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1060 example sentences with  cabbage

1060 example sentences with cabbage

Cabbage-stalks, too, served them for steeds, and a story is told of a certain farmer who resided at Dundaniel, near Cork, and was considered to be under fairy control.

INGREDIENTS.To each gallon of vinegar allow 6 cloves of garlic, 12 shalots, 2 sticks of sliced horseradish, 1/4 lb. of bruised ginger, 2 oz. of whole black pepper, 1 oz. of long pepper, 1 oz. of allspice, 12 cloves, 1/4 oz. of cayenne, 2 oz. of mustard-seed, 1/4 lb. of mustard, 1 oz. of turmeric; a white cabbage, cauliflowers, radish-pods, French beans, gherkins, small round pickling-onions, nasturtiums, capsicums, chilies, &c. Mode.


Cabbage soup was the usual thing and after a certain time it turned our stomachs.

"Is it likely I would leave you behind to spread scandal concerning me with that gabbling tongue in your head of an overgrown cabbage?

The next day, before repeating the treatment, I had to feed the turtle with cabbage in water.

This ash cake was made of corn meal and water, a little salt to make it palatable, and was baked by putting it between cabbage leaves and covering it with hot ashes.

We'll put the beet salad by the chicken and the cabbage salad by the ham and the chow-chow betwixt 'em.

Serve in nests of Lettuce or cabbage leaves with Thousand Island French Dressing.

*** The campaign against the cabbage butterfly in this country has reached such an alarming stage that cautious butterflies are now going about in couples.

V. steal, thieve, rob, mug, purloin, pilfer, filch, prig, bag, nim^, crib, cabbage, palm; abstract; appropriate, plagiarize.

[colloquial terms for money] dough, cabbage.

He therefore landed on a small island, and presently made his reappearance with a huge palm cabbage, which, in the absence of its owner, he had picked from a tree he cut down for the purpose....

As our earth is a globe of ether and a globe of prana as well as a globe of prakriti; we are actually living on a small "cabbage" of that pranic globe, and subject to all its laws.

Our first intimation of it was the presence, in a cabbage field beyond the town, of three strangely subdued peasants softening the hard earth with water, so that they might dig a grave for a dead horse, which, after lying two days in the hot sun, had already become a nuisance and might become a pestilence.

7, especially cabbage.

Frictions of the head and outward parts, sacculi of henbane, wormwood at his pillow, &c. Against terrible dreams; not to sup late, or eat peas, cabbage, venison, meats heavy of digestion, use balm, hart's-tongue, &c. Against ruddiness and blushing, inward and outward remedies.

The rickety stalls have been demolished; the unsold remainder of the goods disposed of; the worthy country folks, their pockets heavy with sous, are well on their journey homewards, and only a litter of straw, of cabbage leaves and leek tops remains as evidence of the lively market of the morning.

* * * * * So there are bromidic vegetables like cabbage, and sulphitic ones like garlic.

* * * * * "A money prize offered to boys at Barcombe, Suxxes, for killing cabbage butterflies resulted in over 4,000 insects being destroyed.

A statute of Charlemagne, in which the useful plants which the emperor desired should be cultivated in his domains are detailed, shows us that at that period the greater part of our cooking vegetables were in use, for we find mentioned in it, fennel, garlic, parsley, shallot, onions, watercress, endive, lettuce, beetroot, cabbage, leeks, carrots, artichokes; besides long-beans, broad-beans, peas or Italian vetches, and lentils.

Cabbages, the alimentary reputation of which dates from the remotest times, were already of several kinds, most of which have descended to us; amongst them may be mentioned the apple-headed, the Roman, the white, the common white head, the Easter cabbage, &c.; but the one held in the highest estimation was the famous cabbage of Senlis, whose leaves, says an ancient author, when opened, exhaled a smell more agreeable than musk or amber.

