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966 examples of  by far  in sentences

966 examples of by far in sentences

| | | | By far the ablest reply to Prof. HUXLEY which has been | | written.

'Twas by far the biggest party we had seen, and, though in that moment I had no wits to count them, Shalah told me afterwards they must have numbered little short of a thousand.

She is one of the oldest of European cities, she is one of the most beautiful, of all capitals she is by far the most full of character:

Some cooks smooth the rice with the back of a spoon, and then brush it over with the yolk of an egg, and set it in the oven to colour; but the rice well boiled, white, dry, and with every grain distinct, is by far the more preferable mode of dressing it.

The milk of each animal is distinguished by some peculiarities; but as that of the cow is by far the most useful to us in this part of the world, our observations will be confined to that variety.

It rested on three wheels, the two hind ones by far larger than that in front, which merely served to sustain the equilibrium of the body and to steer.

All our furs are obtained from those countries, and the creatures from which they are derived are carefully preserved for that purpose, it being forbidden to kill more than a certain number of each every year, which makes these skins by far the costliest articles we use.

I would rather by far slay my worst enemy with my own hand than consign him to a death of torture.

As for the first five books of the Bible, the Pentateuch, having been written by Moses, or at least by far the greater part of them, I cannot see the least reason to doubt it.

Were the choice given me, girl, to wear the horned bonnet, to feast in their halls, to rest in their palaces, to be the gayest bauble in such a pageant as that of yesterday, to plot in their secret councils, and to be the heartless judge to condemn my fellows to this miseryor to be merely the keeper of the keys and turner of the boltsI should seize on the latter office, as not only the most innocent, but by far the most honorable!"

This island is by far the finest we have visited; it is very fertile and well cultivated, and supplies England with currants; but, like their neighbors, the people have the character of being immoral, treacherous, and revengeful.

Noel and Mooka Down on the shore, that same bright June afternoon, little Noel and his sister Mooka were going on wonderful sledge journeys, meeting wolves and polar bears and caribou and all sorts of adventures, more wonderful by far than any that ever came to imagination astride of a rocking-horse.

Elephant, by far the largest of the three, was less colorful.

The moral code of Moses, by far the most important and universally accepted, rests on the fundamental principles of theology and morality.

By far the largest number of Preston Catholics are in charge of those priests, and the generality of them don't seem to suffer anything from the "tyranny"that is the phrase some of us Protestants delight to honourof their supervision.

But this difference is easily reconciled; for if Edwy married her contrary to the canons, the monks would be sure to deny her to be his wife, and would insist that she could be nothing but his strumpet; to that, on the whole, we may esteem this representation of the matter as certain, at least, as by far the most probable.

The first three books are by far the best; and judging by the way the interest lags and the allegory grows incomprehensible, it is perhaps as well for Spenser's reputation that the other eighteen books remained a dream.

the only surviving ex-Governor-General, said to me, '"You are not a very old man; but, depend upon it, you will find yourself by far the oldest man in India."'

It is by far the largest of all living animals.

These Verses are by far the compleatest of lord Hallifax's, and, indeed, genteel compliments to the radiant beauties, who were the chief toasts amongst the Whigs.

This acquisition by far outbalanced all the expenses which Alexander had incurred during the war of liberation.

He made several journeys to the Continent, but by far the greater number of his excursions were made in England and Scotland, and there were few parts of the country which he had not visited.

II.Among the Helvetii, Orgetorix was by far the most distinguished and wealthy.

This day was by far the most calamitous to our men; it had this result, however, that on that day the largest number of the enemy was wounded and slain, since they had crowded beneath the very rampart, and the hindmost did not afford the foremost a retreat.

The Provinces But by far the most important institution which this epoch introduced into the Roman commonwealth, and that at the same time which involved the most decided and fatal deviation from the course hitherto pursued, was the new provincial magistracies.

By far the most valuable general work of reference upon Problems of Poverty is Charles Booth's Labour and Life of the People (Williams & Norgate).

If possible, it is by far the best way to have the seeds growing in the schoolroom, and make it a regular custom for the pupils to observe them every morning and take notes of their growth.

He who deserves fame without getting it possesses by far the more important element of happiness, which should console him for the loss of the other.

Hence it is that, after Gozzoli, by far the most interesting part of this building is its associations.

This office forms by far the most important part of the machinery of government in the Philippine Islands, for these headmen are the attorneys of these small districts, and become the electors of the gobernadorcillos, and other civil officers.

I had understood that the Arminian Methodists, or Wesleyans, are the more numerous body by far.

At present the only mode of rewarding naval or military commanders who have performed brilliant and useful service, or a Speaker of the House of Commons, whose public career, though less showy and glorious, may at times have been scarcely less valuable, and has certainly been by far more irksome, is the grant of a peerage with a pension for lives.

In every hive of bees, there are three kinds; the queen, the drones, and the labourers: of these last, there are by far the greatest number: and as cold weather approaches, they drive from the hives and destroy the drones, that have not laboured in summer, and will not let them eat in winter.

