5462 examples of caesars in sentences

While the Caesars were building Rome the Pymeut forefathers were building just such ighloos as this.

Great are thy fortunes Nero, great thy power, Thy Empyre lymited with natures bounds; Upon thy ground the Sunne doth set and ryse; The day and night are thine, Nor can the Planets, wander where they will, See that proud earth that feares not Caesars name.

I have heard my father oft repeat the Triumphs Which in Augustus Caesars tymes were showne Upon his Victorie ore the Illirians;

bedew'd Or the unhappy obsequies of Death, But such as Caesars cunning, not his force, Hath wrung from Greece too bragging of her art.

In Caesars ruine Anthony was spared; Lets not our cause with needlesse blood distaine.

On Caesars owne house looke: hath that bin free?

O Iove dissolve with Caesar Caesars world; Or you whom Nero rather should invoke, Blacke Chaos and you fearefull shapes beneath, That with a long and not vaine envy have Sought to destroy this worke of th'other Gods; Now let your darknesse cease the spoyles of day, And the worlds first contention end your strife.

He was in charge of a warder, and looked round with the utmost composure, as though examining the Caesars in the British Museum, and was as interested as any fanatical fool of a phrenologist.

The Caesars became to them magical man-gods.

They were renewed when the empire of the Caesars fell, but their ferocity and cruelty diminished; conquered people were not carried away as slaves, nor were women and children put to death, except in extraordinary cases, which called out universal grief, compassion, and indignation.

The wars of Charlemagne and Charles V. were to revive the imperialism of the Caesars,to create new universal monarchies.

He called to mind old Rome under the Caesars, and mediaeval Rome under the popes, and what a central authority had effected for civilization in times of anarchy, and in times of darkness and superstition; and the King to him was a sort of vicegerent of divine power, clothed in authority based on divine right,the idea of kings in the Middle Ages.

He sought no inglorious pomps; he built no expensive palaces; he gave no foolish fetes; nor did he seek to disguise his tyranny by amusing or demoralizing the people, like the old Roman Caesars.

But the many-sided question of the deification of the Caesars cannot be discussed here; it is only mentioned as showing in another way the trend of thought in this dark age of Roman history.

But if the human organ of inspiration goes on to fix the how, the where, and the when, and attributes to some nearer object the glory of the final blessedness, then it inevitably falls into such mistakes as Virgil's, and finds its golden age in the rule of the Caesars (which was indeed an essential feature of Christianity), or perhaps, as in later days, in the establishment of socialism or imperialism.

How many CAESARS and POMPEYS, says he, by mere inspiration of the names, have been rendered worthy of them?

Its rise may, I conceive, with tolerable certainty, be traced to the stag said to have been taken in the Forest of Senlis, by Charles the Sixth, about whose neck was a collar, with the inscription, "Caesar hoc mihi donavit," which induced a belief that the animal had lived from the reign of some one of the twelve Caesars.

It remembers its Caesars, its saints, its sinners.

Her husband granted her a bright and fresh perfection of form and color, but desiderated any appetizing tang, and lamented, in his phrase, a certain kinship to the impeccable loveliness of some female saint in a jaunty tapestry; bright as ice in sunshine, just so her beauty chilled you, he complained: moreover, this daughter of the Caesars had been fetched into England, chiefly, to breed him children, and this she had never done.

O daughter of the Caesars, I bid you now gird either loin for an unlovely traffic.

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On his right stands a high, rocky island of dark tufa, rendered gay, amid all its magnificent formations, by smiling vineyards and teeming villages, and interesting by ruins that commemorate events as remote as the Caesars.

Under the Caesars Rome was a society in the throes of political transition.

In the era of the Caesars the law slumbered and might ruled.

5462 examples of  caesars  in sentences