120 examples of cajoling in sentences

Mercy is the requiring of obedience to law; it is not a cajoling training in law-defiance, which shall one day break the mother's heart and upset the social relations of the world.

Coax, wheedle, cajole, tweedle, persuade, inveigle.

Although he was regarded as possessing a rather dull intellect, and as being, partly for that reason, a "safe" man for the presidential office, Napoleon soon proved his capacity for intrigue and for cajoling the people.

And he was entitled to triumph over them, for they were the only white roses there, and had been secured by himself, like the wandering urchin he was with a spice of knight-errantry in his composition, quite ready to jump over walls and cajole damsels in order to deck a bride with snowy blooms.

When Di had gone upstairs, Ina said to Lulu in a manner of cajoling confidence: "Sister" she rarely called her that, "why did you and Di have the black bag?"

'Yes,' he continued in a cajoling tone, 'I guessed at once that you were from police headquarters.

But apparently it told how Admetus, King of Pherae in Thessaly, received from Apollo a special privilege which the God had obtained, in true Satyric style, by making the Three Fates drunk and cajoling them.

Stealing, coercing, cajoling, defrauding, it spread from its plague-center in Wall St., leaving misery, class antagonism and resentment in its trial.

They were beginning to learn the power of combination, and gave but little heed to the cajoling words, "We are your best friends.

Jean, having secured the money to pay for a seat by hook or by crook, by some bit of trickery or falsehood, by cajoling his aunt or by a surreptitious raid on the cash-box, would watch from an orchestra stall the startling metamorphoses of the woman he loved.

He would try cajoling and temptation.

Finally after much cajoling and arm twisting, Ashley relented and allowed Pamela to take the kick.

It is quite true that a thresher is likely to be innocent of any adroit arithmetical cheating, but he is not the less likely to carry home his master's corn in his shoes and pocket; a reaper is not given to writing begging letters, but he is quite capable of cajoling the dairy-maid into filling his small-beer bottle with ale.

" "You cannot cajole me by soft words, when your purposes are so obvious.

" All these great objects were indeed attained, but Hamilton's anticipation of them was at the time regarded as either a pretext made to cajole Congress or else merely an ebullition from his own sanguine nature not to be taken too seriously by sensible people.

hobnob with my armed enemies, and cajoling that red lecher Robert Stewart?"

With much persuading and cajoling the majority of these negroes went to their cabins that night and the most skeptical stayed in my kitchen all the rest of the night.

Trippet He was trying to cajole me with his sweet talk and passionate gesturesbut

But the offer of the gentle pony did not succeed in cajoling Jack any more than the proposition to embrace Mr. Harris.

The call was peculiarly low and cajoling.

Already, as soon as he reached the Mohave valley, he had written one cajoling letter to his uncle.

When you think it conquered and well-broken to harness, submissive and resigned to your will, behold it is as obstinate as a mule,balks, kicks, snorts, puffs, blows, or, what is worse, refuses to kick, snort, puff, and blow, but stands in stubborn silence, an obdurate beast which no amount of coaxing, cajoling, cranking will start.

Tristram in an ordinary case when his deep feelings were not concerned would have known how to display a thousand little tricks for the allurement of a woman, would have known exactly how to cajole her, to give her a flower, and hesitate when he spoke her nameand a number of useful

I could cajole any man in the worldif I chose.

She would flatter me; she would cajole me; she would transfix my too susceptible heart with glances of fire and bewitching languor from those glorious eyes.

120 examples of  cajoling  in sentences