Cabbages, the alimentary reputation of which dates from the remotest times, were already of several kinds, most of which have descended to us; amongst them may be mentioned the apple-headed, the Roman, the white, the common white head, the Easter cabbage, &c.; but the one held in the highest estimation was the famous cabbage of Senlis, whose leaves, says an ancient author, when opened, exhaled a smell more agreeable than musk or amber.

However, considering its latitude, it is exceedingly bare of vegetation; and there is only one plant which claims attention, that is the famous cabbage discovered by Captain Cook.

When de cabbage pot is steamin' An' de bacon good an' fat, When de chittlin's is a-sputter'n'

The best known, however, comes from Cornwall and was raised by the late Sir W.S. GILBERT, who introduced the Savoy cabbage.

Just as he left off, the Maiden woke up, rubbed her eyes, got off the bank, and had a dance all alone toosuch a dance that the Savage looked on in ecstacy all the while, and when it was done, plucked from a neighboring tree some botanical curiosity, resembling a small pickled cabbage, and offered it to the Maiden, who at first wouldn't have it, but on the Savage shedding tears, relented.

Then the Savage jumped for joy; then the Maiden jumped for rapture at the sweet smell of the pickled cabbage; then the Savage and the Maiden danced violently together, and finally the Savage dropped down on one knee, and the Maiden stood on one leg upon his other knee; thus concluding the ballet, and leaving the spectators in a state of pleasing uncertainty whether she would ultimately marry the Savage, or return to her friends.

Near the watering-place were some natives' bark-huts and gourds; and two or three baskets, made of the leaf of the cabbage palm, were hanging on the branches of the surrounding bushes.

On one of Mr. Cunningham's explorations he found several cabbage palms (Seaforthia elegans, Brown); but they were too distant from the tents to induce me to send for any for the ship's company.

They fanned back and forth the fumes of cabbage and grease.

The impression was that of a cheaply painted back-drop designed for a "stock" presentation of "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch."

In the New Jersey State Prison, one pound of bread, half a pound of beef, with potatos and cabbage, (quantity not specified,) one gill of molasses, and a bowl of mush for supper.

If I do, pickle me in a barrel among cabbage.

To this breakfast male guests dropped in from the bath in pajamas, but the dรฉjeuner ร  la fourchette, or second breakfast at eleven, was more formal, and of four courses, fish, bacon and eggs, curry and rice, tongues and sounds, beefsteak and potatoes, feis, roast beef or mutton, sucking pig, and cabbage or sauer-kraut.

Dinner at half-past six o'clock was a repetition of the late breakfast except that a vegetable or cabbage soup was also served.

What do you say to a ham certificate with a cabbage ticket on the side?

"I'm going to start early parsley and cabbage and lettuce, cauliflower and egg plants, radishes and peas and corn in shallow boxesflats Grandfather says they're calledin my room and the kitchen where it's warm and sunny, and when they've sprouted three leaves I'll set them out here and plant some more in the flats.

The celery and tomato seeds that he had planted during the first week of the month were showing their heads bravely and the cabbage and cauliflower seedlings had gone to keep the lettuce company in the hotbed.

Beets were nearly as discouraging, but not quite, when they were young and tender, and the same was true of cabbage.

but they was field cabbage patch and watermellon patch.

There is a member of the family called the cabbage-palmetto, the unexpanded leaves of which are used as a table vegetable, which you may see in Florida.

Its young leaves are all in a mass at the top, and when boiled make a dish something like cabbage.


Such a woman might be cut out of a cabbage, if there was a skilful artificer,' v. 231.

Taking advantage of an offer made by Young, he ordered (August 6, 1786) through him English plows, cabbage, turnip, sainfoin, rye-grass and hop clover seed and eight bushels of winter vetches; also some months later, velvet wheat, field beans, spring barley, oats and more sainfoin seed.

Cabbage Lettuce does not need to be tied.