"We are now come," says Mr. G.L. Craik, by far the most acute and sagacious of all the commentators on Spenser, "to a very remarkable passage.

But the third acknowledgment was something more like a frown, and was, at all events, by far the most momentous outcome of Henry's first publication.

The most singular and freakish of the turkey's manifestations this, by far!

| | | | Should bear in mind that the | | | | ERIE RAILWAY | | | | IS BY FAR

" The glance that flashed from the eye of Balthazar's wife was withering; but the dogmatic bailiff was by far too well satisfied with his own wisdom to be conscious of its effects.

Major Frye's narrative is by far the oldest and seems the most trustworthy.

Some owners do not object to taking one from a dogs' home, which is an easy method, in consideration of the circumstance that by far the larger number of "lost" dogs are bitches sent adrift because they are in whelp.

They would, perhaps, throw some light on a transaction which is by far the most tragic event of this transition period of our Indian history.

They have appeared quite as friendly, and by far more civil, this fall than last.

But he is also an unruly individualist, a reckless despiser of accepted morality; and it is hard to see how his relation with Gretchen, which forms by far the largest part of the Ur-Faust, can lead to anything but a tragic catastrophe.

He now began to see the necessity of treating his slaves better by far than he had ever done before, and granted them greater privileges than he would have dared to do at the South.

She was by far the poorest customer at the counter.

By far the most common among such injuries are those inflicted by the animal himself by means of the shoes.

In short, the dietetic cause is by far the most common, and, in prosecuting inquiries as to the starting-point of an attack, the veterinarian's attention should be directed in the main to that particular.

Home we went, adding at every step a fresh story to our Castle in the Air, anticipating happy mornings and joyous evenings at dear Hatherden;in love with the place and all about it, and quite convinced that the hill was nothing, the distance nothing, and the walk by far the prettiest in the neighbourhood.

"He strikes me as by far the more intelligent of the two.

The ground-plan, which is all I know of Peruzzi's project, has always seemed to me by far the most beautiful and interesting of those laid down for S. Peter's.

It has been argued, indeed (for men will argue in support of what they do not venture to practise), that as the middling and lower orders of society constitute by far the greater part of mankind, so, their feelings and expressions should interest more extensively, and may be taken, more fairly than any other, for the standards of what is natural and true.

By far the greater part of Italy is mountainous, and not well suited to the production of corn on a large scale; and for long past other causes had combined to limit what production there was.

Of these by far the most useful for a student is the section in Marquardt's Privatleben, p. 79 foll.

It is by far the most important part of his "Inquiry."

Go, mould the fleeting cloud, The lucid dew-drop mix, The solar radiance shroud, The trembling moonbeam fix. Then bid the wand'ring star Within the zodiac move; 'Twere task more hard by far To guide the course of love.

Better as it is, by far!" "Doctor: I must go out and telegraph the news to London.

Some of the faces were distinctly brutal; there was the sullen visage of a powerful negro who, with different environment, might have been a Congo prince; but the face of "Plug" Spanos, a notorious gunman who was by far the worst character in the gang, might have been that of an artless plow-boy in a distant land under a warm sun.

In the presence of very great issues people become impatient and irritated, as they would not allow themselves to be irritated by far more limited problems.

The view of Mont Blanc, directly opposite, then bare of clouds from the base to the summit, with the red sunset light falling full on the great fields of snow, of which I had never realized the extent from any other point, was by far the most imposing view of the great mountain I have ever found.

Atkinson is by far the best player, but Hooper, P.O. Evans, and Crean are also quite good.

The United States of America have made in this respect by far the longest and most continuous experiment.

But by far the boldest innovation on existing practice is the new class of compound locomotives now being introduced by Mr. Webb.

By far the most serious obstacle to water injection, and that which condemns the wet compressor, is the influence of the injected water upon the air cylinder and parts.

" III.Harry Warrington is Disinherited Our young Virginian found himself after a few days at Tunbridge Wells by far the most important personage in the place.

By far the greater part of this land must remain, always, in its primitive naturalness.

By far the greater part of the territorial empire remaining to him lay in Asia.

Unless the shop is draughty, it is by far the best policy to have a few large burners rather than a number of small ones.

And I suppose that there must be ideas buried in it that are better by far than any I've used, for I must confess that I can't always read the notes I've jotted down.

"[20] They are now the burial-place of Protestants, and consequently, of foreigners only: by far the greatest part of the strangers interred here are English.

We spent a week at Udaipura happy week, whose short days flew by far too quickly.

Take any city-bred girl, who has been accustomed to late hours and the excitement of entertainments and parties, and who, by these unhealthful and killing rounds of so-called pleasure, has become emaciated and prematurely old, and place her in a well-regulated home,the country is by far the best, where early retirement is a rule, with a wholesome diet,and she will in a few weeks show a marked improvement.

