Do we say by and by or by the by

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By and by there came flying towards me a wretch more dreadful in aspect than any I had seen.

By and by, very quietly and cautiously he crept away from among them, and made his escape into the gloomy wood.

Aunt Prue had satisfied her with "Perhaps so, darling," and then had fallen silently to wondering why she and Prue might not travel some day, a year in Europe had always been one of her postponed intentions, and, by and by, how her child would enjoy it.

But by and by, before they were aware, he led them both within the compass of a net, in which they were both so entangled that they knew not what to do; and with that the white robe fell off the black man's back.

And Morny had said, "Not yet, we shall see by and by."

Then will I come to my Mother, by and by: [Sidenote: I will]

By and by there was no more of "Sweet Home.

But Sir Tristram looked at the Lady the Belle Isoult with great reproach and by and by when they were together he said: "Lady, why did you betray me who I was when you had promised me not to do so?"

] He seemed quite pleased to see Peter, and by and by Sam, who was bursting with curiosity, came down-stairs to ask Peter to lend 'im a boot-lace, and was interduced.

By and by another gang came along, but I refused to send a boat until I'd seen you.

By and by he had left the village meadows far behind, and was skirting the great marsh.

By and by Three-Eyes closed two of her eyes, and went to sleep with them; but the third eye, which was not spoken to, kept open.

By and by Dakie Thayne came; said a bright word or two; glanced round, in restless boy-fashion, as if taking in the elements of the situation, and considering what was to be made out of it; perceived the pair at chess; and presently, with his mountain stick, went springing away from point to point, up and around the piles and masses of rock and mound that made up the broadening ascent of the ledge.

By and by, however, the air became too close, and he went out upon the platform.

By and by the rain gave place to a storm of hail.

" Then as each state, or as the whole country (we hope by and by) obtains the ballot, so might the organizations go on in a sense as if nothing had happened.

By and by the waters flow back into the river.

But by and by those sweet sounds wrapped him in so strange a spell that all his eyes closed at once, and he fell into a deep sleep.

The words "by and by" were so often used by us in answer to their cau-wah, or "come here," that their meaning was perfectly understood and always satisfied the natives, since we made it a strict rule never to disappoint them of anything that was promised, an attention to which is of the utmost importance in communicating with savages.

Where a man falls in, though by perfect chance, with what is generally believed, he is in that point a confined and limited thinker; and you shall see by and by, that I celebrate those for the noblest freethinkers in every age, who differed from the religion of their countries in the most fundamental points, and especially in those which bear any analogy to the chief fundamentals of religion among us.

By and by "Clotilde." Clotilde was stooping behind her mother, with a ribbon between her lips, arranging a flounce.

The wonderful waltzer never appeared upon the scene; yet Joseph made shift to get along, and by and by found a man who partially met his requirements.

It has done, as we shall see by and by, far less than it ought to have done in this direction; its failures in this department of its work have been manifold and grievous; but after all this is admitted, it must still be affirmed that it has done most of what has been done to socialize mankind, and no other institution or agency is entitled to throw stones at it because of its deficiencies.

We rode a long time, as it seemed to me, and by and by I knew we had come to a city, for I could hear the passing of many wagons and the murmur of a crowd.

By and by Dr. Woodford knocked at her door.

by the by 136 occurrences

"Hailed who might be near" (the "canvas-coverture moving," by the by, is laughable); "a woman and six children" (by the way, why not nine children?

They were sitting at the table after dinner, alone, when the general took the advantage of the name of Miss Howell being accidentally mentioned, to say "By the by, George, my friend the admiral said something yesterday on the subject of your being so much with his daughter.

Some one has applied the old Latin motto, "Horas non numero nisi serenas," to Mr. GREELEY, by making it read, "HORACE is of no account except when serene," which, by the by, he never is.

"Are you, by the by, a believer in anything beyond?"

"By the by, you haven't a few cigarettes, have you, for me to smoke while Sarah tries to get me safely home?" Wingate held out the box.

"By the by, where are the chips?" "The chips?"

on the king's behalf, against the Parliament; he never could produce this MS., by the by; but he says that, "Had not his Majesty dissolved the Parliament," (in May,) "it had brought him into danger of his life."

(Second nature, by the by, is no more like nature at first hand than second childhood is like real childhood.)

" Mr. Morton, answering this letter on May 22, informs Morse of his reëlection as president of the National Academy of Design, and adds: "By the by, talking of coming back, do try and make your arrangements as soon as possible.

By the by, I have been thinking that it is time money in some way was made out of the Telegraph, and I am almost ready to order an instrument made, and to make the proposition to you to exhibit it here.

"By the by," she added, seeing that he was looking over the other foils, "one of those is sharpthe one with the green hiltbe careful not to take it by mistake if we fence again, for you might really kill me.

He departed not by the regular roads, but by the by-lanes, in the robe of a general; and on that very self-same day he trumped up a countless number of resolutions of the senate; all of which he published even before they were drawn up.

But this is by the by:While I was cutting down some wood here, I perceived that behind a very thick branch of low brush-wood, or under-wood, there was a kind of hollow place: I was curious to look in it, and getting with difficulty into the mouth of it, I found it was pretty large: that is to say, sufficient for me to stand upright in it, and perhaps another with me:

I suppose, by the by, that there is no getting at the matches left behind on the first and second occasions?

And, by the by, could you manage to have your son about the place to-day, in case I happen to want a little help out of doors?"

That, by the by," I added, "looked as though only one person were present.

Well, this great ruby (which was set in a pendant, by the by), together with a necklace, brooches, bracelets, ear-ringsindeed, the greater part of Lady Quinton's collectionwere stolen.

By the by, you have not met our traveling companion?" "What traveling companion?" "The young lady who took my place in the carriage.

" I thrust my hands into the pockets of my dressing-gown, which, by the by, is far the handsomest piece of old brocade I have ever seen,-a large running pattern of gold hollyhocks, with silver stalks and leaves, upon a rich, deep, Pompadour-coloured ground,and, walking slowly backwards and forwards in my room, I continued,"There never was, there never can have been, so happy a fellow as myself!


By the by, you observed when that young lady came on the stage, how timidly she advanced, how frightened she seemed.

"Oh, by the by," he said, as if struck by a sudden thought.

By the by, Charlie says neither Flora nor her grandmother knows the house is in danger.

By the by, this young man had so light a complexion, and such regular straight features, that, had I seen him anywhere else, I should have taken him for a southern European, or, perhaps, in favour of his tatters, a gipsy; but certainly it never would have occurred to me that he was the son of negro parents.

And by the by, they have caught me, and eventually, unless Apes will stop proceedings, I must bear all the burthen.

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