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5167 example sentences with  cabinets

5167 example sentences with cabinets

For forty years all the cabinets of continental Europe were guided more or less by his advice; and his advice, from first to last, was uniform,to put down popular movements and uphold absolutism at any cost, and severely punish all people, of whatever rank or character, who tempted the oppressed to shake off their fetters, or who dared to give expression to emancipating ideas, even in the halls of universities.

Against the walls are also placed cabinets and caskets of carved walnut-wood and ebony inlaid with lapis-lazuli, jasper, and precious stones; also long, narrow coffers, richly carved, within which the corredo, or trousseau, of rich brides who had matched with a Guinigi, was laid.

She opens the cupboards in the wall, and handles the precious vessels of Venetian glass, the silver plates and golden flagons, the jeweled cups; she examines the ancient bronzes and ivory carvings; unlocks the caskets and the inlaid cabinets, and turns over the gold guipure lace, the rich mediaeval embroideries, the christening-robesthese she flings quickly byand the silver ornaments.

Fair houses, gardens, orchards, terraces, galleries, cabinets, pleasant walks, delightsome places, they are at hand: in aureis lac, vinum in argenteis, adolescentulae ad nutum speciosae, wine, wenches, &c. a Turkish paradise, a heaven upon earth.

A large apartment and a few cabinets, into which the interior is divided, are reached through doors and windows which have almost a Gothic appearance.

Neat little cabinets surrounded these rooms, from which they were only separated by walls that in many cases were adorned with the most artistic paintings, and through which the eye could easily penetrate.

In the catalogue of Hillton Academy you may find a proud list of graduates that includes ministers plenipotentiary, members of cabinets, governors, senators, representatives, supreme court judges, college presidents, authors, and many, many other equally creditable to their alma mater.

The lowered awnings of her inner drawing-room cast a luminous shadow on old cabinets and consoles, and on the pale flowers scattered here and there in vases of bronze and porcelain.

In the quick glance she gave at her surroundings she was conscious only of the great mahogany desk at which he sat and behind it some filing cabinets and a huge safe, the outer doors of which stood open.

Mahogany Is of universal use for furniture, from the common tables of a village inn to the splendid cabinets of a regal palace.

The water expelled by the elbowed pipes reacted through pressure, as in the hydraulic tourniquet of cabinets of physics, and effected the propulsion of the vessel.

All are practically and cheerfully furnished, fitted with desks, filing cabinets, telephones, speaking tubes, everything to carry forward the business of the church in a time-saving, businesslike way.

They showed her the flooring he whip-sawed, the mantles, doors, and window-casings he helped make, the rails he split, the cabinets he and his father made, and scores of relics cut from planks and rails he handled.

The curving walls were fitted with a lining of walnut cabinets.

The table streamed with light, but the faces and cabinets were in shadow....

He slipped a little steel key from the ring, smiling because it was the key to one of the Carreras cabinets at the hacienda, and placed it in his mouth.

The sallow-faced young man disappeared without a word, leaving Gilbert standing in the dimly lighted shop, where he saw more old silver crowded upon shelves behind glass doors, carved ebony cabinets looming out of the dusk, and here and there an old picture in a tarnished frame.

It was rather a gloomy mansion, pervaded throughout with evidences of its late owner's oriental career; old Indian cabinets; ponderous chairs of elaborately-carved ebony, clumsy in form and barbaric in design; curious old china and lacquered ware of every kind, from gigantic vases to the tiniest cups and saucers; ivory temples, and gods in silver and clay, crowded the drawing-rooms and the broad landings on the staircase.

All that Mr. Pallinson wanted was opportunity; and that being now afforded him, he looked upon the happy issue of events as a certainty, and already contemplated the house in Cavendish-square, the Indian jars and cabinets, the ivory chessmen and filigree-silver rosewater-bottles, the inlaid desks and Japanese screens, the ponderous plate and rare old wines, with a sense of prospective proprietorship.

Only compare them, talking or writing, with one of those babbling, chattering dolls, of warmer latitudes, who do not know enough even to keep out of print, and who are interesting to us only as specimens of arrest of development for our psychological cabinets.

The necessity for peace was, beginning to be admitted even, in Madame de Pompadour's little cabinets.

The earth is a globular body, and what more she may be, one can find in mineralogical cabinets.'

They are wooden cabinets.

I must keep an eye on Piragoff. "'I can open one of the cabinets,' I said.

We are indeed told by an ancient Author, that Socrates very much resembled Silenus in his Face; which we find to have been very rightly observed from the Statues and Busts of both, [that ] are still extant; as well as on several antique Seals and precious Stones, which are frequently enough to be met with in the Cabinets of the Curious.

Whereas I took the butterfly Aforetime in my hat, He sits erect in cabinets, The clover-bells forgot.

The outlines and general designs of the earlier Renaissance cabinets were apparently suggested by the old Roman triumphal arches and sarcophagi; afterwards these were modified and became varied, elegant and graceful, but latterly as the period of decline was marked, the outlines as shewn in the two chairs on the preceding page became confused and dissipated by over-decoration.

