966 examples of by far in sentences

She is one of the oldest of European cities, she is one of the most beautiful, of all capitals she is by far the most full of character:

Some cooks smooth the rice with the back of a spoon, and then brush it over with the yolk of an egg, and set it in the oven to colour; but the rice well boiled, white, dry, and with every grain distinct, is by far the more preferable mode of dressing it.

The milk of each animal is distinguished by some peculiarities; but as that of the cow is by far the most useful to us in this part of the world, our observations will be confined to that variety.

All our furs are obtained from those countries, and the creatures from which they are derived are carefully preserved for that purpose, it being forbidden to kill more than a certain number of each every year, which makes these skins by far the costliest articles we use.

Noel and Mooka Down on the shore, that same bright June afternoon, little Noel and his sister Mooka were going on wonderful sledge journeys, meeting wolves and polar bears and caribou and all sorts of adventures, more wonderful by far than any that ever came to imagination astride of a rocking-horse.

Elephant, by far the largest of the three, was less colorful.

He made several journeys to the Continent, but by far the greater number of his excursions were made in England and Scotland, and there were few parts of the country which he had not visited.

II.Among the Helvetii, Orgetorix was by far the most distinguished and wealthy.

| | | | Should bear in mind that the | | | | ERIE RAILWAY | | | | IS BY FAR

Major Frye's narrative is by far the oldest and seems the most trustworthy.

In short, the dietetic cause is by far the most common, and, in prosecuting inquiries as to the starting-point of an attack, the veterinarian's attention should be directed in the main to that particular.

It has been argued, indeed (for men will argue in support of what they do not venture to practise), that as the middling and lower orders of society constitute by far the greater part of mankind, so, their feelings and expressions should interest more extensively, and may be taken, more fairly than any other, for the standards of what is natural and true.

By far the greater part of Italy is mountainous, and not well suited to the production of corn on a large scale; and for long past other causes had combined to limit what production there was.

It is by far the most important part of his "Inquiry."

By far the most serious obstacle to water injection, and that which condemns the wet compressor, is the influence of the injected water upon the air cylinder and parts.

By far the greater part of this land must remain, always, in its primitive naturalness.

And I suppose that there must be ideas buried in it that are better by far than any I've used, for I must confess that I can't always read the notes I've jotted down.

"At present," we learn from Spencer and Gillen (104, 558), "by far the most common method of getting a wife is by means of an arrangement made between brothers or fathers of the respective men and women whereby a particular woman is assigned to a particular man.

As Willet had truly said, Tayoga's share was the more dangerous and delicate by far.

The opening essay, The Languages, is Wilhelm's, and properly, for at this time he was by far the better versed in philological and literary matters.

By far the greater part of expression has to do with ideas that have originated in this way.

It seems altogether likely that "Brazil" was applied to the entire outjutting region of America surrounding the Gulf of St. Lawrencethat part of this continent which is by far the nearest Ireland.

Fly, fly, Cynthia, Since a terror and a woe Threatens us by far more fearful Than when late a horror froze All our words, and o'er our reason Strange lethargic dulness flowed.

In conclusion, the author desires to state that no recipe has been admitted to this work which has not been thoroughly tested by repeated trials, by far the larger share of such being original, either in the combination of the materials used, the method employed, or both materials and method.

How solemnly he enumerates the psalm-tunes usually made use of on such occasions, and discriminates the character of each: "They chant their artless notes in simple guise; They tune their hearts, by far the noblest aim: Perhaps DUNDEE'S wild warbling measures rise, Or plaintive MARTYRS, worthy of the name, Or noble ELGIN beets the heavenward flame.

966 examples of  by far  in sentences