"At present," we learn from Spencer and Gillen (104, 558), "by far the most common method of getting a wife is by means of an arrangement made between brothers or fathers of the respective men and women whereby a particular woman is assigned to a particular man.

As Willet had truly said, Tayoga's share was the more dangerous and delicate by far.

Though no shadow had ever dimmed Mrs. Richardson's fair fame, yet she was rudely treated in the court and robbed of her child, though by far the most fitting parent to be intrusted with his care.

One of the propositions which Sir Henry Maine is most anxious to bring home to his readers is that Democracy, in the extreme form to which it tends, is of all kinds of government by far the most difficult.

In short, the first duty of a man is to speak; that is his chief business in this world; and talk, which is the harmonious speech of two or more, is by far the most accessible of pleasures.

Upon her Husband's coming in, she put several Questions to him; which he not caring to resolve, Well, cries Lucina, I shall have 'em all at NightBut lest I should seem guilty of the very Fault I write against, I shall only intreat Mr. SPECTATOR to correct such Misdemeanors; 'For higher of the Genial Bed by far, And with mysterious Reverence, I deem.'

The French Knights were by far the largest and most powerful section of the Order, and in 1814 they had established a capitular commission in which they vested plenary powers to treat on their behalf.

In Giotto's composition in the chapel of the Arena, at Padua, she is by far the most prominent figure.

The opening essay, The Languages, is Wilhelm's, and properly, for at this time he was by far the better versed in philological and literary matters.

A good comprehension contributes very largely to bravery, because when present it confirms the strength of a man's resolution and when lacking destroys the same more thoroughly by far, than if such a thing had never existed at all.

Often did he tell the boys "that it was an easier life by far to break stones by the roadside than to teach them;" and at last his eccentricities became too obvious to be any longer overlooked.

By far the greater part of expression has to do with ideas that have originated in this way.

Especially he had given great attention to the public devotional language and forms of the Church, and had produced by far the best book in the English language on the history and significance of the offices of the English Churchthe Origines Liturgicae, published at the University Press in 1832.

It seems altogether likely that "Brazil" was applied to the entire outjutting region of America surrounding the Gulf of St. Lawrencethat part of this continent which is by far the nearest Ireland.

Lalor's Encyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy and American History is by far the best work for reference.

It is quite true that it was Mary Wordsworth's old age that was "serene and bright," while Dorothy's was the very reverse; but the poet's anticipation of the future was written when his sister was young, and was by far the stronger of the two.

Fly, fly, Cynthia, Since a terror and a woe Threatens us by far more fearful Than when late a horror froze All our words, and o'er our reason Strange lethargic dulness flowed.

The next and by far the most important contribution made by the peninsula to pastoral literature was the work of an hispaniolized Portuguese, who composed in Castilian dialect the famous Diana.

In conclusion, the author desires to state that no recipe has been admitted to this work which has not been thoroughly tested by repeated trials, by far the larger share of such being original, either in the combination of the materials used, the method employed, or both materials and method.

But though the bare enumeration of the details of this English picture, will, perhaps, awaken many dear recollections in the reader's mind, I have omitted by far the most interesting feature of the whole scenethe rosy children, loitering about the cottage gates, or tumbling gaily on the warm grass.[005][006] Two scraps of verse of a similar tendency shall follow this prose description: AN ENGLISH LANDSCAPE.

" Hamlet was by far his greatest triumph, although he would not admit it himselfpreferring in some moods to declare that his finest work was done in Macbeth, which was almost universally disliked.

Newark (capital) and Jersey City are by far the largest cities; was sold to Penn in 1682, and settled chiefly by immigrant Quakers.

Thus, in religion, the Darumulun, or other Supreme Being of the lowest known savages, men roaming wild, when originally met, on a continent peopled by older kinds of animals than ours, was (as we regard purity) on a higher plane by far than the gods of Greeks and Semites in their earliest known myths.

"By far the darkest feature in their social condition was seen in the family relation.

I'd rather be a Has Been Than a Might Have Been, by far; For a Might Have Been has never been,

All that neighbourhood had a very bad reputation as the haunt of lawless characters, prone to violence; and though among mere smugglers there was little danger of an attack on persons well known like the Woodford family, they were often joined by far more desperate men from the seaport, so that it was never desirable to be out of doors after dark.

Yet surely she might hope for other modes of prospering, she who was certainly by far the best looking and best educated of all the four, not that this served her much in her present company, and those of higher rank did not notice her at all.

How solemnly he enumerates the psalm-tunes usually made use of on such occasions, and discriminates the character of each: "They chant their artless notes in simple guise; They tune their hearts, by far the noblest aim: Perhaps DUNDEE'S wild warbling measures rise, Or plaintive MARTYRS, worthy of the name, Or noble ELGIN beets the heavenward flame.

The severe cold seems to have destroyed a certain number of them, since they are now not so numerous by far; and it has at least certainly put a stop to their devastations at an epoch when the larvae are more particularly exposed to the attacks of their enemies.