So far as it has been possible to do so, a selection has been made to represent the different classes of work, and as there are in the South Kensington Museum numerous examples of cassone fronts, panels, chairs, and cabinets which can be examined, it is easy to form an idea of the decorative woodwork made in Italy during the period we have been considering.

Following their King's example, the more wealthy of his subjects rebuilt or altered their chateaux and hotels, decorated them in the Italian style, and furnished them with the cabinets, chairs, coffers, armoires, tables, and various other articles, designed after the Italian models.

Cabinets were made with an upper and lower part; sometimes the latter was in the form of a stand with caryatides figures like the famous cabinet in the Chateau Fontainebleau, a vignette of which forms the initial letter of this chapter; or were enclosed by doors generally decorated with carving, the upper, part having richly carved panels, which when open disclosed drawers with fronts minutely carved.

Century.] "Besides these inlaid cabinets, others must have been made in the sixteenth century inlaid with silver.

The Edict says that "no cabinets, desks, coffers, braziers, shoes, tables, or other articles decorated with stamped, raised, carved, or plain silver should be manufactured."

These cabinets generally have simple rectangular outlines with numerous drawers, the fronts of which are decorated in the manner described, and where the stands are original they are formed of turned legs of ebony or stained wood.

In many Spanish cabinets the influence of Saracenic art is very dominant; these have generally a plain exterior, the front is hinged as a fall-down flap, and discloses a decorative effect which reminds one of some of the Alhambra workquaint arches inlaid with ivory, of a somewhat bizarre coloring of blue and vermilionaltogether a rather barbarous but rich and effective treatment.

Some of the Museum specimens will assist the reader to mark some characteristics, and it may be observed generally that in the treatment of figure subjects in the carved work, the attitudes are somewhat strained, and, as has been stated, the outlines of the cabinets are without any special feature.

Again her ladyship fled to her chamber and began to look behind chairs and screens and portable cabinets; but to no avail; she found no safe hiding.

Tables and cabinets were opened; the bed was examined.

The Cabinets of 1807 and 1812 warred against commerce itself, and placed an interdict on every harbor; and which of the measures of the British statesman was more arbitrary in its character, more repugnant to the spirit of freemen, or more questionable as to its legality, than the Enforcing Act of 1808?

Emily had put there her Indian cabinets, and many other beautiful things brought from the east, besides decorating it with delicate ferns, and bulbs in flower.

I took the liberty of placing seals upon the desks and cabinets, and directed the butler and other servants to see that nothing was disturbed or removed till Mrs. Harlowe'sthe true Mrs. Harlowe'sarrival."

Reconstructions owing to death or retirement of a Premier have now and then added to the number of apparently new Cabinets.

Then we were invited to inspect the presents in another room, which were all in glass cabinets.

I opened several cabinets that contained sketches and drawings, all in careful order; and in another I found an elaborate card catalogue, evidently the work of a practised hand.

It had full suspension bogies, electro-pneumatic braking system and fully enclosed electrical cabinets, ZD106 traction motor, and change the gear ratio.

Peres has been a member of 12 cabinets.

They made furniture like cabinets, chairs, doors, drawers, cupboards, bed frames, tables, and many more.

Beyond it are a staircase (a walk-in closet built under the stairs serves as a pantry) and a U-shaped kitchen with grooved cabinets and white-tile countertops and backsplashes.

Do you gentlemen have any advice for anyone stepping into the realms of home improvement or putting in their own kitchen cabinets, etc., for the very first time?

Ikea sells many types of affordable counters, including wood and laminate, but there is no requirement to buy them with the cabinets.

I like them and we are bidding out our renovation plans proper now and are considerably over budget and cabinets is one of the areas (insert emoji with the clenched teeth).

Smaller kitchens that once had an all-white look are getting a facelift by adding a burst of bright, bold color on either the upper or base cabinets.

The curtain and the carpet also follow the pastel theme, putting a relaxing ambience to break the monotony of the wooden cabinets.

This home features full sized kitchen cabinets, appliances, washer and dryer and walk-in shower.

What's more, they've revealed that both the X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom cabinets will be Wi-Fi enabled, which allows players to engage in side-scrolling fights online.

With each move to arm-twist the civilians or directly take over since 1958, the generals have found pliant politicians to endorse their undemocratic steps with rubberstamp cabinets and parliament.

Additionally, white cabinets were added above the washer and dryer as well as a pole to hang some clothes to dry.

Additional storage cabinets and vats are required to allow for collection expansion.

Cabinets and display cases hold merchandise, also toiletries, prescriptions and gifts visible.

Cabinets include space, power, internet port and static IPs and we are happy to help with remote reboot and power management advice.

Dated cabinets no more!

A large number of these cards (and the cabinets that house them) are old and will soon not be supported by the manufacturer.

From businesses processing raw logs and lumber, to those manufacturing furniture, kitchen cabinets and other wood related products.

