Do we say by and by or by the by

by and by 1171 occurrences

By and by, as I held the lamp close, I observed that his eyes were open.

Yet he hath not root in himself, but dureth for a while: for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.

By and by a girl came out of the shadow, and going to the small landing-stage, looked at her wrist-watch.

Then the woman stood up on the stone, and, gazing skywards and throwing up her arms, she uttered a long call, and the birds began to come lower and lower down, still sweeping round in wide circles, and by and by one came quite down and pitched on a stone a few yards from them.

By and by he danced before the mirror and said, "Mirror, mirror, I'll be good, And speak politely as I should.

You and Dick get a nap, by and by, if you can.

By and by a gentleman came round and offered to conduct us to lodging places.

"Got any women-folks to home that miss you?" asks he, by and by.

But by and by the dust raised itself a little and then Sir Launcelot perceived that the party of King Bagdemagus had been pushed back by that other party, as might have been supposed in such a case.

Wherefore, because of the hardship he then endured, he by and by became distraught in his mind.

As yet I am too young a knight to handle you; but by and by the time will come when I shall return and repay you that blow tenfold and twentyfold what you gave!"

During that battle Sir Percival received several sore wounds so that by and by a great passion of rage seized upon him.

By and by Grace resumed: "When I met you yesterday, your father said the sledges often ran down too fast and you could not put up a proper load.

By and by Father Bear came clambering down the mountain wall.

By and by he got very sleepy, and thought he would go under the shelter and take a nap.

It will start the boy in life, and with his good habits it will make him sure of a competence by and by.

A dozen natives came by and by to bathe in the next pool.

But with you, Dom Manuel, I shall deal otherwise, and I shall disconcert you by and by in a more quiet fashion.

Everywhere to the west and north his followers were delivering windy discourses and performing mad antics, and great hurt came of it all by and by.

Whilst bemoaning here his hard fate, and seeing no prospect before him, save that of a lingering death by starvation, the light above his head was suddenly excluded, and his view of the sky, his only prospect, shut out by the intervention of a dense medium, and by and by he felt the hairy posteriors of a bear descend upon him.

The Chickadees did not mind the conversation in the least, but kept on flitting in and out of the spruces, swinging from the little pink buds that would grow into cones by and by, doing a dozen pretty tricks, and all the time calling "chickadee-dee-dee" as if they were repeating a joke among themselves.

By and by she sprang to her feet and walked forward to him.

Well, by and by we came to a town somewhereGod knows where.

At first he lay in a dull, death-like stupor, only groaning if disturbed, but by and by there was a babbling murmur of words, and soon the sound of his brother's loud voice at the door, demanding from the saddle how it went to-day with Peregrine, caused a shriek of terror and such a fit of trembling that Mrs. Woodford had to go out and make a personal request that Oliver would never again speak under the window.

The right thought came to him by and by; and taking from his storeroom an ornamental basket with a top to it, he went out to his pigeon house and selected two blue squabs.

by the by 136 occurrences

By the by, did I not write you a letter with something about an invitation in it?but let that pass; I suppose it is not agreeable.

" Mildmay, who had seven houses in different parts of the United Kingdom, was a little at a loss, but he talked to her about one, in which, by the by, he never lived, a gaunt grey stone building on the Northumbrian coast, whose windows were splashed with the spray of the North Sea, but whose gardens were famous throughout the north of England.

Some one has applied the old Latin motto, "Horas non numero nisi serenas," to Mr. GREELEY, by making it read, "HORACE is of no account except when serene," which, by the by, he never is.

"Are you, by the by, a believer in anything beyond?"

"By the by, you haven't a few cigarettes, have you, for me to smoke while Sarah tries to get me safely home?" Wingate held out the box.

"Why did you want to see me, by the by?" "What happened last night?"

By the by, have you heard anything of Phipps lately?

The only ants who come into the house are the minute, harmless, and most useful 'crazy ants,' who run up and down wildly all day, till they find some eatable thing, an atom of bread or a disabled cockroach, of which last, by the by, we have seen hardly any here.

Among them, by the by, was a little lady who excited my astonishment.

opportunely &c adj.; in proper course, in due course, in proper season, in due season, in proper time, in due time; for the nonce; in the nick of time, in the fullness of time; all in good time; just in time, at the eleventh hour, now or never. by the way, by the by; en passant [Fr.], a propos

For instance, Hume's argument (stated, by the by, before he was born, and far more forcibly, by Dr. South, who places it in the mouth of Thomas,) reduce it to the particular facts in question, and its whole speciousness vanishes.

By the by, is the widow likely to marry again? I am giving the fruit of my Old Play reading at the Museum to Hone, who sets forth a Portion weekly in the Table Book.

It was on the occasion of this proposal being discussed in the Cabinet that Melbourne, at the close of the meeting, made his famous remark, "By the by, there is one thing we haven't agreed upon; what are we to say?

* Grace was telling, in her own sweet way, that charming story of the Three Trouts, which, by the by, has been lately pirated (as many things are) by a religious author, whose book differs sufficiently from the liberal and wholesome morality of the true author of the tale.

I suppose, by the by, that there is no getting at the matches left behind on the first and second occasions?

By the by, can I get to the Copthis place of Taylor'sby this back lane?" "Yes, down to the end leading to the Catton road, turn to the left and then first on the right.

And, by the by, could you manage to have your son about the place to-day, in case I happen to want a little help out of doors?"

This, by the by, is the stick he carried away with him.

Well, this great ruby (which was set in a pendant, by the by), together with a necklace, brooches, bracelets, ear-ringsindeed, the greater part of Lady Quinton's collectionwere stolen.

By the by, it is whispered about, that they intend paying us a visit to plunder us, and ravish our fine women.

"In the first place," said the squire, "my sister and Mr. Foster; in the second, Miss Graziosa Chromatic and Sir Patrick O'Prism; in the third, Miss Tenorina Chromatic and your humble servant; and in the fourth, to which, by the by, your consent is wanted, your daughter" "And Mr. Panscope," said Mr. Cranium.

Strokes of Satyr and Criticism, as well as Panegyrick, judiciously thrown in (and as it were by the by) give a wonderful Life and Ornament to Compositions of this kind.

"By the by, I will just step and speak to this Susan Hopley, if your ladyship can inform me in what part of the lower regions I am likely to meet with her?" "Let me ring for her.

"By the by," he said at length, "I thought I saw you pass the gatelet me seeon Monday: why did you not look in?" "I hadn't a moment's time.

By the by, this young man had so light a complexion, and such regular straight features, that, had I seen him anywhere else, I should have taken him for a southern European, or, perhaps, in favour of his tatters, a gipsy; but certainly it never would have occurred to me that he was the son of negro parents.

Do we say   by and by   or  by the by