Others that walk on the ground, like the Robin, the Thrush, Meadowlark, Crow, and Red-winged Blackbird, eat ground things, such as the fat cutworms which mow with sharp jaws the young plants of corn, cabbage, and onions."

Those who are poorer buy hot maize cobs and cabbage pies; those who feel hot already themselves are fain to go to the ice and lemonade stall, and spend odd farthings there.

Our projects of conquest were, however, all frustrated by the unlucky intervention of Bernardine's soupe aux choux, [Cabbage-soup.] and Eustace's regale of cheese and onions.

In the morning, some oatmeal and coffee; at noon, some cabbage soup boiled with desiccated meat and some bread; at night, more coffee and bread.

How one thrived on this fare depended much upon how he liked cabbage soup.

They were not used to cabbage soup.

Only when you have seen Mr. Atkins with a pot of jam and a loaf of white bread and some bacon frizzling near by can you realize the hardship which cabbage soup meant to that British regular who gets lavish rations of the kind he hkes along with his shilling a day for professional soldiering.

Now the English husband of the German woman, though he had spent most of his life in Hamburg, though perhaps he had been born in Germany, had been interned and, however large his bank account, was taking his place with his pannikin in the stalls in front of some cookhouse for his ration of cabbage soup.

I see you've been wasting your tin on cigarsalias, rolled cabbage-leaves.

Again, folk suffering from falling sickness are supposed to be in that condition owing to the fatigue caused by nocturnal rides through the air with the fairies, whose steeds are bewitched rushes, blades of grass, straws, fern roots, and cabbage stalks.

Lieutenant Stewart gives as the general result of his observations, extending over about seventy or eighty miles, that there is abundance of fresh water on the Peninsula; that the South side is by far the finest and best watered country; that the trees are there free from the white ant; and that in a large tract of country, the cabbage-palm abounds.

The natives were found by the settlers, as we have already stated, very friendly, and their assistance proved valuable: they brought in the head of the palm-cabbage, which makes an excellent vegetable, though to procure it, the tree is cut down and destroyed: they also supplied the party with wild honey.

Near Escape Cliffs I met a small family of natives, consisting of an elderly man, his wife, and four children; by degrees, advancing alone, I contrived to get near enough to make the woman a present of a handkerchief, in return for which she gave me a large leaf of the cabbage palm, that was slung across her back.

"You forget," said Agrius, "his most important precept: 'If you wish to drink freely and dine well in company, you should eat five leaves of raw cabbage steeped in vinegar, before sitting down to the table.'"

In rich land should be sown what ever require much nourishment, such as cabbage, spring and winter, wheat and flax.

Of seeding clover and cabbage XLIII.

Snail clover (cytisus) and cabbage is sowed in beds well prepared and is transplanted from them and set out so that the plants are a foot and a half apart, also cuttings are taken from the stronger plants and set out like those which were raised from seed.

And yet what an astonishing difference between the two sketches! "'Twas a poor ass, who had just turned in, with a couple of large panniers upon his back, to collect eleemosynary turnip-tops and cabbage-leaves, and stood dubious with his two fore-feet on the inside of the threshold, and with his two hinder feet towards the street, as not knowing very well whether he would go in or no.

Cabbage tree :

Having no trail to follow we passed on as best we could and came to a wide piece of land on which were growing a great many cabbage trees.

When the sun went down we tied the mule and oxen to cabbage trees, and shortly after dusk lay down ourselves, for we had enjoyed a good fire made of the trunks of cabbage trees, the first really comfortable one in a long time.

When the sun went down we tied the mule and oxen to cabbage trees, and shortly after dusk lay down ourselves, for we had enjoyed a good fire made of the trunks of cabbage trees, the first really comfortable one in a long time.

A new serial story by the author of "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" begins in December,don't miss it.

The writer is doubtless correct in supposing that this utensil was originally employed for cooking kail or cabbage and other green stuff.

Nature has a place for the wild clematis as well as for the cabbage.

