991 examples of cabbage in sentences

"Is the garden all up, and what did you sow, and where are the hens set, and did the cabbage plants catch?" "You bet they did," said Mary proudly.

Cabbage soup was the usual thing and after a certain time it turned our stomachs.

During the summer I had often seen him taking up nice green things to them: celery, chickweed, tender cabbage, peaches, apples, pears, bananas; and now at Christmas time, he had green stuff growing in pots on the window ledge.

"Is it likely I would leave you behind to spread scandal concerning me with that gabbling tongue in your head of an overgrown cabbage?

" Solon's eyes uneasily sought the cabbage-like flowers in the faded carpet of the room.

Five ounces of black bread a day, part of barley and part of potato, the rest of rye and wheat; for breakfast, a pint of lukewarm artificial coffee made of acorns burnt with maize, no sugar; sauerkraut and cabbage in hot water twice a day, occasionally some boiled barley or rice or oatmeal, and now and thenalmost by a miracle, so rare were the occasionsa small bit of horseflesh in the soup.

And the Army was as good as the word of their Chief; for no occupied house, not one German chicken, not a cabbage was taken from any German house or garden.

How should he keep on good terms at the same time this Cabbage, which is called To-day, and that Goat, which is called To-morrow?

The low spots were filled with the coarse green verdure of skunk cabbage.

At last the truck stopped at a manager's house with a Palmiste, {124} or cabbage-palm, on each side of the garden gate, a pair of columns which any prince would have longed for as ornaments for his lawn.

Is it not possible for me to enjoy the scenery of the earth without saying to myself, I have a cabbage-garden in it?

One imagined them scurrying like rabbits across the fields and through the cabbage patches.

Add such fibrous vegetables as carrots, turnips, or cabbage, cut into small chunks, soon after the meat is put on to boil, and potatoes, onions, or other tender vegetables when the meat is about half done.

He raised corn and cabbage, a little corn and wheat.

When they boiled cabbage we got bread and pot-liquor.

Beets were nearly as discouraging, but not quite, when they were young and tender, and the same was true of cabbage.

Down among the cabbage indeed something was stirring, but it might just as probably be a cat stalking birds.

They had goober patch, popcorn patch, sorghum patches, several of em, pea patches but they was field cabbage patch and watermellon patch.

Madame Colette Willy has never ceased to be the plain woman par excellence, who rises at dawn to give oats to the horse, maize to the chickens, cabbage to the rabbits, groundsel to the canaries, snails to the ducks and bran-water to the pigs.

Why are the stems of the Cabbage tribe considered wholesome food?

Why do not the leaves of the Cabbage remain wet, after being immersed in water, and again taken out of it? Because they are powdered with a slight layer of resinous matter, similar to that which covers certain fruits, and, in particular, plums and grapes.

So through the Summer Sunday hours The sunbeams slowly steal, Gilding the beer-shop's saw-dust bowers, The cabbage-stalks in lieu of flowers, The trodden orange-peel, Till, calm as heaven, the moon appears, A Sister in a house of tears, Who soothes, but cannot heal.

This is planted in large fields, and the plant is a sprout growing from the top of the fruit, like that which grows from a cabbage or lettuce.

KRAUT KUGEL Chop up cabbage and let stew in fat slowly until quite brown.

CABBAGE STRUDEL Heat one-half cup of goose-fat, add one medium-sized cabbage and let it simmer until done, stirring constantly to keep from burning.

991 examples of  cabbage  in sentences