Gorgeous Kitchen offers thick Granite Countertops, 2 tone Kitchen Cabinets (Soft Close), Corner Pantry, SS Appliances, Countertop GAS and list goes on.

Gorgeous NEW island kitchen with full height cabinets, STAINLESS STEEL appliances including GAS RANGE, walk-in pantry.

Gorgeous open kitchen features new cabinets, stainless steel appliances & granite counters.

High ceiling in Living RM, Large Dining Rm, Grand Foyer, 3 pieces Bath and Bedroom in Main, Spacious Laundry and functional kitchen w/t S/S Appliances, Large open Kitchen with oak cabinets, phone desk, large pantry and a center island w/corien top.

High end renos: Mirage engineered hardwood, Canadian Berber & slate floors, stainless steel appliances, granite counters, cabinets,.

Hooper's Customer Cabinets, Blue Ridge, GA, (706) 374-0383 (

If you decide to go a step further in the makeover of your kitchen, you can also raise the cupboards to maximize space or replace some cabinets with shelves.

I think it is a matter of observable fact that most Cabinets of most jurisdictions in this country are dominated by business and professional people.

Laundry/mud room features more ceramic and storage cabinets.

Laundry room is custom built w/ granite countertops & maple cabinets.

Main floor features brand new laminate flooring, brand new kitchen, countertops, cabinets, APPLIANCES TOO.

Main floor laundry with storage cabinets and a sink.

Main floor offers an open concept with high ceilings, den finished with wainscoting, 2 pce bath, kitchen loaded with cabinets, built in oven & microwave, gas countertop stove, stainless steel appliances, walk in pantry, huge island & quartz countertops.

Meikle and his team covered all the critical hardwareand filing cabinets with plastic trash bags and created acommunications plan on the fly.

Meitner Custom Cabinets & Home, Hoisington, KS, (620) 653-2257 (

Not only do the handsome glass-front cabinets that flank the range add a lighter element to the solid-front storage, they also impart stylish continuity by referencing the original leaded and stained glass windows found throughout the home.

On that note, if you consider investing in kitchen remodeling via changing cabinets, you are not only changing the appearance of the kitchen but also, saving on lots of inconveniences.

Our services includes kitchens cabinets, kitchen remodeling, kitchen planning, kitchen cabinet doors, bathroom cabinets, made to order, cost, kitchen islands, ready made PVC cabinets.

Our services includes kitchens cabinets, kitchen remodeling, kitchen planning, kitchen cabinet doors, bathroom cabinets, made to order, cost, kitchen islands, ready made PVC cabinets.

Our services includes kitchens cabinets, kitchen remodeling, kitchen planning, kitchen cabinet doors, bathroom cabinets, made to order, cost, kitchen islands, ready made PVC cabinets.

Pyramid Custom Cabinets Inc, Lockport, IL, (815) 588-9800 (

Sebastian gave them an entire wall of chic white cabinets to house their <em>Settlers of Catan</em> and <em>Cards Against Humanity</em> boxes.

Space for contents of a small office, including chairs, desks, equipment, filing cabinets or 35 boxes.

Spacious living area, newer IKEA kitchen cabinets, Newer windows (2016).

Students in Studio Curio will ultimately design museums on topics and sites of their own choosing, but we will begin these architectural musings gradually by assembling collections of curios into Cabinets of Curiosity and Places for Musing.

Team Wood Kitchen Cabinets (2009) Ltd. Position Title: Warehouse Supervisor Positions Available: 01 Wage offered: $24.00 per hour for 40 hours per week.

The green earth tones of the kitchen cabinets keep with the cabin-in-the-city theme without feeling dated or too overwhelming.

The updated kitchen offers new cabinets, counter tops, with breakfast eating bar and stainless steel appliances.

The vanity for the mrs of the home has custom cabinets up each end of the vanity with a large mirror in the centre.

This all time crowd favorite starts with a massive overdubbed Reach out and touch faith, whilst the thumping rhythm was created from samples of the band stomping on travel cabinets.

This fabulous city home in Turnbull's Watch has just been renovated and features, vaulted ceilings, solid h/w flooring in living/dining & master bedrooms, maple shaker cabinets, and in-floor radiant heating.

This park facing unit has a beautiful kitchen with dark brown cabinets, granite counter tops, and stainless steel appliances along with plenty of storage.

Upper floor laundry room offers a sink and custom cabinets for extra storage space.

Upstairs has a huge kitchen with maple cabinets, pantry, SS appliances, grand island all with an open concept feel and cozy gas fireplace.

Bathrooms have been upgarded with new granite counters, cabinets, frameless glass shower doors, with a jetted tub in the master ensuite.

West Coast Architecture, stainless steel appliances, large windows for maximum light, shaker cabinets, quartz counter-tops, and lavish bathrooms.

When they were renovating, making room for newer game cabinets, they were told by upper management to get rid of the existing cabinets (and by that.

When they were renovating, making room for newer game cabinets, they were told by upper management to get rid of the existing cabinets (and by that.