Cabbage and rice stewed, 94.

and he roared out a great note that made the room shake, and a man who was selling cabbage in the street stopped his hand-cart and mimicked him for five minutes.

Nino saw he must begin, and he set up a shout, much against his will, so that the cabbage-vendor chimed in, making so much noise that the old woman who lives opposite opened her window and emptied a great dustpan full of potato peelings and refuse leaves of lettuce right on his head.

Boil in water until tender one cup green peas, three carrots cut up in small pieces, and some cabbage chopped fine.

MOCK TURTLE SOUP Take one calf's head, wash well; put on to boil with four and one-half quarts of water; add two red peppers, onions, celery, carrots, cloves, salt to taste, and a little cabbage; boil six hours; also, have ready some meat stock; the next day put fat in a skillet with two large tablespoons of flour; let it brown; then, take the calf's head and cut all the meat from it in pieces; add the calf's tongue, cut in dice.

VEGETABLE SOUP (MILCHIG) Brown one-half cup of chopped onion in one tablespoon of butter, add one and a half quarts of boiling water, two cups of shredded cabbage one-half cup of chopped carrot, one leek, one tablespoon of chopped peppers, one tablespoon of chopped celery.

The varieties of cabbage are numerous.

This is a small variety of the common cabbage, which is sown in June, and planted out for autumn and winter use.

A well-known species of cabbage grown for winter use, and is one of our best vegetables of that season.

Vegetables, particularly cabbage and turnips, were plentiful enough to be of great help.

* The first of these which came under my notice was an enormous black parrot (Microglossus aterrimus) with crimson cheeks; at Cape York it feeds upon the cabbage of various palms, stripping down the sheath at the base of the leaves with its powerful, acutely-hooked upper mandible.

They are related to mustard and cabbage family.

'Dak galbi' is a stir-fried chicken with sliced cabbage, sweet potatoes, rice cakes, sesame leaves and picy 'go chujang' sauce.

Barista Espresso coffee on drip and crunch into the cold wrap, cabbage adding the fresh snap along with some snow pea and onion segments.

Diocletian's Last Cabbage: howdy DLC (insert witty comment here) how you doing?

I remember that PF supporters at one time lined the road in Lusaka when Mwanawasa was passing with his Motorcade with heads of cabbage in their hands flashing them at the President.

And as befalls all those who succumb to the Sirenโ€™s call of easy money (or easy cabbage), it doesnโ€™t take long for the pusher to become the addict.

Keilan Bryant and Leona Moore check on the progress of this huge cabbage, which topped out at 52 pounds.

The F.A.O.โ€™s 2001 definition says that kimchi consists of โ€œChinese cabbageโ€ and other vegetables that are โ€œtrimmed, cut, salted and seasoned before fermentation.โ€

The salad mix with iceberg lettuce, carrots and red cabbage was sold at multiple major grocery stores, including Walmart and Aldi.

The writing on the wall literally informs you this 50-year-old restaurant is where youโ€™ll find one of Phoenixโ€™s most famous Southern dishes: the golden brown Southern fried chicken (with suggested sides of cabbage and black eyed peas).

They are a common garden pest, and they like cabbage, kale, radish leaves and mustards.

Foods with high sources of calcium (such as dairy products), fibre (such as cabbage), iron and soy can interfere with levothyroxine absorption.

However, Hamburg's culinary traditions are most authentically kept alive in neighborhood restaurants, where traditional dishes use basic regional ingredients such as fresh sea food, cabbage and kale, potatoes, apples, pears, green beans and smoked bacon.

In Ontario, injury to cabbage by thrips is usually most serious in storage cabbage or heads harvested in late summer and early fall.

In Ontario, injury to cabbage by thrips is usually most serious in storage cabbage or heads harvested in late summer and early fall.

This is the month that Skunk Cabbage blooms.

Three of them are sheepfolds -- another is occupied by a fisherman for a cabbage cellar, and time has encrusted the ceilings with small stalactites.