindeed, the greater part of Lady Quinton's collectionwere stolen.

By the by," he added suddenly, "I suppose you're sure the trap-door was bolted last night?" "Certainly," Mr. Claridge answered, smiling.

The "Planter's Banner" of September 30. 1838, published at Franklin, Louisiana, after giving an account of an affray between a number of planters, in which three were killed and a fourth mortally wounded, says that "Davis (one of the murderers) was arrested by the by-standers, but a justice of the peace came up and told them, he did not think it right to keep a man 'tied in that manner,' and 'thought it best to turn him loose.'

The "Planter's Banner" of September 30. 1838, published at Franklin, Louisiana, after giving an account of an affray between a number of planters, in which three were killed and a fourth mortally wounded, says that "Davis (one of the murderers) was arrested by the by-standers, but a justice of the peace came up and told them, he did not think it right to keep a man 'tied in that manner,' and 'thought it best to turn him loose.'

By the by, it is whispered about, that they intend paying us a visit to plunder us, and ravish our fine women.

I thrust my hands into the pockets of my dressing-gown, which, by the by, is far the handsomest piece of old brocade I have ever seen,-a large running pattern of gold hollyhocks, with silver stalks and leaves, upon a rich, deep, Pompadour-coloured ground,and, walking slowly backwards and forwards in my room, I continued,"There never was, there never can have been, so happy a fellow as myself!

A harp plays all the time at the lower end of the room; and every now and then one or other of the company rises and entertains the rest with a song, and (by the by) some are good masters.

A letter of the old lord, his father, which, by the by, is not the letter of an illiterate man, is still extant, in which he complains in very moving terms of his son's degeneracy and misconduct.

She concluded the bargain for the house next day, and informed their landlordwho, by the by, was a son of their old neighbor, Widow Ballof their intention to move.

Being confirmed by the by-standers, they were dismissed.

It was the widow of the old rector, whose thin daughter (by the by she is fattening fast) has had the luck to marry the only son of a merchant well to do in the world.

"In the first place," said the squire, "my sister and Mr. Foster; in the second, Miss Graziosa Chromatic and Sir Patrick O'Prism; in the third, Miss Tenorina Chromatic and your humble servant; and in the fourth, to which, by the by, your consent is wanted, your daughter" "And Mr. Panscope," said Mr. Cranium.

That note from Miss Warner, by the by, spoke so enthusiastically of the Six Teachers that I felt compensated for the mortification of hearing call it a "nice" book.

The supposition however was quite needless, because each of their grammars contains an other Rule, that, "When an address is made, the noun or pronoun is in the nominative case independent;" which, by the by, is far from being universally true, either of the noun or of the pronoun.

By the by, talking about gunsand then came his story.

The said "Bosius," or rather "Bozius," wrote a ponderous work, "de Signis Ecclesiæ Dei" (a copy of which, by the by, is not to be seen in the library of the British Museum, although there are two editions of it in the Bodleian), in which he discourseth as follows:"Monetæ adhuc aliquot exstant, quæ in honorem Helenæ Augustæ, et inventæ crucis, cum hujusmodi imaginibus excusæ antiquitus fuerunt.

By the by, talking of that, did you ever hear of the pickled salmon in Scotland?"

"By the by, would you mind putting this bill in your window?"

Here, by the by, are mentioned celebrated emeralds, which have turned out to be only lumps of green glass!)

* * * * * "Oh, by the by," said Tom one day to the professor, "I forgot to tell you that in the cave where poor Veevee got lost I picked up this curious stone!"

Give him the least Occasion, and he will tell you something so very particular that happen'd in such a Year, and in such Company, where by the by was present such a one, who was afterwards made such a thing.

Strokes of Satyr and Criticism, as well as Panegyrick, judiciously thrown in (and as it were by the by) give a wonderful Life and Ornament to Compositions of this kind.

"By the by, let me see that book a moment."

Timid peoplethe very persons, by the by, who had been the loudest in their exclamations against the ancient causewaysbecame alarmed the moment they saw a chance of getting quit of them.

"By the by, Frowenfeld," he said one evening, after the one preliminary move with which he invariably opened his game, "you haven't made the acquaintance of your pretty neighbors next door."

This Mr. L., by the by, who was so alert on this occasion, it appears by a note, was Stephen Longfellow, the great-grandfather of the poet.

By the by, I am wandering, I am sorry to see you here.

By the by, I must go now, and see if the parlor is in order."

By the by, I think you had better first apply for a rule to stay proceedings against the bail in that case of Turner; and after that is decided, just ask for this writ, off-hand as it were, and as a matter of course.

"By the by," he said at length, "I thought I saw you pass the gatelet me seeon Monday: why did you not look in?"

This request for summer clothing, by the by, I think a very reasonable one.

By the by, this young man had so light a complexion, and such regular straight features, that, had I seen him anywhere else, I should have taken him for a southern European, or, perhaps, in favour of his tatters, a gipsy; but certainly it never would have occurred to me that he was the son of negro parents.

She named to me all her children, an immense tribe; and, by the by, E, it has occurred to me that whereas the increase of this ill-fated race is frequently adduced as a proof of their good treatment and well being, it really and truly is no such thing, and springs from quite other causes than the peace and plenty which a rapidly increasing population are supposed to indicate.

By the by, E, how do you think Berkshire county farmers would relish labouring hard all day upon two meals of Indian corn or hominy?

I met him walking on the banks with Mr. , as I returned from my own ramble, during which nothing occurred or appeared to interest meexcept, by the by, my unexpectedly coming quite close to one of those magnificent scarlet birds which abound here, and which dart across your path, like a winged flame.

(I fancy, by the by, that the latter term has somewhat fallen out of use in these latter days, whether from any change of the methods used by printers or publishers I do not know.

And by the by, they have caught me, and eventually, unless Apes will stop proceedings, I must bear all the burthen.

The fact that it looked more like a cock and balls was by the by.

Most of the lands affected by the by-law are proposed to be zoned "Golf Course Zone (G)" or "Natural Environment Zone (NE)", permitting recreational uses and limited ancillary uses in existing dwellings.

The excellent, well-reasoned considerations that should be taken into account before these pieces of legislation are foisted on Canadians simply go by the by.