966 examples of by far in sentences

To the westward of him a far subtler monarch, by far subtler means, was strengthening the power of France and making smooth her way toward that supremacy over European affairs which she was later to assert.

On observing their ages and dignified appearance, for they were by far the first men of the State, all promptly declared their conviction that now they were sincere in their desire to effect a peace.

I would rather by far slay my worst enemy with my own hand than consign him to a death of torture.

he cried in the greatest glee, "that is by far the best of all; that must go down in my book, it is so practical, and of everyday use.

Better by far that we should return, were it possible, to the primitive habits of New Englandto those by-gone days when mothers and daughters made the wearing apparel of themselves and their familieswhen, if there was less of intellectual cultivation, and less money expended for luxuries and extravagances, there was much more of health and happiness.

This was the deeper wrong; and putting herself in her lover's place, feeling with his feelings, she knew it to be by far the deeper.

On the next day the dictator, having entered the forum before daylight, appointed as his master of the horse Lucius Tarquitius, a man of patrician family, but who, though he had served his campaigns on foot by reason of his scanty means, was yet considered by far the most capable in military matters among the Roman youth.

About the same time changes of colour take place in the adjacent darker portions of the surface, which become at first bluish, and later a decided blue-green; but by far the larger portion, including almost all the equatorial regions of the planet, remain always of a reddish-ochre tint.

Perhaps it was because she was the pessimistthe quite cheerful pessimistof the family, that she was by far the cleverest and most industrious at the housework.

I observed by far the prettiest women at the balls of the Bourgeoisie, and very many are to be found there who in education and accomplishments fully equal those of the Noblesse, and this is no small merit, for the women in Saxony of the higher classes are extremely well educated; most of them are proficient in music and are versed in French and Italian litterature.

And thingsmagnificent they are, More costly than the first, by far.

It had already been interrupted, he thought, by far too much unimportant talk.

Where the conditions of the trade permit it by far the best plan is to have the women organized in separate locals.

His museum of Chinese curiosities is by far the most extensive and valuable which has ever been seen out of that country, and forms one of the most attractive and instructive exhibitions in Philadelphia; one whose character and arrangement are quite unique, and which has some pretensions to the title of "China in miniature."

Of the two, perhaps, however, the Duc de Bouillon was likely to prove the most formidable enemy to the sovereign; from the fact of his being by far the more able and the more subtle politician, and, moreover, gifted with a caution and judgment which were entirely wanting in the impetuous and reckless Biron.

For more than a third of a century it was the most constant and by far the strongest human force that wrought in my religious life.

"Among the Greeks and Romans, every syllable, or at least by far the greatest number of syllables, was known to have a fixed and determined quantity.

But by far the boldest innovation on existing practice is the new class of compound locomotives now being introduced by Mr. Webb.

Now by far the deepest and by far the most personal experience of every spiritually minded man is his experience of his own inward sinfulness.

The many pools and falls and swirling eddies of Clear Creek held for her, now, memories more attractive, by far, than the wary trout they sheltered.

Of the Kentucky historians, Marshall is by far the most brilliant, and Mann Butler the most trustworthy and impartial.

A mile and a half lay between her and the big cottage on the hillsidethe most arduous part of the journey by far.

On the contrary, most of the Smatterers in Criticism who appear among us, make it their Business to vilifie and depreciate every new Production that gains Applause, to descry imaginary Blemishes, and to prove by far-fetch'd Arguments, that what pass for Beauties in any celebrated Piece are Faults and Errors.

The cadets would come in the evenings to look at it; that colossus of pink flesh, bearing the child on its shoulders, advancing its angular legs carefully through the waters, leaning on a palm tree that looked like a broom, was for them by far the most noticeable thing in the church.

"By far the darkest feature in their social condition was seen in the family relation.

966 examples of  by far  in sentences